UFOs Over London Friday 2011

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UFOs Over London BBC Radio 1 Building Right – took over a week to get it….but finally managed to get these critters on camera on a clear day, and even get …


Elektra Szekeres says:

No Fake! It’s Real! 😀
Cool video! :D

David Graeff says:

Richard Dolan even says this one is a fake, but I would like to know why
someone who studies ufo’s and is pushing for disclosure feels that this one
is a hoax… Anyone?

Jongjin Lee says:

real… i was over there

p123 says:

Funny how you can’t hear the traffic, isn’t it? Just voices, and of one
group – who are accomplices, IMO.

baigy8987 says:


evilpixel ksi says:

Aliens are real do you realy thing we are the only planet that has life on
it there are millions of unexplored galaxsies

TheTimurbest says:

WHy do people want to make everything if it is fake.

Diego RZ says:


Simon Therrien says:

I see alot of cognitive Dissonance with all these its FAKE … bunch of
weak minded people with no consciousness Wake the fuck up

Dchanini Santin says:

hurr durr

Thy Duong says:

I shaw 1 kapola in 2013 i tell the real aian comover

Danny Williams says:

Nice try. But FAKE. Slow down the speed and you see the UFO fly in front of
the building on the right then fade out between 1:51 and 1:52.

Gary Brewer says:

Chris, 1min 4seconds, the movement & light displaced seems to solid to be
ball-lighting. Most definitely a UFO, alien or our own military, well,
unexplained huh.

Christine Crockford says:

Never fake, is best vid ive seen

seongkon kim says:

alien is iq 400. i believe.

cbthethird says:

I used to think this shit was all fakery until I saw ufos myself.
apparently these unexplained objects are commonly seen throughout the

syboon27 says:

ya totally meteorites and everything! can do that! stop and go backwards
and forwards and left and right must be a meteorite.
don’t forget weather balloons fly in fleets.

viz chris says:

its just a ball-lightning like in watch?v=44edjZtW7TI just bigger then in
the link i postet. and like they explained it will show up for longer time
if it has more “power”

viz chris says:

the amount of stupid people here is too high

nws15 says:

just curious whether it is a military top confidential experiment or wat
lol too bad we nvr know, but meh, it is stupid to think we are alone in
this universe and this does not involve any religion, who say a person wif
belief cannot agree there is an alien outside there?

Siloseea Irenicus says:

Let me explain. Ther was, an unapproved spacecraft trying to enter Earth
airspace, So the observer union was forced to send out emergency intercept
orders, everything happened afterward is what you can see in this video.

Ronald Chan says:

100% fake

Travis Gullickson says:

This is as real as it gets right here!!!! Excellent video!!!

Vitaliy Ariskin says:

the light are fallen angels or you can call them demons or you can call
them the watchers.

Ash Lewis says:

somebody should download this video in-case it does get taken off by the
“government” so it can be uploaded again

Pető Gábor says:

I just say this is a meteors 2 day meteor falling on the time!

stewart hughes says:

is not fake, i am the guy crossing the road, i was there on that day and
saw this guys filming, there were some staff flying above.

stewart hughes says:

is possible to be chinese.

stewart hughes says:

we dont know if its plaedian,

Mello says:

The funny thing about government strategies are if they deny and delete
“real videos” that fast, how do they expect people to feel about it

Nikolay Hristov says:

Of course aliens exist… You must be fool, if you think, that we are alone
in the whole universe, but whether this are aliens or any kind of military
experiments, i guess we will never know…


fake…is the camera reflex

greeenius says:

fake – editing mistake at 1:51 in bottom right ‘ufo’

brian boddaert says:

This video makes me scared and also makes me thinking like… Are there

Guy Fawkes says:

1:50 top right. The ball goes OVER the building edge for a moment before it
fades out. Clearly fake.

megmeg203 says:

Most people calling them “Fake” probably believe in “God” and they have
never even seen him in person lol

ktg619 says:

One of the UFOS flies into the far right building at around 1:50. Greeenius
is right, Its most certainly a fake.


oh yea there is really a mistake

crystalawen says:

There didn’t seem to be any editing mistake – I could clearly hear what was
said …

crystalawen says:

We saw exactly the same phenomena that day from the ground in Sandridge in
Hertfordshire …

MrSoonerthanlater says:

Be Ye not deceived people! The time is near & the disclosure is about to
happen but stay aware that these fallen angels IE watchers have come to
destroy man in the greatest deception ever perpetrated on mankind from the
foundation of our planet. Go ahead & call me nuts but it still won’t change
the truth of the matter

Paladin Hoss says:

its called “glare” you common imbecile.

James Finch says:

Plaedian plasma ships

紫琳 葉 says:

真的耶 超屌的 帥爆了

TheShadowCave21 says:

On the UFO it probably says Made in China

Игорь Кукушкин says:

Börger Mann says:

Still in space mode … The Truth Is Out There …

Gavin Gu says:


Kaki Yick says:

Brant Weaver says:

Do you think this could be real? I want to believe but find it hard. There
are other videos from the same day but they show a completely different sky
and clouds.

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