UFO 2013: Military recovering of alien body crashed? | Ufo sightings | Aliens 2013 caught on tape

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UFO 2013: Military recovering of alien body crashed? | Ufo sightings | Aliens 2013 caught on tape.Ufo 2013 and aliens on tape Today playlist: https://www.you…


team four x says:


ClaudeMagicbox says:

The first real camping alien has been finally filmed.
His high tech plasma-ion tent was also caught on tape. :-D

thetixmaster roblox says:


pixeL007 says:

calm down,thats not alien its just one giant spider who wants to kill
everyone in the world,you dont need to worry..

pptubea says:

The only paranormal fact here is how you managed to record a video with a

Saucy Jk says:

and paranormal camera rakes it in….a lot of people who REALLY have proof
of things aren’t the people that will post them folks

mehrdad80h says:

Why don’t you f&%#ing buy a HD camera?

McLovin McLovin says:

Christ it’s low quality shaky cam bullshit again, just like on every other
fucking UFO/alien bullshit video

slaktriffid says:

This HAS to be real!!!!…..because of the SHIT quality!!!!

picktacosnotdrugs says:

The reason why that place isn’t blocked off was because they were doing
disaster drills, like many military personnel do on a common basis to be
able to handle a situation, I didn’t see any alien.

Bat-ireedui ireedui says:

Oh there is alien lets grab the worst camera ever so people can see it

Dummy Box says:

this is NOT what it claims. No real military helicopters. those were not
NEW Scientist suits, the footage is very old, and last, they do not pitch a
triangle tent like this to quarantine some thing super fiscal…….Nice

Raul Almeida says:

this video is very strange has the helicopters the military men in white,
on the other hand you can not see no body, may or may not be a fake, will

Pedro Man says:

Ahh big toots are taking over

Martin Paquette says:

Sure…..standing ten feet aways from an alien discovery….filming
it…..with a chopper over head….without being seen????

Yeah sure why not!!

Nemesismaster64 says:

What sort of potato was used to film this? 

Stephanie Dady says:

In 2013 a $5 phone has a better camera . This is old 

Saucy Jk says:

whats this? a drill from some central American military/guerilla
operation? bizarre

mtwilson83 says:

If this is supposed to be recent or real for that matter, why didn’t he
have a better camera? A majority of our population has a smartphone. Should
have been clearer! Bad vid!

Bob Sanders says:

Like, shouldn’t there be a crashed spaceship somewhere? 

Raudel Alvarez says:

I believe its costumes. So fake ass fuk . Ppl now a days come up to make
others think its real. Wronq .! Anybody could make shit up if there bored
or dnt qot a life . Ahaa now this whole thinq I said is real.

Ghost-Nature says:

i forgot to specificate the witches … they really exist like the
others…but the witches unfortunately shows up to peoples and make bad
stuff to them(i mean us)

Noah Gonzales says:

If a UFO landed on earth there’s no way it’s still alive they probably
breath different and the die really easy

Rand0mMinecrafter says:

This is the most convincing video i have ever seen. I mean why else would
there be several helicopters, military soldiers, and men in hazmat suits
with a black stretcher.

Robert Nowak says:

Where’s the fakin alien?

Angel heart says:

They should stop drinking and flying 

TipsKesehatan Kesehatan says:


T Green says:

The quality of the film is yet again, like so many others is so poor when
you consider just how important such an event as this is meant to be.
These blurry videos only weaken the argument for this evidence, rather than
strengthen it. 

lieslies hernandez says:


Chase Likescandy says:

It looks real and I cant quite decide weather I think its real or fake, but
don’t you think that if the government or something found this they would
do everything in their power to take it down? I guess they could just leave
it for people to think its fake but still.

theditti1010 says:

I am sorry, but I can not see anything.

Alferow says:

NO ONE in this day and age has a camera that shit..this is the reason why
people never ever believe these videos..ever x3

Robespierre Feitoza says:


john smith says:

I wanna see the aliens face up close, notice the way they killed it
straight away

Vynce Vaccari says:

Gotta love that low quality video camera. 

egagdadg sdgdgadsg says:

god just took a dump nothing to see here

Nerdy Scott says:

Can no-one afford good cameras these days?

unl0cker says:

Indeed this is THE paranormal camera! Of course, as is not normal. Also can
be called the Idiots Camera, the mush brain camera, the sack of BEEP
camera, and my personal favorite The Look Ma Am an Attention Whore camera.

Nice… got my ATTENTION… w…

MsAnthropicGeek says:

The cameraman would’ve been shot dead if spotted. Our military isn’t one to
be messed with especially when it comes to coverups

theredlionheart1 says:

Wow, a truly AWFUL clip. I can draw more detailed pictures than this camera
was able to record on film, the person may as well have just turned it off.

On a side note I’ll confess I’ve seen UFO & personally believe that E.T.
are among us. Most likely locations are beneath the Ocean trenches inside
the massive cave systems (at a reasonable depth to avoid pressure), or
under the lunar surface/on the dark side of the Moon.


title UFO 2013::: post date december 6, 2012… how funny

jay cote says:

were in 2013 UPDATE your camera or phone BITCH!!

vlv54440 says:

with all the great camera technology we always still get the shittiest film
uploaded. Hoax.

Saša Karlovac says:

alien or not… doesnt matter… but my calculator have better camera

Morak Catcher says:

Pretty interesting video material that deserves attention. The subject of
UFOs and aliens deserves special attention. Now a lot of attention to us
alien visitors. And it’s not so simple! The more this video, the stronger
we become. Together we are strong. People – see the truth!!!

Ian Boyle says:

load of bananas

shawnie g says:

did anyone else see Patrick swayze’s ghost 

Tyson Collier says:

Wtf is this crap. .. 

Roger Christensen says:

Where is the “alien” body ?

wagner wnew says:

i belive!

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