UFO DISCLOSURE This will Scare You!!! (Compilation of UFO Sightings) HD720p

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UFO DISCLOSURE This will Scare You!!! (Compilation of UFO Sightings) HD720p – 2009-2011 — Join the Discussion on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/UFOXposed.


torneo22 says:

The demonic powers are gathering their forces for something big.

bob analhair says:

No doubt there is other life out there but weather there is more advanced
life close to us seems unlikely. Regardless if there were I’m sure they
would think like us, being interested in universe. So why would they be
dicking around by hovering around in the sky and what not? That’d just be a
huge waste of time and resources and as it is physically impossible to
travel faster than the speed of light, they wouldn’t be able to get home if
they managed to get here as if it was close enough to get to in a few
weeks, we would be able to see their planet. 

stefan iancu says:

Those spiral lights, looks to me like those Gates that open for another
dimension, so that’s how the aliens coming here… 

Masta Hanksta says:

Anyone else notice the call was in 1997 and nothing has happened with any
Wake up peeps!
All this alien talk is BS for views hype the big companies have been
testing flying machines and droids and people are just now getting a
glimpse of the future.

Perplexer1 says:

The telephone call on the Art Bell show was a hoax. They invited the guy
into the studio next day and he admitted it.

shaarrky1 says:

I find it amazing that we can take very clear pictures of the edge of the
universe, can take clear pics of planets, can read a registration plate
from outa space and yet we cannot under a circumstances take a clear pic of
something so close to home and flying within our planetary boundaries.
Strange that.

unfortunatebeam says:

There’s still no solid proof that these objects or atmospheric phenomena or
whatever they are in the sky are spacecraft from planets light years away.
It would be fantastic though if aliens did eventually reveal themselves to
us. It would be a truly Columbusian moment, only many times greater.

David Lemon says:

Most of these are just nothing more than a rocket launch

Robey Thomas says:

UFOs are demonic manifestations!

Connel Coetzee says:

Maybe the governments across the globe have no choice but keep it a secret
UFO are so advance it is possible that extraterrestrials have said to these
governments there would be severe consiquences if made public . for
example through out our history when a higher militray power invades i.e. a
country the country has no choice but to obey their captors. Now lets make
this even more simpler for arguments sake look at Spanish conquest of
Mexico. The Aztecs rulers were gods amongst their people in February 1519
the spanish showed up to conquer Mexico and declared victorious on August
13, 1521. Moctezuma the Aztecs ruler was convinced that Cortés was a god,
as the Spanish brought horses and guns, which the Aztecs had never seen
before. My point is we must keep an open mind enough so that this is merely
history repeating it self we as a speicies need to get over how special we
are that it has to be impossible for there to be other life out there when
we clearly are phiscally here on Earth. 

Chevron704 says:

You’d be amazed at the technology the US Gov’t possesses…

Amon Amarth Rules says:

All kinds of strange shit happens around Trondalag and Tromsø…I live in
Tromsø and hear strange ass sounds every day and such lights are
common…we simply don’t give a shit about it,these alien guys leave us
alone,and so do we.

TheAdultChild101 says:

We are not men. We are DEVO.

canturgan says:

Where’s the bit where I get scared?

shawn p says:

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Eric Ortega says:

That first one is the Millennium Falcon.

Nellie Price says:

And please people in case someone confuses this with religion,I am a
faithful Christian through and through,but I am also human with human

Paul Martin says:

John 14:6

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes
to the Father except through me.

Pierre-Luc Bélanger says:

This is not scary at all. This is fascinating. We, Human, only represent
Aliens has a destructive encounter. In fact, if they want us death, they
are not gonna wait any longer. I hope I will be able too see the first
encounter or announcement about Alien engaging human kind.

angels avenge says:

nothing makes me laugh harder than forced commercials on skid marks!!!
Scary goes right out the window!!! 

kevin ramos says:

Lol its colombia

enrique hernan says:

if its true, thats facken sick

quaid oralious says:

Sweeet a TR-3b at 5:00

Sébastien Gatto says:

The Call is a Hoax. I heard the same man explaining why he made this joke
on radio.

jonboy says:

instead of crying like a little bitch, it would of been helpful to just say
what you were trying to say, dumb ass former employee of the area 51!!!

aliericia says:


Iamme David says:

Im still bothered to the twirling one and then turned into black hole

nmarcano3 says:

Still watching, but I do believe the ‘spiraling lights’ was a failed
missile test? There was news about it… why is everyone so gullible? 

Mary Mcclain says:

I think it’s true..!!! If God made us why not others..??? I would think
he would want to do better then us. All we seem to do is fight and fuss. In
the Bible it says, “”Let us make man like us..or like ourselves, Genesis
1:26- Like us or ourselves usually means more then one. So it sounds like
we came from someone from out their far away. Someone we call “Alien” For a
while they stayed around and helped us. But got tired of us fussing and
moved on to do better else where. I read the book “Embraced by the light”
by, Betty Eadle and she said when she almost died God showed her other
worlds full of really nice people that was his people. I have been one to
really wonder about all this because I grew up in the church thinking if I
prayed a lot things happen. So I prayed and prayed for people and other
country’s But it seemed nothing happen. And then I watch and read about the
bad things going on in other country’s like North Korea concentration camps
where people are being raped and tormented and killed everyday and then I
wonder..”IS God really a being that helps us?” or is he just a Alien that
started us but is no longer around and maybe that’s why North Korea gets by
with all the bad things. and other country’s too. But North Korea seems to
be the worse. They will not let people in or out so its one big prison….
Maybe God just gave up on us because we are so bad. And went home or to a
place where the people are good. We sure are not good here. Sometimes I am
so shocked at what I read about that people do. We just have so much bad
going on everywhere but I think am the most shocked that North Korea even
exist in our world. they are more like Nazis Germany. I read story’s of
mothers killing kids. kids being raped by the very people they trust. Cops
beating people up..ete ete Now why would a God want to fool with us..?

andy smith says:

nothings happened since the call in 1997? the call clearly stated
infiltration of military etc. the world is clearly on a path to
depopulization and one world gvt. to deny the possibility of extra
terrestrial life is to deny the fact that we exist at all. do people
seriously consider what we got going on in our planet is the reason the
whole universe exists. whats scary is how blind people can be when
information is put in front of them. take wtc 7 for example, i mean my
god!!! “gvt says it came down perfectly immitating a demolition job cos of
fires” praise the lord for looking after us PMSL. how are we explaining
dinosaurs these days ” uh god put the fossils there to test my faith”
like i said scary how people will deny evidence when it makes them
uncomfartable. its amazing how much the lego movie was an accurate
portrayal of our society

Chris Moon says:

Do you think that the official arrival of alien intelligence would change
anything for the common individual. It would be just another enemy our
masters can use us to war against with.
“The” aliens are more intelligent and capable than most people can possibly
imagine and exist in a fashion that requires awareness or perception
exceeding four dimesional capability.
They were, are and always will be with us : )

sikito zeller says:

Yes it is a hole, a big asshole.

Scott Torrance says:

This is stupid, its the effect of long exposure time lapse. That’s why the
car tail lights are streaked too! Its the police chopper, I live here…
Keep looking though, there are real things to see

aidan taylor-barton says:

is it me or does that look like the crack in time and space?

azer azert says:

ufo tfo holograme

Sain Chi says:

Random stuff happens in everyday life even every year RANDOM I SAY!

Hex Devildog says:

5:49 looks like a wormhole…. 

fundxthexmental says:

The spiral light video was just a rocket spinning out of control. This has
been confirmed by the Russians that it was one of theirs. Just a failed
rocket people. I am only commenting on just that one video everything
else… idk!

Kimberly McGuire says:

Beautiful entries those UFOs made. Very majestic, eerily majestic.

Henard fernandez says:

0:51 not scary,Its cool :D

RangerOfAlcyone says:

The “Melting Pot” is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries!
It’s not for Japan
It’s not for India
It’s not for Kenya
It’s not for Saudi Arabia
It’s not for Mexico
It’s for EVERY White country on earth. Whites countries need to be MELTED
and if you disagree then you are a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionje­ws! Any
planned eradication of a race (aka “Melting Pot” for EVERY White country)
IS Genocide.

Tyrone Kowalkowski says:

i did see real probes in the sky myself so this movies real

St. Eden James says:

the fact that Art guy called him a crazy fool and psycho, they both did,
shows that they’re tryna cover something up, its all ways the excuse of
calling a person crazy when he talks about something supernatural…. did
it to me when i believed in God. He clearly describes them as literal super
beings…. the patterns in his voice sound hold alot of honesty and genuine
fear…. luciferians and new age movements and governments all know about a
supernatural intelligence its luciferianism… its all kinda connected to a
higher power of intellect opposing God/Jesus

Kieran Fitzpatrick says:

Wouldn’t be surprised if that guy on the phone is dead now…..

biplane Sean says:

wtf at 4.46 thats a clip taken from the black ops single player game, ive
played it and in that mission your in charge of a spy plane giuding your
ground troops past the enemy 

massimilianof91 says:

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available on the website of Amazon.co.uk – THE COSMIC SOURCES OF MAN, ON

nikk mikk says:

Cue cheesy music at 03:16..it has been done to DEATH.. Please find a “new
scary theme”??

Emma Fowler says:


Iqbal Sathar says:

Difficult to Digest but have Tooooo…..

Filip MN says:

If its gonna scare me why is approved for all audiences??? This is not
scary, even if they are Greys, and not obviously Sirians or Pleiadians. Its

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