UFO Sightings Best UFOs Of August 2013 And We Just Got Started!!! Special Report!

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UFO Sightings Best UFOs Of August 2013 And We Just Got Started!!! Special Report! Please Check out Channels Who Shot The Amazing Videos! Galactic Guru UFO (s…


Heitor Bergmann says:

3:00 looks like the Council of the Five grabbed more allies =}
Or that was all from 1 race, going to meet the other fellows.

ALMuziKfreiburg says:

kopenhagen is far away from germany -.-

Laurence Dodds says:

Why do you guys have stick music on vids if they are genuine…..SO SO
processed I cant watch as it is mostly fiction

SIATPredator says:

I saw one over Virginia beach

UfO Partille says:

2 UFO’s Spacecraft enters through the open portal in Partille. (HD)
2013-04-28 (-Del.3-)

beefcake3131 says:

We’re not all that way, but yes you have a point.

Benny A says:

Dah, those are pelican people

Benny A says:

@ 03:02 those are the training pilots from McDill AFB on there way to a
re-fueling mission

BigBadBubbleButt says:

Greetings, earthlings. I’m a white hovering toilet from another planet. I
am hovering in the sky right now :-).

2007zodiac says:

I swear, the CUNT, yes, CUNT!!. who hosts this fake-ass site needs a fuckin
bullet to the head!!!…

MsAnthropicGeek says:

YES, they should disclose the information NOW. Freedom of Information Act
says so, and that’s why we are all divided about the subject. People don’t
think they exist, neither did I at 1 time, and there are others who do but
have no way to say so because they are afraid to. That’s the whole point in
me telling people online, annonimity. They will deny until we all get
together and bring the evidence to them. There are so many things that you
don’t know about what’s going on. I’m afraid to say so.

MsAnthropicGeek says:


MsAnthropicGeek says:

Stars don’t move in that fashion at all. They are almost fixed, and we are
the ones who move. Now planets are a different story. They follow there own
trajectory because of gravity. If a star moves, it’s because it’s going
S-Nova, or it’s a double star which orbits around it’s sister star fast
because they are so big, and the gravity causes them to speed around each
other. Lastly pulsars move as well. That’s not a star at all. I’m an
astronomer going into astrobiology, & seeing “them” was scary

norchaaa says:

so than they should disclose to the public! we are already got some info,
but that is outdated…if you are an astronomer you should know what is
going on our earth. why is that happening now?…it should be done in early

MsAnthropicGeek says:

They should’ve said so a lot sooner than that even. They have been
documenting the possibility of E.T. life for centuries, starting with the
church in modern times, but even Chris Columbus saw them. They are in
Vatican paintings, and they even had a Grey’s skull burried under the
Vatican, and they took it away from they archeologist. I met the Vatican
astronomer, and he knows it’s real. Other countries are asking the US to
tell but they won’t. Aastronauts are coming out now they aren’t silenced

MsAnthropicGeek says:

They are constantly watching us, our government knows, but won’t disclose
any info with the public. I am an astronomer, and I was working a public
star watch, and I was locked on the moon for 30mins, without my moon filter
and I have a 10” Dobsonian with the highest power lense so I could see the
moon with all of the craters, lava pools, and I was on the edge of the
bright side, and a white trangle appeared in my site, hovered, then it
slowly went behind the moon. I was shocked, and afraid.

kra776jisnik says:

When did they move Copenhagen to Germany , big move no doubt :)

Chris Margate says:


CantSpeallRite says:

religion is an “idea” made by people to help them deal with the fact they
are swirling around the universe on a giant speck of dirt

rolexkeyin864 says:

And thirrdphase,Get some hour long documentaries on the go. They are the
real deal

David Duffin says:

give me a break

David King says:

This are demons

James Ward says:

i agree.. why cant anyone take good photos or of one landing… its a plane
or a police helecopter looking for druggies or people stealing copper.


Hay check out George Goddard UFO and comment

st0o says:

The orb one is not planet Venus. Planet Venus does not move fast enough to
set that quickly, watch the tree line

DigikidForever says:

Look at how stupid and violent he human race is. Would YOU want to make
contact with a species like that? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

CantSpeallRite says:

i saw it too

moriaq23 says:

most looks legit may all :) well done .. Blake start sort CGI crap with
real ones

Frankie Cortes says:

4:59 those are those tiny balloons you light fire and let go in the wind

zWestiee says:


arthur sadlovsky says:

Actually I am living in Ft.Lauderdale and on Aug 7, 2013 I’ saw on my own
eyes that south Florida “portal opening UFO” only much closer almost
directly over my head. The thing is this first object was immediately
followed by 2nd object having 3 lights (acute triangle) 2 lights were white
and 3rd was red) Obserwation was ~ 10 min. Objects where initialy heading
Southward from North then after that “portal” appeard in front of first
object,they turned Eastward. blue luminescent cloud left over.

frank sigwart says:

Stop the crappy music if that’s not to difficult, it really is cheesy.

Denaro1987 says:

i love how he stands there with his arms n hands like he doesnt know what
to do with them. <3

Solomon Cobb says:

A planet during an eclipse, a constellation with fog moving below it, with
stars and streetlights next, and i’m done watching this idiot’s video of
the stars. What an ignorant sucker to think that any of these are ufo’s,
and Copenhagen is in Denmark dumbass.

rp78900 says:

If UFOs are real then why haven’t I seen one lol.

rolexkeyin864 says:

Fucking epic!

mymadalegnas2 says:

Mr. Stanley, Re: Americans vs. non Americans- ignorance, intolerance, and
rudeness exists internationally. For instance your grammar and posts’
content speaks volumes in terms of one example.

Sashow1000 says:

I want to see U.F.O in a beautiful winter night in Finland

DigikidForever says:

More Niribu BS…..

Hispanosuiza1 says:

Dude.. the videos may be real or not (most of them are jokes).. but there’s
no doubt that you, as a presenter, are a fucking clown… get a life…

DigikidForever says:

Some, perhaps. Not all.

Sune G. Jensen says:

takker for dit indlæg, god og se noget der kommer hjemme fra.

GAUSGOVY Francis says:

sounds like a plane to me

Clayton Johnston says:

Those aren’t ufo’s that’s the u.s government

kingmackattack42 says:

I’m an American who agrees with you. This country is full of uneducated,
rude and conceited individuals. Why someone from another country would want
to come here is beyond me. After the “New Iron Curtain” is raised around
what used to be the U.S., it will be difficult for anyone to visit, or
leave. Why the typical American is so ignorant is not by chance. Americans
have been dumbed down on purpose so that the elite of this country can
better pull the wool down over most everyone’s eyes.

ApplePieFactory36 says:


Emil K says:

AYYYY ay ay

John Healey says:

That 2nd one was real like what I saw one evening only it moved away
quicker I think. The darn thing rose up from behind some trees and moved
across my line of sight from west to east. No noise from it or anything.

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