Top 10 Scariest Movie Aliens

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We would not want to make first contact with these extraterrestrials. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 scariest aliens…


Smrda Smrdic says:

Xenomorph is the scariest Alien in the movies.He is practicly
indestructible.He is literally the perfect organism

Vincent Valentine says:

The tripods from war of the worlds had the most badass fucking horn ever. 

Bankerz says:

Even thought predators are much more advance killers and i think they
should be number one, I am happy with this list. (I love Xenomorphs and
Predators equal cause there fkn awesome)

FoxyFox6991 says:

The Thing is a fucking awesome film! :D

TheDeadrumors says:

don’t matter what alien comes to earth, they are all allergic to bullets

farkingelle says:

What’s scarier than being raped, impregnated and then serve as a host for
the rest of your days till a painful death? I’d rather my spine being
ripped out any day.

However having said that, Predator is my fave movie ever, and Alien is not
too far behind..

Jamie Port says:

My mum is bit of an Xenomorph lover as well. She owns a life-size alien egg
with face hugger,
life-size face hugger on the ceiling.
Life-size chest buster
Alien cinema poster
10-20 Alien and vehicles models.
Alien and Predator head
Predator mask.
Many t-shirts
An 8 foot Xenomorph in the Living room.
and of course the films on both blu-ray and directors cut.

Kye Zaeta says:

I think that the Alien movie is a scarier movie, but The Thing is a scarier
alien by far. I mean seriously, what a horrible way to die. 

Von Neely says:

I do hope that people realize Star Trek’s “Borg” (1996) are just an
Americanized adaptation of Dr.Who’s “Cybermen” (1966).

stephen connell says:

Just some of the things I have lived next door to or in the same
neighborhood as. Life’s never dull. You know you wished you had been there
with me. Nuff Said

Jekyll NHyde says:

Anyone else notice that hollywood is just rehashing ideas? The Thing is
like a combination of the Blob and Pod people, the Xenos and Borg are very
similar, bio raptors and arachnids similar, only the Killer Klowns, the
Predators and Martians are really unique aliens on this list. That being
said I always found the Thing to be just outright terrifying visually (I am
sure if a Xenomorph was in my room I would pee my pants) but there was
always something about it that I thought was visually horrifying and the
fact that it’s like a walking virus looking to infect you and you could be
in the same room as it and not know also scares the pants off me, I mean
seriously you have a borg or predator in the same room looking at you in
the face you know you’re in for a bad time, but the Thing will play a hand
of poker before it tentacle rapes you just saying.

rico moore says:

Who wins? The bugs from Starship Troopers or the bugs from Pitch Black?

Todd Klekotka says:

Definitely between Predator and the Xenomorphs. Both are superior killers.
One Predator kills a shit ton of people and Xenomorphs. In our world, we
would truly be screwed if Xenomorphs were real and infested our planet.
Between their ready attacks, stealth, and defenses, their numbers will grow
very quickly and completely wipe out any other species. Good list though.

Robert White says:

The xenomorph is such a brilliant design. There is something about it that
puts if far beyond any movie monster in my eyes; it’s a horrifyingly
plausible work of art. Most likely, it’s the combination of phallic and
androgynous imagery that makes it more than just a movie monster. H.R.
Giger was a mad genius. 

mike hickman says:

Alien will always be the top monster, double mouth, skin like armor, a
lethal tail, Acid for blood not to mention the chestbursters I mean holy
shit. Imagine sitting in the theater the first time not knowing what you
were in for and than that happens… Alien will always be number 1 

Bryan Bond says:

Xenomorph definitely deserves number 1! I think the face huggers would me
make me shit myself more though. Those things are fucking freaky!

The Joker says:

Can somebody help me? I need to find a Alien fish (look alike) invaders
movie from 1990’s. They snatch the body’s of the humans. I dont remember
the title, I would be very grateful…

Aether Cake says:

It seems to have a layer of polysacrenes and polarized silicon on it’s
skin, making it, well, one tough son of a bitch.

It’s a perfect organism. Im not going to tell you your chances. You have my

KKlippert says:

Thought this video said “scariest”?? None of them are scary! This is just
another horror-alien movie list.. 

AwesomeFaceGaming says:

Xeno dont have actually have armours colonial marines uses ordinary bullets
in their pulse rifle but still no xeno can match ina bullet

Daniel Grace says:

This is a good compilation video, but for a sci-fi fan you’d have had to
have been on a different planet to have missed any of these movies.

Fizzy Mania says:

half-life 2 antilion things are based on arachnids probably from starship
troopers or vice-versa

Godzilla 1984 says:


Ian Haight says:

i think the thing and the xenomorphs win my list

Tyler Durden says:

Predator’s potential is always squandered by the fact that they lose to
every enemy they encounter. I just can’t take a predator who lost to
Arnold, cops, veterans and aliens seriously.

GandaMelgao says:

To me THE THING is the scariest of them all. A single thing would wipe out
an entire planet of ‘Aliens’ or ‘Predators’ or whatever! If an organism
like that should come to Earth in a populated area, the entire Human race
would be consumed and destroyed within weeks. Or maybe even days. Plus it
has the added fear of not knowing who to trust. If you spot an ‘Alien’ you
would know that it is an enemy. Some goes for the predator. But a THING
hides inside a native organism (a Human in our case). How would you know
who to trust? Even if they blew their cover, and people found out what was
happenning, we would fall in chaos, not trusting anyone

SuperDubs11 says:

Where are the engineers from Prometheus?

SpearRocket says:

I really like the Xenomorphs, I really do. It’s just that I really despise
how Hollywood has to milk everything it can from the franchise kinda
ruining the concept.

Now the Thing, I’m a lot more impressed with, John Carpenter’s version
which is a little close the written adaption was great for it’s time and
that still holds up pretty well today, not mainly for the alien itself, but
the psychological terror that comes with it.

I mean with a creature that is well capable of adapting, assimilating it’s
victims, and has been across the universe as a parasitic being, it’s truly
something to fear as it can set an entire group apart with it’s presence,
the idea of not knowing how is the Thing, and not only that, being able to
educate it’s self with the knowledge of it’s victims! This alien will go
far enough to cover it’s tracks so it can continue to spread.

But as it seems, all alien can’t seem to stand fire too well, so… Kill it
with fire, literally! 

dreadghoul23 says:

Who will win in fight of them all?

talons claw says:

The xenos when they arrive we are fucked that is if the predators come too
they’ll try to exterminate the outbreak or the hive infestation because
they’ll want to hunt us which isn’t so bad because they hunt humans once in
a while or so I think, as long as we don’t try to disturb them

Lewis Hawksworth says:

Wheres bigfoot lol

The Darkfyre says:

8:03, the guy is a pedophile

PSN cjlucky says:

Transformers are more advanced than most of these beings i mean they dont
even wear armour that they have and most of the time they use the weapons
they have not the ones they get like for example optimus’ man cannon from
TF1 he has that but in TF3 hes holding the cannon with his hand then later
on when the alien jets are shooting him he creates his old cannon on his
back! Like dang they can do anything with energon, create weapons!! 

Nicholas Argano says:

Sure mention rape the second the child is on the screen.

If that’s not 21st century america i don’t know what is.

FR13S says:

Reminder: AVP: Predators win. Xenomorphs lose. Not perfect killing machines

Liberal Bane says:

Am I the only one disgusted by the 80’s horror movie practical effects? lol

Mr Mike Mikmak says:

I just watched aliens, they kill the xenomorphs with gun. When i shoot a
xenomorph in alien isolation, it just rapes me with his tail. Its not fair!

TTGFan says:

The cow scene, from which movie is it?

Gromit801 says:

The Mimics in Edge of Tomorrow (Live – Die – Repeat) would probably reign
supreme. As vicious as Xenomorphs, and far faster.

sebastian emil says:

the monster im most afraid of is my self :P

Walter Costescu says:

Engineers should have been on this list somewhere

Sweetpea Chickpea says:

clowns and goo aren’t scary, and *where was the silent hill movie? That
spider!* D’x
I grew up with my auntie *banshee screaming* in suspense moments of
thriller/action/horror films, a genre trio i still enjoy, and why do i play
horror games? I am… odd? btw 3:13 Mass Effect 3 Banshee gave me fear
exhaustion, didn’t even know it existed before ME3

The Joker says:

u fucking kidding me ? predator all the way he s the perfect killing
machine, he s fucking invisible and jesus that roar? 

Andrey Latinsky says:

you need to include The Thing 2011

SueMorphPlus2009 says:

War of the Worlds wasn’t that scary . Especially when the common cold
killed them. It was like Independence Day .

Abbey Mack says:

I love how the cat just watches as the man is eaten my the alien. XD 

Tamsin Rebecca Lewis says:

I agree with the Xenomorph cause it camouflages itself and more

Cristian Quezada says:

puff, predalien is number one

Vineet Honkan says:

the predators are actually a race called Yautja…

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