UFO or missile trace? Mystery spiral lights over Norway

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Norwegian authorities are investigating strange lights seen in the arctic sky. The spiraling white light was seen for several minutes on Wednesday morning. L…



This is project blue book just beginning! It is a holograph you can see the
light projecting it! Star gates are real…. but this one is man made!
OBVIOUSLY A FAKE! The projection light gives this one way

Jonas Zdanius says:

Well Hi

Gods Son says:

This is a wizard using their sickle in the heavenly realms. Revelations
14:15. In every illuminati film is a little truth. #Harrypotter #witchcraft

spazzymagey says:

Well, for a start Russia would does not test weapons on Norwegian soil, it
would be like the US testing weapons in Cuba. All tests take place in
Russia and former soviet union country’s, the “stans” e.g. Kazakhstan etc.
Second, not a single “Aeronautical engineer” has actually come forward with
an official explanation as to what caused this. We only just found out that
the government used blackbirds in the 60s, they admitted cover ups, think
of the technology we are not told about!!

spazzymagey says:

WOW, that sounds amazing! could you possibly link me to where you found
this out? It would be most appreciated!! I find this situation most
intriguing :)

krinord says:

How do you know that it can’t? are you a aeronautical engineer?

spazzymagey says:

Batman will save us

spazzymagey says:

Are you serious? Point out to my what there **IS A GIANT SPIRAL IN THE
SKY** No missile can do that, you know its true.

spazzymagey says:


spazzymagey says:

“A failed missile launch”?? HAHAHAhahahahahahahaahHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH XD

MrXcllusive says:

“. or trying to attract meteors to earth” Please tell me how its possible
to attract a meteor to the earth without creating a insanely strong
gravitation force that would fuck up the earth?

antiswattt3 says:

as i understand somewhat same effect, this blue beam.. is created by
project HAARP when they focus on one area..

daim831 says:

Batman? It’s comissionar Grodon…

TheBlakcbird says:

and how exactly do you know this?

LazyJones says:

Already established as a Russian Bulava Missile that failed and went into a

Seth Marshall says:

Were in the milky way, you cant see it! 😐

UrSoMeanBoss says:

and I quote; “There is far more evidence that this was related to HAARP
than there is to the contrary. …” to which you continued to say “Im not
saying that I have proof. I never said that. …” internet logic, for the

Eric Sutton says:

Thank you sir. I also located this facility in my research. I appreciate it.

emilie odden says:

i live i norway and i se the light it was realy creapy but i was alsoe
scared!! :(

gorionikoy says:

milky way

Eric Sutton says:

Nope I can’t say that I know the intricacies of how they manipulate the
ionosphere. What I do know is that if you watch this video or many like it
there is a modicum of evidence pointing to the fact that this was somehow
projected from the Earth, into the the atmosphere. That is precisely how
HAARP experiments are conducted.

vomitronic says:

Stargate after sixth glyph put

Kenny Hayes says:

funny how the all theses sprials are just bogus missiles! well try to
explain the chinese sprial that lasted for five days! id like to see a
missile sprial for five days not possible!!!!

freename18 says:

yeah again russian

cristianoronaldoftw says:

Anyone with questions please message me ! I’ve been researching this for a
long time , don’t be dragged into these stupid stories of reptilians and
anal probing aliens those are all MILABs, the indoctrination of the human
mind is nearly complete , but there is still some time left, do not be
afraid .

Diabolic1334 says:

Project Blue Beam

Joe Faunce says:

Really, if this was a true worm hole would it be broadcasted on the news?
Unless it was part of project blue beam and was intentionally designed for
the viewers to think it was out-of-this-world technology. No weird noises
or anything like that in the air on any video captured, yet every time
something happens in the air a noise is made from displacing air?

MrJericho07 says:

This interesting article from India Times announced HAARP experiments had
indeed created a complex visual apparition of “surprising luminescent bands
radiating out from the center of a bulls-eye.” sound familiar…

royalsteven says:

This alone, is proof of an invisible spiritual world and God existing.

Eric Sutton says:

“I’ll take uneducated moron for the win Alex.”

mercenariejobs murk says:

y are this himes coviring the trud what it is cnn coving for 30 years lies
to human media i bad liers fake i gest human like bull shit how they say


cover up’s are the default action of any government when they cant explain
an event, everybody should know this by now

Reignerific says:

Pretty sure if it was a black hole we’d know about it. Or not, seeing as
we’d all have been torn apart by it’s horrendous gravity.

Vaska Laziashvili says:

fuck !

James Parker says:

a Missile, really? that’s the oldest one in the book.

Andrew G Poi says:

I can almost do the same thing with my high power laser.

runbkv says:

it’s russian rocket

Eric Sutton says:

Now you’re all frustrated and mad because I have now proven that you have
no thought process of your own. You are to simple to even give an opinion
about the cause of this yet you will adamantly argue against me. Im not
trying to make you believe what I believe but you should pick something and
believe it. This happened. You should put more effort into figuring out
what it was and less effort arguing, especially since you have no opinion
of your own. You seem very simple minded and uneducated.

JamesTai51 says:


Llorenç Ferragut says:

Ok, i don’t know what is that but, a failed out of control rocket ?
SERIOUSLY ? Is anybody buying this ?

Salvatore Toto says:

Fuese asa jones are opening the dor who know what

KiopGenJin says:

Exactly, the supernatural IS the natural, the everyday natural is more like
“limited natural”. So yeah science and religion will have to do much
adjustment in the very near future. It will be fun, and those that are
awakened will have a supporting role.

checko0808 says:

first of all ”Russian Today, tomorrow and never” i know they pay your ass
to say this shit and you and i both know that no way in the world a missile
can make a perfect spiral like that. that being said it looks like some
kind of teleportation system the way the circle opened up once it entered
or left our atmosphere?? but who is me to judge im not getting paid to lie..

rinconsurfers says:

BREAKING another one of these have been spotted in Israel Azerbaijan Jordan
Lebanon & Turkey./watch?v=jnNnHQtZVj8&feature=player_embedded

ImFriendsWithTheBand says:

the fuck did i just read?

sweetsnakeproduction says:

Sounds like someone needs to get laid. How long are you guys gonna argue
about something as irrelevant as your existence. Life is too short.

Wickman23 says:

Haha, you call him an internet hero and right after you claim that you
would kill him just for criticizing you, you’re the stupid internet hero :)

KiopGenJin says:

Well depends how you look at it. It is not a negative event in any way. But
yes, “supernatural” events are going to become common place in order to
return humanity back to a higher level of consciousness, where we really
belong. It’s just a natural cycle, that’s all. Not in any way cataclysmic
or “bad” as is described in some myths or in today’s controlled mainstream
media. If you are interested in more info, I can send you some links. It’s
a HUGE topic. No space here. :)

UrSoMeanBoss says:

Yes by sending high-frequency waves into the ionosphere, it cant bounce
around the globe to a specific target or create effects like this.

TheEasybeat says:

Look what time it is in the bottom left corner right at the beginning.

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