New! NASA UFO – Leaked Moon images and video!

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New images from the NASA orbiter and more top secret footage! Update: Watch the new extended version here: Get a f…


bushpilot223 says:

@John Smith
lol. i see you on a lot of videos…you are really a conspiracy nutcase. do
you look at any factual evidence whatsoever? fyi, there isn’t a single
shred of actual evidence of “alien bases” on our moon. there are no sources
for these “leaked moon images” i can’t believe people like you can just
believe anything that they see on the internet. the video was taken from
Earth orbit not the moon and it was released by NASA a long time ago. most
people accept the fact that UFO’s fly around our planet and in our orbit
but really dude there’s no evidence of a “moon base” the only piece of
“evidence” that you conspiracy nuts always point to is that the moon spins
to where we can’t ever see the other side. or the same old doctored video
of lights coming from behind the moon… that is not evidence. UFO’s are
real, i’ve seen several, but there’s no way of telling if they’re alien, or
secret technology. aliens are most certainly real judging by the size of
our universe, but again there’s no evidence that aliens fly UFO’s that are
seen on Earth…you can’t just jump to conclusions without actually
processing the information. people like you really need to go back to
elementary school and learn about basic critical thinking… all of your
conclusions are completely asinine. if some random dude came up to you on
the street holding a photograph with a UFO flying into the World Trade
Center you would declare that 9/11 was set up by extra terrestrial beings.

LisaDawnn says:

It’s so hard to discern what’s real anymore but I have a strong hunch that
it will be China who discloses the truth about what’s actually going on, on
the Moon.

They will launch their rover tomorrow and is scheduled to land mid-Dec (not
sure why it will take 2-weeks though)

I also have a very very strong feeling some major event will take place
between now and then. Either intentional or serendipitously.

I think 2013 will go out like few have ever done before. I very seldom play
into the dooms day mentality so this is very rare.
Head’s up and godspeed.

McJa Ja says:

Join the Dark Side of the Moon, we have a little base and the Mickey

Mike webb says:

Dark side of the moon ah shit the deceptions are at it again adman you
Michael bay

Jerry Mar says:


The Castelan says:

2:39, A “Cave Drawing” of The Starship Enterprise. looks like NCC-1701 to

Jon Williams says:

so you think people wouldn’t panic if they found out ET (Aliens) were
really watching/on Earth?? have you been to a school lately…do you know
the massive amount of stupid people that now walk this plant? there is 7
billion people living on 1/8 of the Earths surface and we kill each other
everyday, now think about how many would go crazy with certain proof ET was
among them. they would kill people for doing anything they considered weird
(not human), others would hide in their houses afraid the LittleGrey men
want to probe their butts, and others would turn to drugs (even more then
they do now) so they wouldn’t have to deal with the new world revelations.
once you accept that most people are stupid, you can start to see why
Governments across the world cover chit up.
later =o/

edgarmaan says:

Same fake stuff goes around youtube year after yerar after year. Why do you
upload this crap?

songsGARAGE says:

its not the moon. its too big and has atmosphere. i think it is earth with
space rubish.

blacnyte1 says:

What could it be? Bloody AREA 51 for starters!!!!!

tina hales says:

Livingston, Texas

Guy Richardson says:

Im not convinced by the authenticity of this video, but that doesn’t take
away from the fact that there is something being hidden on the moon. Why
would NASA hide anything “non extra terrestrial”, It makes no sense. 

Ver808 says:

this is just stupid.

Gary Beck says:

Some of these people on here say some of the dumbest shit.. You cant fake
this if you know anything about cameras… This is unbelievable to me, what
the hell could it be?

kansas66701 says:

Sure are a lot of those plasma orbs flying around!!! Does no one NOTICE?!!?

TheSmilodon85 says:

I guess no one realized the disney symbol bottom right corner at 2:39?

Richard Vert says:

I was in the third grade when apollo 8 went around the moon. Every day
there were pictures in the paper. One photo was of a field of what looked
like stalagmites covering it. It was clear as day. Several of us brought
the pic’s to school and cub scouts. They were very real. Today I can find
nothing on this at all. I’ve called the U.W., scoured the web , nothing. I
know what I saw and it’s been covered up.

bademoxy says:

no fucking way we are alone,nor have we ever been alone.they were here long
before us and will be around long after we’re gone.
we are nothing but a cheap disposable experiment on a very insignificant
they are so far ahead of us, we’ll never see them nor detect them even with
our latest secret technology and likely they can remotely erase us in a
moment with impunity.
so go cry out to your imaginary god/allah and beg for a miracle which will
never happen,superstitious primates. the universe doesn’t revolve around
us and there’s no santa clause

non shadowhuntaz says:

Sorry those bases are not alien .. they are ancient human bases. So called
aliens are merely humans from are distant past. They traveled through time
by speeding away from the earth at near the speed of light, when they
returned it was thousands of years in the future yet earth was not a
futuristic world they assumed it would be, it was how it is today. They
are stranded in our time, cast aways with no way back home, because you can
only travel forward in time, not backwards. These and more secrets revealed
when you widen your gaze. 

Rade Pajic says:

This looks like a meteor shower, they seem to go slow, that’s why on Earth
we just see them in a flash, but from space view is different.

Tobias Rath says:

Why did the moon base photo have a modern Disney channel tradmark

şefkat tepe says:

on Mars habitat continues below my theory is, Smart species ie human-like
species asteroid mars directed toward our present that our current
technology such notice, and can continue their lives plant seeds and animal
species made ​​their huge living area, they transferred the giant
mountains, thousands of life under the loans. I even saw this dream.
meteorite çarptıg waters somewhere escaped, but there are traces, mars
people mars restoration of g AmAsInIn dream of living continues aware of us
and according to them we an alien race is that if the the living areas
saldırıldıg feel if NASA’s yolladıg research tool destroy their will. mars
life will continue as long as he came … the world of human eyes stared at
Mars, but Mars sense danger intelligent species living in the moment and
will do everything to defend himself.

Frank Arias says:

i have seen lots of interesting moon((ufo) videos but this one towards the
end is soooo fake

Apollon Smyrnis says:

It is possible that mankind is on the threshold of a golden age, but if so,
it will be necessary to slay the dragon that guards the door, and this
dragon is religion.
Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970

Dejan Cankovic says:

NICE, at list we finde the true on the youtub. 

Submar Mazaj says:

what is that shit flying over the moon? feces of austronauts?

Joe Mangle says:

Bull shitee

Sonnyv102687 says:

The commercial, I’d whoop those Kids lmao

xxxTRU5Txxx says:

what a shit video, i wish i could block these fucknuts so that i would
never see anything they upload again or even show up in a list.


What NASA doesn`t want you to know

JustSomeGuyOk says:

Structures on the moon could be from the Nazis. 

hannah qaunaq says:

food for thoughts

rueben montes says:

I believe this i might sound weird or like a tweaker but if you just blank
stare in the sky in the middle of the night you could see stuff flying
around to small to be stars and they fly just like it shows in this video

Harley Ross says:

Hahahahahhahaha. OMG. I didn’t think people like this moronic piece of
human garbage existed. Get an education, read a book, put down the crack

People who believe shit without evidence are seriously mentally deficient.
I can’t believe you wouldn’t be embarrassed posting something as stupid as
I thought people like this died hundreds of years ago when we discovered
science and logic.

Lone Wolf says:

Its the Nazis……Zig Heil!!!!


Paul Thomas says:

congrats! you found google images and a copy of spooky film scores.

Darwin Zapeta says:

You’d think we would be able to see those bases from a telescope

mohamed mansouri says:

Mirrored movement, is located on the moon rocks …Moon magnet protects the
earth works

evren isin says:

why u dont want to believe????????? real u call fake fake u call it real
fuck u all___

relentlessmadman says:

we don’t have enough litter on earth we had to start a pyle on the moon!

Flash Gorden would be envious of your special effects

Daniel Eklund says:

This is fake becouse there is no wind on the moon…

Hans Malliet says:

Im here because its funny people still believe these videos…

Tom Stock says:

scary music and space junk. big deal

Luan Tran says:

if those space debris weren’t add ons, well its space debris and the
“buildings are obviously fake, if you can’t see the bad “photoshopped” get
a new screen. lol

Semper Five says:

haha so fake

lucid says:

first of all the moon does not have an atmosphere and how could aliens live
on the dark side of the moon? 

Postghost says:

0:54 > 2:22 .. sequence isn’t even in space, this is underwater.

Joseph Wilkinson says:


Joseph Wilkinson says:

If this was real YouTube would be have taken it down

spier dalaj says:

haha, that wind on the moon.

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