The Reason NASA Never Returned To The Moon (Full Documentary)

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If you found this documentary intriguing, you might as well admire: Neil Armstrong refused to swear on The Bible that he walked on the Moon. Area 51: The ALIEN…


Get Mad says:

NASA faked the whole thing, there’s a bunch of proof
just brain washed Americans will cry and scream abuse at you
you know whats funny the American flag blowing on the famous moon picture
there is no wind on the moon lol…

YouTumult says:

You’re all brainwashed. Well educated people know that the moon itself
isn’t even real. It’s something the world government put up there in the
sky and its light which we can see at night is reading and recording our
minds while we sleep.

Dale Bruce says:

Why go back to the moon..when there’s nothing there? Except to put a base
there maybe.

Lauren S.C. says:

You know what pisses me of the most? Not the conspiracy theories about the
existence or nonexistence of aliens, or the nonbelievers, or the abductees,
or UFOs and the like. Nope. I’m pissed that the extraterrestrials, if they
exist theoretically (I do believe in them, not the point), won’t just land
down here and be like… “What’s up? We’ve studied you guys for quite a
long time and we have decided that you are far enough along in your
evolution to know of our existence. Congratulations and shit. Welcome to
the Universe Club. Here’s some cool shit to play with. Anyone want to
explore some space? Let’s go. We’re leaving in about, 12 hours Earth time.
We have room for everyone. Oh and we’re taking all of your nukes and
disposing of them. It’s for the best. Trust us. You’re not the first
species to almost fuck shit up. There was this one planet about a million
years ago that… actually. Nevermind. That’s not important. K, well…
that’s about it. We’ll be in our ships. Peace.” Yes? I’m so ready for that
day. Sigh.

nicolae calinescu says:

“BULLSHIT”!!!!!! USA never went to the moon. It’s the bigest lie of the
Century !!!
Is cheap propaganda, the same like lies about terrorism to keep people in
fear and to control them. USA is the real terrorist on this planet and a
real threat to human race.

Texas Hi-Railer says:

I’m sorry but when these supposed highly educated scientists make
statements like they believe these orbs are probes from the aliens to watch
over the evolution of mankind, I have to believe they also believe in the
Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy & Santa Claus and you can’t take these people
serious??? Talk about your over-active imagination? Damn!

Furthermore, when a person stands there & tells me the rock in his/her hand
is more than 50 million years old & they can prove it… I truly can’t take
these people seriously. Do you (anyone) ever actually listen to these
people talk & actually listen to some of the ridiculous statements that
come out of their mouths? As soon as one of them makes the statement to me
that man came from a monkey, I no longer listen to anymore of their
babbling. As someone who at one time in my life worked in the medical
profession, I know we have what is known as “gray matter” in our brains
however, when it comes to these people… I am completely convinced that
they walk around with silly putty between their ears!

RaisinBrando says:

It’s hilarious that people don’t remember that the moon IS A PART OF EARTH!
It was broken off and floated away after so many years, and continues to
get farther away as we speak. The only form of “spooky aliens from another
world” would be prehistoric mammals that wouldn’t even survive on the moon
without hundreds of thousands of years worth of adaptation. If they are
actually from a different universe or unrecorded part of our solar system,
and aren’t afraid to kill us or hurt us, then why haven’t they invaded
Earth for it’s resources and knowledge yet?

Newb says:

ITS CRAWLING WITH ALIENS!!! R u fukin serious m8

محمد احمد says:

I was on mars a week ago and it was hot as fuck

Sofi Lara says:

Aliens are real. They might not be like what you imagine but earth isn’t
the center of the universe. I know this is stupid but I got this off of the
movie transformers age of extinction: you humans aren’t the center of the
universe. That’s what a decepticon told some of the humans

STR33TSofJUST1C3 says:

Oh god. Conspiracy theories are just so fun to watch/listen to. I can’t
stop laughing at human ignorance. This is better than reality tv.

Of course, there are aliens all around the Universe. But if there was any
other kind of sapient life form on the Moon, or any other celestial body
within the borders of our solar system, we would have known that by now.
Earth is the only celestial body that is able to support life. If you want
to see aliens, then go to another star system.

Chaz 4820 says:

“The moons an egg.”

gforce4all says:

The real question is, How do big boobs bounce on the moon?

Cielo says:

only a minute in and I am like ROFL! Not wasting another minute on this.

Red Menace says:

Russia acknowledged of the US going to the moon. The US did go but had to
fake pictures. Why would they broadcast the truth?

EL Kabong says:

If you fart on the Moon, does it make a sound?

Zadoch Priest says:

lots of speculation regarding USA faking moon landings… I have to say I’m
not convinced either way. I think there is a lot of evidence supporting
activity on the moon and anomalies regarding the moon. Some scientists
have said that moon can only be described scientifically as a visual
error.. In other words due to it’s mass and proximity to the earth, it
shouldn’t be there, giving rise to speculation that it is actually a giant
space ship.
Who knows? … one thing that seems to be certain is that NASA is only
part of the story… the US military space program is vastly more heavily
financed than NASA ever was… and nobody ever talks about the stuff
they’ve developed or what they’ve discovered. 

Marcus Greco says:

what sort of ETs are on the moon does anyone know?

Chaz 4820 says:

They are not aliens, just bacteria. In 2049 it will all become clear. 

454ffv says:

next up: an american walks on the sun for the first time!

Alex Daniel says:

My thoughts are…. NASA went to the moon. Found a desert of nothing but
dirt and decided that there is not point to do it it again. Or do you think
it’s cheap to land a man on the Moon? No NASA spent 136 BILLION dolars.
that’s 136000 Million dollars to do that. But do any of you even have any
idea how far the Moon is from Earth ? It’s 384,400 km. That’s like
traveling around the earth 10 times, and another 10 times to return. I mean
if there’s no practical reason to go there, why spend so much cash doing it
again ??? They went once, got all the info they needed about the Moon and
got back. Why go back ?

bobertr69 says:

What state or country is everyone from on here? I read a lot of b/s and its
kinda sad and pathetic. To many wanna be nerds that think they know it all
but yet are slow as radio.(radio the movie for the slow people) or forest
People said no humans as ever went to the moon and its all lies but yet
believe in this video? How can you take these people seriously. They
contradict their self

Michael McCandless says:

Hahahahahahaha loooool I watched the first minute off this thinking it was
going be costs or not really much else to learn little did I know it was
going be little green men haha fucking bullshit if you believe this go get
your head looked at ya morons. 

Kirk McLoren says:

they never went
cant lift the necessary shielding

TheMasturCheef says:

Omg that’s so awesome ^^ I knew some people could be very stupid, but this
is simply geniously stupid!

TheHunterGuy says:

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Daniel Motresku says:

space is fake. Dont trust the government.

Floax Clive says:

Extraterrestrials exist, only morons would deny such a fact :)

lw216316 says:

did not go back because funding was dropped, period.
We already beat the USSR there so nothing left to gain.
Sorry no alien base there. They are interdimentional not interstellar.

Richard Nunez says:

Next time play music more claiming 


I think moons landing is fake becuz:
1- there never flew and the gravity didnt take place like as if it was
earth’s gravity
2- the flag was swinging as if there was wind and we all know there is no
wind in moon

CEO LP says:

There is “proof” we did go to the moon and “proof” we didn’t… The only
people that really know are the ones that did it.

Capitan0Guinea says:

and by the way… who say that the military should announce every mission
they did, do, or will do? the true technological level, is 50 years beyond
what courrently you experience in your dayly life. Think: B2 Spirit (the
Stealth) – conceptually is over 70 years old! u.u an now sum 2+2…

SkullHunter9800 says:

you lost me at aliens, then totally lost me at nazis

generatrix999 says:

Doc: RT77 (the material that would become) ‘was’ the reason NASA went to
the moon.

Lunar anomalies were not even doubted to exist, to the contrary, it was the
Von Braun (nazis) gang who convinced the US that they had to get to the
moon b/f the Russians did, all in hopes of befriending the aliens and
reaping the benefits.

Sci Fi? Sure, but Kenedy and others ate it up. The race was for technology
thought to be held by the origin of the anomalies on the moon.✈

RPR0001 says:

It’s the Hive! They’re already here!!

Reikana Seo says:

i always felt that there is something weird about our artificial satellite.
It looks weird, does not break up despite the many craters, shining too
bright, the trajectory is not entirely clarified, the mystical things that
happen when the moon is full, pyramids and so on.


I’m watching this at night and I might have just shit a brick

Patrick Dukemajian says:

Wow, that was quick. Only 0:40 and already my first facepalm. 

Diego StonerRocker says:

is funny to think that only usa brainwash people… everything is secret,
plots and stuff like that in the politic life EVERYWHERE ON EVERY DAMN

nosoupfuru says:

I believe we actually went to the moon, but some of the images that were
broadcasted had to be faked in order to hide the truth of what’s really
there. I also believe that we have been told to not land on the surface.
Just my theory…nothing more.

Melvin No says:


702Blunt says:

Theres gonna be a war in space 

Mike Thorbjornsen says:

or theres nothing there!

DzDeadly2GamingHD2 says:

Nazi Base maybe

Jean MacPherson says:

After closely researching the threats of the changing earth I cannot help
but feel and sense that there is an entity or group causing such
extremities in ice melt and weather purposely. I do believe it could be a
fear campaign by those humanity cannot even name due to their power and
elite status. Fear allows humans to be controlled so much easier… I
must say that the recent enormous rise in methane leaks globally may be an
unexpected consequence of this or a purposely planned plan by maybe some
other worldly entities to vastly speed up the process of mass extinction.
Either way; enjoy the ride. Prepare all you can and love all those around
you in a bid to spread that positive light because small lights can
brighten giant amounts of darkness and could be the answer to this threat.
I love this planet and I think the only thing I can surely say I know is
mankind could benefit so much from stepping into nature far more often.
Bustling head spinning cities make it hard for the occupants to get a
grasp on any sort of peace or truth. Much love to you all.

Romario Miller says:

Only weird people like me watch this kind of crap :P

Dean P.F says:

Its not a moon, its a space station :)

Mohd Norazlan says:

Read the holy Quran than you will know what is that track on the
moon…seriously you will find the answer..not built by the alien..that is
zero fact opinion..

Chris Krysak says:

WTF 20:21

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