Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera

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This is 100% the best UFO + Alien sighting ever! See for yourself! Location: Reutlingen “Ohmenhausen”, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Audio Color World own all…


Jair Hernandez says:

Damn. Now thats real cause the if it was edited the aliens and ufo would
stand out and not look blurry

FresnoUfoCentral says:

A clear hoax. I do not know how anyone would think this is real. The alien
would not wave. And the way he moves is an obvious give away to. And the
craft would not make noise lol . And obvious other things in here that are
a clear HOAX! I believe in ufos and aliens and that they are here. But i do
NOT believe this one at all! And this was never on the news or talked about
by any experts. So I know this is not taken serious or as real..

bellametallica says:

“it’s fake… fake… totally fake…”
thank you captain obvious! thanks to you another mystery has been solved!

ElegantPaws01 says:

What were they doing though? Might be real. Very entertaining thank you.

BadRonald1 says:

First off, I do believe there has got to be some other life forms out
there. But I don’t believe they have visited here. Why would they ? Were
a fucked up race of people. People that lie , betray, steal. People that
strap on an exploding devices. People that steer flying objects into
buildings, People that dismember other peoples bodies. People that come up
with ideas to split an atom to cause a Nuclear Reaction. All of
this……. just to KILL their own kind. Think about it…. Does that
sound like a race you’d like to encounter ? 

ImTheDaveman says:

Excellent fake! You have bragging rights to this one! The ship looked real
enough but todays awesome expensive video editors can make CG images blend
with the real world. The absolute give away is the aliens. Good idea on
making a pixelated zoom of the area to try and hide the animation. But then
again if a real space ship landed and was video taped, it would be a hard
sell because of the excessive amount of fake videos. Kudos for excellent
video editing skills! After Effects is pretty darn awesome editing software.
By the way if I ever see one with my own eyes and an ET waving at me, I
would be headed his way. Maybe he would give me a lift off this crazy mixed
up planet.

Edgar gutierrez says:

this is real. 

69829Dave says:

I grow tired of people saying a video clip like this is faked without
demonstrating in detail how it is faked. Talk [alone] is cheap.

herbert says:

does anybody have the complete video, from the beginning to the end, all
these videos
are in bits and pieces.

Steve Palmer says:

You know what got me is the sound of it. Sounds legit. If this is fake they
did a fantastic job. If it is real. Then hmmm good capture. 

adereido kansai says:

so fake!)) dumb aliens landed on the field in the middle of the day,
quarreled a lil bit: “I told you it’s not a Mars! It’s the green planet,
you dumb daltonian, not red!” and off they go..
Next time ask me to write the script. I’ll make it more realistic))

Soham Singh says:

Dunno if it’s real or fake but I’m scared

Nora Galvan says:

I have an aunt and an older cousin who claimed that they saw a flying
saucer once. Basically my aunt was at home and she was mopping the kitchen
and when she went to her backyard to let the floor mop dry she saw a flying
saucer that ws just in the air and it was not moving. She said that it was
pretty bright and then she called my cousin who was walking by the house
and when he went outside he saw it and then after that it flew away. How
she described the experience makes it seem real specially if you know your
family and you know when they are messing with you and when they are not.
That happened almost 15 years ago and to this day they still stick to their
story and I believe them. I dont really believe in aliens but it makes you
question when two of your family members tell you that they have seen an
actual flying saucer and you know that they are not lying and that they
mean it.

liquidblue says:


da7thangel says:

Why would someone spend thousands of dollars on special effects just to
give it away for free on YouTube I think it’s authentic I have witnessed
ufo sightings before this is similar to the ones I’ve seen I have
encountered shape shifting reptilians and have seen true anunarki I’ve also
met dimensional beings there is a world around us we can’t see and God has
allowed me to see and hear I also met the cosmic being who told me they
came here through a stargate and that I am one of them and that there not
leaving until I’m ready to go and that I’m really 87 million years old but
I can’t remember anything before this life they also told me that I’m a
powerful astral traveller and that my place is somewhere els in the
universe but I ant leaving till the world is free. 

tphilosophile says:

Those who say it is Fake, are you sure you, yourselves are not a hologram?
Because; This is impossible to produce with any photo editor! Try if you
can pixellate those thin aliens! All you will get is a SMUDGE!

Sti Me says:

Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera:

JilABT says:

they came to pee…

cj rodriguez says:

It’s fake because when the “space ship” take off he like blast fire for
launching his space ship right?
Then why the ground didn’t burn for turned black from the blast of the
space ship???…

Vinnie Smith says:

This is faked FlyingSaucers are not real……… We have not ever had a
confirmed contact or got close!

BTW good Photoshop 😛 

Kajko Kokosz says:

Nie wiem czy to nie fotomontaż, ale dobrze oddaje to co opisywałem, że
pojawia się rozbłysk i znika “UFO” z tym że ja widziałem jak, wylatują
jeszcze z takiego rozbłysku. Cos mnie dźwięk nie pasuje i dlatego mam
wątpliwości co do prawdziwości tego filmiku

Michael Knives says:

I would have been like HEY YOU OVER THERE!!!!

Nazirah Wadley says:

they are here. O.O

lovesanime88 says:

FAKE! But if it was real and I was recording I would’ve been freaking out
and when it flew away I would’ve scream and run while peeing myself not
just running away like nothing just happened lol.

Dread Breivik says:

why people liked this fake lol ?

Eli Branon says:

Where were the aliens

OnyxXD says:

u just got to love how its the generic martian. at least get creative with
ur aliens m9.

Colin Hoek says:

2:20 – you clearly see its fake

Raymond Cancel says:

out of fucus camara! another ripp off! why did not camaraman went over say
garbage why people do this I have no adea! the news paper say nothing about
things like this!

rheanna blackbourn says:

its seems real bc alot of people say they are very quiet, but i dont think
its anything to freak out about bc humans made them.

SamQcGamer says:

all the people that say its fake its because they have the fear of ufo
aliens they are scared….. wel not everyone well alots

Kristen Buro says:

I can’t believe it! Aliens on tape! So cool!

Varex says:

(ü = ue) WTF? I was much times in Baden-Württemberg (I live in a city
nearly to Baden-Württemberg!). I never seen UFOs or aliens at there. Could
be that they’re there to swim in the swimmingpool at Baden-Württenberg.

katy silva says:


llaemma says:

WOW IM really scared now…. I know someone was gonna catch them on camera
,real aliens *- *

Jesse Deane says:

the best video evidence up close…

Christopher Ducinni says:

I can understand why they would film it from a distance “FEAR FOR THEIR
LIFE!!!” and everyone here can write “O! if it was M.E. I would have put on
my SuperMan Cape and walked into their space and asked the Motherfuckers
… are you real, what the FUCK you doing on my planet?? I want pictures of
you to show the world and collect a billion dollars, Motherfuckers!!!….
or I would have done this or that…” YOU WOULD “””SHIT””” ALL OVER
YOURSELVES!!! AND “”PISS”” YOUR PINK PANTIES, YOU!!! would be so scared
…. you would let them gang bang you. I’m still skeptical, I want to know
when the UFO departed, they just didn’t film it from there, instead of
running and filming the ground?? I also want to know why they couldn’t
focus in better on the UFO and Aliens with a modern camera?? I’m not
arrogant to believe that we are the only living beings in this vast
UNIVERSE … note I didn’t write INTELLIGENT living beings. 

drgil65 says:

C’mon man…. That was just terrible 

youknowitdadio says:


LuminaryPrism75 says:

a lift would cause a lot more physical effects on the ground than that did

Lester Caceres says:

This is an amazing footage…I believe caused I’ve been there…

Jackson Magdic says:

Holy Crap!! My mind has changed on aliens!

matt roblox says:

its real :0 go on netflix. thay have all the profe u need/ O.o

Gary V says:

UFOs are real… I saw one close up in 1983 — It was silver disk shaped,
but not only me, 4 other people with me saw it cruise by us with
multicolored lights and take up into the sky at light-speed and gone out of
view in split seconds!

Red Spy says:


Lord Kadath says:

You’re an alien fuck tard! And they wouldn’t show you jack fuck with the
technology they have ……they can read your mind and your intentions and
wouldn’t even be there given your stupid attitude! . They are living
beings…The fact that you call them aliens means you’re full of shit and
this fake. They can know your thoughts before you can pull out a
camera….and they don’t just sit around picking there ass for stupid fucks
like you!

Mulatto Cuban says:

This is how gays spending time, creating fucking videos. Faggots!

Alberto Lopez says:

Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera:

Jonathon Jackson says:

…………………. ever heard of a green screen or a cardboard cut out
or back growns

Mara Ramos says:

ahhh so scared like really ;/

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