World’s 10 Most Mysterious Pictures Ever Taken

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Strange and genuine photographs you will never forget… (HD – 05/2013) FʘLLʘW THΞ HYBRID LIBRΛRIΛN… Subscribe ▷ Facebook ▷ http:/…


Chris Tian says:

This just proves that God exists. There are so many unexplained things in
the world, and God is the answer. Science alone cannot explain the
mysteries in our world.

TonyGAMING says:

I hope in my life time we will be able to understand more about space, it’s
so cool! I am 15 now

Isaac Cook says:

I’ve said it in another video and I’ll say it again: There’s nothing
mysterious or strange about a woman in a coat and a fucking scarf. She’s a
normal person and can dress however the fuck she wants.

bigboiigg says:

You Guys Are Dumb The Dark Knight Is Batman Duhhh 

Doc Moore says:

With 29 Million views this proves only that the producer of this
compilation of old, and mostly explained images is one hell of a good

matteo io says:

i have the biggest mystery to ask you:


maybe a ILLUMINATI sign???

MrSargBagles says:

I don’t get why that woman filming Kennedy is so mysterious. The fucking
president is driving by course she’s gonna take fucking pictures. Also, is
it strange that she appears in more than one photo, i’m sure a few people

Special Agent Fox Mulder says:

Most of these are hoaxes. The Charley Chaplin one is just a women
scratching her head. Goaddard Squadron Photo was just an error in the
picture, the face looks exactly like the guy to the right. Black Knight is
clearly a heat blanket lost during EVA. There is no Pyramid on the Moon. It
is called “Rocks”. In fact the entire surface of The Moon had been
photographed. go to Google Earth, select Moon, and go to this Apollo
landing. you will find nothing.

Cryian Sky says:

This just proves that doG does not exists. There are so many explained
things in the world, and doG newer answer. Science alone explain the
mysteries in our world….

Randomunicorn9876 says:

With pic number 2 I got chills

abdullah86g says:

Why would an astronaut wear the space uniform on earth? What he can’t
breath oxygen? And from all the places he could have stretched his legs he
chose this exact place where a man is filming his daughter? That’s dumb for
a time traveller.

Aquariel Charm says:

Add this to the collection “McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets mysterious fibers

*Top 10 food chains that use Yoga Mat ingredient (Azodicarbonamide) in
their breads, rolls, donuts, croissants, pies, sesame seed buns, wheat
bread, hot dog buns,and on and on, and approved by the FDA.

Over 500+ everyday foods that are banned all over the world except the
USA. *Subway, Wendys, Arby’s, Dunkin Donuts. Sara Lee, Starbucks, Harold
and Kumar, Carl Jr., Chick-fil-A, Burger King, etc. The Next Time You See
Your Friends or Family, Ask Them: Do you eat Yoga Mats?

Pass it on.

Rusty Blade says:

we are all being controlled by aliens. i know. i am one of them. now do my
bidding. go make me a sandwich


Awesome group of photos! Thank you for your channel!

Royal jinx says:

God 9 is the Alaskan bullworm

Chevere4U says:

Music is ridiculous on all these top videos.

Greenwolfe Green says:

The babushka lady is no longer a mystery. Those looking into the
assassination of JFK are aware of who she is and she has been interviewed
about the pictures she took. Her photos are still in the hands of the FBI
as I understand it. 

john boreman says:

Do a top ten celeb ghost sightings or top ten demon pics. Ive been on this
Facebook page sexy and funny shit or something like that and they gave me
the best idea. I’m not a youtuber or I’d be doing the top ten celeb ghosts
they interested me into it but I can’t find any real youtubers doing it
besides little kids

XcavadorSavage says:

#7 what the hell is so mysterious about a lady holding a camera?

Jason Leo says:

the astronaunt picture is easy the person is clearly facing in the other
direction the right arm clearly shows this

gretchen ortner says:

CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY im watching this at 9:00 at night and it just
makes it a whole lot scarier. =:-O

virtualwop says:

i time travel and i must say we are out here you cant change time i told
fbi about 911 and about the bomb going off on 4th july everywhere it cant
be stopped bye

signoguns says:

Surely the Solway Firth Spaceman is just and old man/lady with her back to
the camera? You can tell by the way the elbow is bent. I don’t understand
why that picture is mysterious. 

Pentak0 says:

Back in the days when pic #2 Scared the shit outta´me lol

mark m says:


CookieCrafter666 says:


accel reight says:

can anyone plz PLEASE tell me hybrid where can I find the very first
picture in this video the one with the man and nurse sitting on the tree

TerryLicia Reed says:

AND the NASA photos of the “pyramid” ?? Explained fully. Go look it up. 

Simone Louise Underwood says:

They have been trying to lock me up since I was a small child. Okay? Been
scrambling for reasons. Been trying to CREATE situations which will provoke
me to uncharacteristic behaviour. *PINNACLE:* Like unLAWDfully removing my
daughter. Like unLAWDfully locking me up in CELL and WARD. Yet still…

Dany Ella says:

I don’t know but to me the marine creature/animal seems the most possible
and realistic just because the ocean is so vast and has not been fully
explored. I’ve seen documentaries on strange looking deep sea fish so yeah.
The other images are very strange too and yes we’d have to be open minded
about it but the fish doesn’t seem so eerie. It’s possible we haven’t
discovered every animal in this planet. If I make sense.

Furry The new Animaltronic says:

That’s it.. Im not watching this stuff anymore..

lightbow0 says:

#10, the spheres on Mars, are due to a large electromagnetic hit across the
surface of the planet. There are ones even larger here on Earth! The
strange appearance of spheres are a by-product of plasma discharge at
surface atmosphere. and destructive. quite deadly

woodspirit Sherrill says:

The sea monster is an oar fish and the Charlie Chaplin “cell phone” is just
a walkie-talkie.

NSLM says:

LOL – To the people saying “We don’t understand this, so God must be
I don’t understand how my wrist-watch works…

That ABSOLUTELY MUST MEAN that there are tiny leprechauns inside my watch,
pushing the hands around. It MUST mean that.

In other words: I feel sorry for you for being brainwashed by a group of
pedophiles. The end. :)

Logan Templeton says:

The Black Knight satellite may possibly be a space creature? Check out the
top left image. It sounds crazy but it looks as if it is the face of a
dragon or some creature. And it disappears and reappears as well? Maybe
that is its nesting spot and it goes off from time to time to find food and
other things.

Shahzeb Tahir says:

Charlie Chaplin’s short film thing was really creepy because many things in
it are just disturbing

Jeff Demas says:

Odd, I thought everyone knew that the “Mystery man” at Thianaman Square was
lead away, and shot…not a lie.

Science Rules says:

Well made Video!!!
I like the No Explanations given tactic as well.
Let the people debate for themselves.
What’s funny is how people are actually using this as a springboard
for debates on Science & Religion.
Its become the scourge of the internet. 

Jeekay Tenn says:

The truth:
The sea monster was revealed as fake by the creator.
‘Black Knight’ looks more like Space Junk to me.
The astronaut in the field looks like the back of a lady, probably the
The lights in the sky- UFOs. They exist alright.
The bacteria on mars- probably fossilissed bacteria. Life most likeky did
exist once on mars.
The woman who took pictures of JFK- Looks like an old woman and may have
died even before the FBI searched for her.

Smart Tech says:

Another stupid video want to make people believe in supernatural. 

Pond Hockey says:

The “Black Knight” photos is an alien craft from the Zeta Reticuli binary
star system.

Duncan Grant says:

Why do you all persist in adding annoying music, every heard someone say
“god that silence is annoying”

Eric G says:

Yea I mean how do you explain this other than the work of the gods? I
showed this to my brother (an atheist) and he’s very smart but even he
can’t explain some of them!

MrBunniesss says:

ahh the black knight satellite is real but its not technology it is a rock
which appeared without warning making the picture of it astonishing.
Although it has left us it will be back

Jose Gonsalez says:

Somos kabay.sara.cero alejandra.shata

Illuminati says:

We took the picture in number 1.


Django loupə says:

We are all just in one big marble being toss around by a big alien. Mib got
it right. Debate solved

Billy Breland says:

Ummm, how did they use a cell phone when no towers were invented yet, and
no satellites in orbit? I got to get me one of those!.

Fats Catone says:

Wednesday deos he find this but aswome

Jordan Coddington says:

the symbol on the apollo badge is also the symbol on samerian tablet that
can also be created with a certain frequency kinda neat.

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