The 10 FREAKIEST Creepypastas Ever Told

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Matthew Santoro says:

This was by far the most requested video I have ever gotten, so I made it
for you! Keep those suggestions coming!
PS Sorry it was late, real life happened :)

momogowi says:

I was born in 1999.

Jeff The Killer says:

**picks up **+BEN Drowned** and spins Ben around with him** WE WERE
MENTIONED BEN! **smiling**

Tsubaki Akatsukasa (Lilly Uzumaki) says:

*smirks* sleep well tonight everyone.
please watch

Wolfy Love says:

I love BEN drowned!!!! He’s my second fav…. But where’s eyeless Jack?!?

Miss_Creepypasta says:

and you forgot eyelessjack

vicky m says:

I just mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ade you wipe your screen

VanderleiQuanah RedHorse says:

What about michael myers

TheOreoClassic says:

Am I the only one who wAs screaming at the screen: JEFF SHOULD BE FIRST!

Dodge Them All says:

Not sure if you guys read it on national news, but there was a girl in
Wisconsin a few counties away from where I live who stabbed her friend.
Reason? She said she was talking to the Slenderman and he told her to kill
her friend. 0_o

Flare Flash says:

1:Y u no has Sonic.exe?!?!?!?!?!
2:Y u b so mean to Ben and put him on # 10?!?!?!?!?!

RadarFilms says:

My favorite is the Lavington Town Syndrome

Tragically Untragic says:

Why are they called creepy Pastas?

Cam Blood says:

When I was about seven my sisters friend had a cabbage patch kid that would
walk around in the dark.

Ally Sings says:

I’m going to regret this, aren’t I? 

Arthur LaVigne says:

the funny thing is i was in Key west for a cruse not too long ago and i
didn’t see him

Sandra Landa says:

I’m gonna try to help you all sleep tonight
1-1999~ It’s just a show all you have to do is not watch it, it’s simple!
2-The Rake~ the possibilities of him getting you is like finding 8 million
dollars because, he’s fake if the girl was actually attacked it would’ve
been all over the news and stuff, people would’ve been replaying the news
clip saying he’s real…
3-Bad kids~ Like I said it’s just a show.
4-The other watcher~ It’s a Hotel room just don’t visit it.
5-SCP~ Just don’t go there or visit the site.
6-Jeff the Killer~ Jeff might be dead he cut his eyelids off he probably
died from blood loss or an infection for not taking care of the wound.
7-wake up~ I honestly did not understand that one.
8-Slender Man~ Just don’t go wandering in a forest, if you live in a forest
then it’s ok just lock your doors.
9-Robert The Doll~ just respect it and you’ll be fine.
10-Ben Drowned~ It’s just part of a game don’t play it and you’ll be fine.

Sirleviathan Gaming says:

Isn’t the “Wake Up” one in minecraft?
like… after you kill the EnderDragon?

Avalon plemel says:

I think herobrine should have been on the list

Lyssa Leeann says:

why am I watching all of the scary videos at night….

Matt Man says:

I disliked this vid because it scared the ****** out of me

HowToBasic says:

So creepy! I nearly Yolked.

kkaosjack says:

is the rake real?

bakerXderek says:

I expected Slender to pop out at the end 

Paige Wright says:

I LOVE JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG IM A FANGIRL U

sky ashby says:

Scp are not creepypasta -_-

Smile dog says:

1:58- I like rakes butt doe 😀


Mercenarie558 says:

Okay, number 7 wasn’t scary. It just f*cking confused me. Also, while many
of these can be debated on being real, the SCP Foundation is not one of
them. I say that because:
1. They have writing guides on how to write an SCP.
2. I’ve submitted my own SCP’s using some photoshopped pictures of mine,
and I was lucky enough to even win one of the site’s contests. 😀

The SCP Foundation is AWESOME but we can’t legitimately say it’s real.
Also, nice video Matt! :D

thewildcard person says:

Love the video but serously where’s russian sleep experiment

Elaina-chan the Otaku and Kawaii Artist says:

Do Top 10 Pokemon!!!!!!!

Ownage Pranks says:

That effect you used in the intro looked super interesting/cool, I might
use that when doing an initial face reveal some day haha. Sweet vid!

Lavender Blossom says:

The SCP 173 reminded me of a weeping angel

Jacob Kowanetz says:

Like this if you also looked behind you at the end of jeff the killer when
he told you to

Jeff The Killer says:


Trextris says:

Damn it it’s 11:30pm!!

Fire Fax says:


BlackDralion says:

mmm its night here im going for it

eve bntz says:


hayhay45 says:

the only thing that freaks me out is pictures of jeff the killer, ugh

Tony Martinez says:

+Matthew Santoro check out the dating game its a really good creepy pasta i

DE MAN says:

I just mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ade you wipe your screen

elk logan says:


Foxy da pirate/ Bella Drowned says:
Luke Brown says:

Not scary. Watched every one at around 12:00 at night and I’m only 10!

Apps block says:

I may warn you about ben Drowned (Hacks were used and they were announced
by the creator to be fake)

evelina kontonasiou says:

Wasn’t planning to sleep anyway… Who needs sleep?

DonutMunchiez says:

Jeff the Killer sucks. It doesn’t even make sense.
1. Bullies get guns.
2. None of the parents helped Jeff or the other kids.
3. Burning his eyelids off would damage his eyes.
4. He’d bleed through his mouth.
5. A little boy has so much power when he really can’t.
6. The fact Jeff is 13.
7. The fact that a mother would shoot her own child
8. Jeff isn’t crying when he kills his parents and Liu
9. Age domination matters: Liu should’ve been able to fight Jeff and win.
10. The bullies would have been beaten by Jeff. Like I said: Jeff’s age and
the bullies age. Jeff should’ve won

shainajshol says:

your smile is creepy

Leng Vang says:

O.O some are real and some are fake robert the doll is real 

Its_So_Fluffy_Motion_Pictures x says:

I’m watching this in the middle of the day,
In winter,
It’s overcast,
Home alone,
‘The rake’ will be creeping me out till I’m 35…

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