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Proof of extraterrestrial life? Watch and decide for yourself. Get your paranormal gear here and capture your own evidence!…


Daniel Byrne says:

Just saying if these were real (which their not) these wouldn’t be on
youtube it would be in nasa or a military base or the pentagon or somewhere
like that 

lirlam desaster says:

why aliens sould be naked ?

Cody Allan says:

I like how Hitler’s not even looking at the alien he’s shaking hands
with… most of these pictures are bullshit.

Jesse Blair says:

oh cool i want the one in the tube for my living room table

Ljubisa Luke Jovanovic says:

All of these photos are real and depends how yow are ready to accept this
fact that we have been visiting since of history of humankind and they are
among us. In new history of humanity, usually we see photos with some kind
of Grays / Zeta Reticulli/ doing dark agenda with shadow government, while
other negative races, from Anchora alliances, as Draconian and Reptilian,
as a masters, never been exposed..
This type of Grays / not all of them are negative, they are mostly
positive / made a first agreement with Hitler / negative spirit escaped
from future and walk in the body of true person- this explain His powerful
hypnotic impact on mass of people/. The deal was exchange technology for
experimentation on human bodies and find solution for their natural
reproduction and living on this planet. This is answer for very advanced
Nazis technology as intercontinental rockets FAU and etc , but behind that
antigravity technology as UFO with Nazi insignia on them and Atomic bomb /
it this true, knowingly dangers of using this bomb, Hitler never finished
this project but America and Russia trying to get advance in taken these
projects and at the and of war.
Jesuit Nazi coalition in America were very strong making new agreement with
Grays, exposing president Roosevelt, who do not know with whom make deal,
or telepathically lead by Grays, to sign this agreement and new era of
possible total catastrophic nuclear war was here. But,likely, our higher
dimensional cosmic family, ET of light, as Galactic federation of,Light and
Ashtar command , interfered many times to prevent this war that will
destroyed not our race but our dear planet, mother Earth, as well. In their
team are many difference races, some are similar like ours, could not
recognize difference at the street, some very similar, other completely
different, adapted to live in condition of their planet, as Reptiloid,
Draconiloid, Amphibianoid, Insect like, etc. But most important that they
are beings of great heart with unconditional love, compassion, always ready
to sacrifice themselves for others. The other things, many of us, as
higher spirit, came to Earth from different
planets, from difference body shape, maybe as Reptile or Amphibian or / use
your imagination /, to be in this Human body to experience, through many
live times of reincarnation,s difficult life on 3D ,very dense of duality
/ mixture of period of dark and light energy.
Now time come closer to introduce our real Galactic families and Friends,
our Twin Flames and will be really inappropriate to make any comments on
their physical appearance, because they look very colorful and exotic and
just on the right way under conditions of their planet / great imagination
of our Prime Creator to create so different and gorgeous races /. Probably,
our physical outlook looks silly for many non human like beings, but they
see our energy level and our auru,

Fernando Duarte says:

fake ass shit

rafael fagundes says:

0:40 smigle: “where’s my precious?”
2:56 Black Kamem Rider -.^

Jacqueline Ducharme says:

Why are the always naked , and without sexual organs??

Maximus Thundershaft says:

I like the alien on the roof photo. BAHAHAHAHAHA. why are they always

NewTypexvii says:

I remember this one video of an Alien with a very peachy skin tone about
the height of a human up against a fence looking terrified and sweating
like crazy. His features were human and grey mix. It was one of the most
realistic vids ive ever seen. I mean the detail and movement of every thing
on the body of that alien told me it was more than prostetics or cgi. …
It wasn’t stiff, ya know? Ive only seen photos since and sadly not in this
montage. :(

Zaccheus Ritchie says:

so….. hitler made a deal with aliens…..

Aurora Conte says:

Why are they always naked?

24masks says:

0:38 it looks a little bit like gollum XD

AlwaysUltras Podgorica says:

ahahhahahahha Hitler and alien 😀 LOL what a shit movie!

Lanuiiohu Sukikiya says:


Marie Lachaine says:

funny stuff ,
bye the way santa clause is cleaning my house right now.
im sure you all beleive it.
cause you would all beleive in anything anyway ( suckers) lolll.

BrownGirl22 says:

We would be arrogant to believe we were the only life created. However
those images were just bad and some very cheesy. 

Rion De Rochestia says:

The Last one is the BEST! lol

CANDY says:

Some of these photos are FAKE & some were even taken from movie clips,
others were created with special effects & other graphics. Im not saying I
dont believe in UFO’S or other life on this planet but some of those were
clearly fake, come on cant people tell the difference between whats real &
fake these days?

Then again some faked pictures do look very real because of the technology
people can use to create all kinds of things in videos & photos that arent
really there. 

ClaudeMagicbox says:

0:40 is taken from a movie… 😀
0:50 is one of the first of many bizarre people to build himself a UFO
shaped house, today there are around 100 such lunatics around.

john jones says:

Photoshopped, Costume&Makeup, Camera tricks, props from a movie and
misinterpretations of images the brain was fooled to believing. E.g. if you
think these are real then i’m sorry they are not. Go back to sleep

Rj Lara says:

i just shit my pants

DanTheDangerousePig says:

The alien with hitler is like ‘the fuck you doin’

mohamed ansi says:

4:58 GO away Paparazzi, Go away, i don’t wanna be famous -_-

Religious Sky Art says:

I think in the days of hieroglyphics, heavenly signs of the clouds were
sometimes used in their writings and eventually became used, often, such as
the letter “J” though it’s usually upside down from what I have here. I
don’t see what you mean in the red circle between 1:32 – 1:39. I see the
letters: I N and below it again, then 3 lll to the right of the bottom I N
then can’t make out the rest. Add a little to your description for us.

Cooper Listul says:

0:40 OH GOD!!!!! BAD PHOTOSHOP!!!!!!

awkwardCrabwalk says:

These are fake as shit. Except for the horse mutilation. I bet animals did
that, though. The alien at 4:08 is part of an exhibit at a museum. 4:27 is
a reflection in the window. 4:45 could easily be a kid or photoshop. 5:12
is a mummy of a human fetus. I’m not sure what to make of these old
pictures or UFO crash sites, though.

The one at 1:55 is real. That was the UFO at a Japanese airport. It had
thousands of eye-witnesses and it was on the news years ago. 

saulo vieira says:

01:27 is a chinese alien IoI

SoundLogistics says:

i KNEW i was going to click one of THOSE vids..and yet i did it..

Michael Allen says:

Man those are all just crackheads

Benjamin Gordon says:

That alien from the first pic did a photo bomb. 2013 still alive!

Ellen Santos says:


ac3b1s says:

Why there are the fricking STARGATE SG1 Aliens with Hitler?

mark2shark says:

This guy no longer wears a hat…

Ivyrose Moore says:

I honestly don’t no how i ended up watching this video but the old photo
(the two men with the glasses) made me have a heart attack. whovians would
no why. the alien looked like the well known Silence, which in Doctor Who
appeared around the 60’s. Also who knows maybe the entire show is real and
we just don’t know it 0_0 i mean we didn’t really discover anything outside
of our galaxy….. that i’ve known of….. BUT I WILL FIND MY WAYS!

Davie Bluesman says:

I can tell you all of this video is fake. I know because I am a real alien
and we are already among you on this planet but you are all far too dumb to
know and are reduced to making fake videos.

Mario Burg says:

0:38 smeagle is it you?

matt usop says:

the aliens..they are so advance but i believe in their world they dun have
fashion designer like us…or at least victoria secret.

herakleitus says:

4:49-4:57: the absolute bottom o the barrel. So long foax! 

Marika's Anime MOEments says:



How can alien without a John Thomas have sex. Does a female alien have a
pussy…… yes I’m talking about pet cats.

t4705mb6 says:

“Aliens” are being promoted by your handlers in order to discredit their
endangered manufactured antique world religions that served their purpose
of controlling you for many thousands of years.

Times they are a-changin’ and the world international crime cartels *WE*
put in charge of the planet need a *new and improved* fake bullshit
religion … *ONE SIZE FITS ALL* … for the *one* world fascist
governance they’ll be heading up …*soon*! They’re tentatively calling the
newest ridiculous fantasy fairy tale… get this… “New Age”.

BTW: Those UFOs are just that – unidentified flying objects. That does *not*
mean they are extraterrestrial, interdimentional, ghost or angel/demon
craft! So many will be sorely dissapointed to know that *all* the
legitimate sitings have been of man made objects/crafts – most of them
clandestine black-op projects that have been in the worlks internationally
for decades in order to set up Project Blue Beam. You have *ALL* been set

I know you all *want* aliens, like, really really *really* bad but, be sure
you actually *meet* the extraterrestrials yourself (you know, talk to ’em &
shake their appendages) instead of going by blurry grainy photoshopped
pictures or faked videos.

*Whatever* you do, do *NOT* go by what anyone *says* (“testimony” or
“hearsay”)! The people who run the planet hire some pretty damned good
liars and many others have learned to fake and lie just as well because
they, sadly, crave the attention. Talk is just that… *TALK*!

Sayris13 says:

Lololol…can we get someone who knows what to look for to make one of
these?? So much crap in this.

Jonathan Cardiel says:

Do u belive in this!!!!!!!!

zos253 says:

was that gollum?

rosiegroovy says:

Well, I won’t be going to bed anytime soon, thank you *shivers*

4 Eyed Animation says:

2:10 is a reflection of a ceiling light fixture reflected in a
I am not afraid of light fixtures.

Simon Mercs says:

90% fake composites, however, a few pause you to ponder………and some
are genuine posts in newspapers around the world. 

LoluzoHG says:

0:02 OLA K ASE

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