NASA’s Alien Anomalies caught on film – A compilation of stunning UFO footage from NASA’s archives

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This compilation includes many of my favorite NASA UFO encounters/sightings that I have archived over the years. All of these examples (with the exception of…


Sh33un says:

2:45 – that’s a U-turn!

GedTheWino says:

complete tosh

Alan Surgeoner says:

The amount of things flying around up there I think we should put traffic
lights on the ISS and maybe hubbel scope as well. After all the aliens
don’t want the insurance to go up next year !!

trent much says:

What a load of adorable rubbish :)

Aaahh, ignorance is bliss………..

jsletsplay122 says:

those weren’t ufos they were debris from previous missions
or that mission itself.

snus sten says:

we are clearly not alone but why don’t them aliens talk to us dem faggets

sponge me says:

oh come on,human beings have never set foot on the moon,we would be long
dead from over-exposure to lethal doses of radiation ,whist travelling
through van allen belts

Kevin Clifton says:

You just see a floating lighthouse in space haha

Gabriel Stan says:

Most look like space debris entering the atmosphere or camera reflection,
others look intriguing I agree.

Jerry G says:

Probably just lighthouses and swamp gas. Right NASA?

Osamu Kikuchi says:


Fabula Nebula says:

Some comment septic people make me laugh always look for rational
explanation because they refuse to accept the truth that scares them even
the testimony of pilots and astronauts refused believe you because you are
so indoctrinated and manipulated from too long by the media, TV, religious
belief and especially the movies that these things you see as fiction then
that are actual things you are sheep.

1046Fay says:

They say fact is often stranger than fiction!

Andrew A says:

Where is the bigfoot footage

timothy tobin says:

They are not aliens. They are interdimensional beings from a parallel
,” spirit world”. They are demons and evil spirits.Thats why they look see
through or transparent and looking creacher like. Seemingly appearing and
disappearing, going from one universe to another. They want you to think
that they are aliens so that way you diss discredit God,” not believe “.
The end is coming and we are going to start seeing more “Aliens” and ”
strange sounds from the sky.” Believe in Christ and that he died for our
sins so that we may go to heaven with him. Believe in aliens and your soul
is theres.

Peter Dunn says:

Nice to see you’re back on YT LunaCognita.

And the presence of all the shill comments below proves that you are still
hitting them where it hurts.

Keep well my friend.

Ben Holland says:

wow, that’s some stunningly bad photography. No wonder you are seeing
things what with reflections on windows, flashes going off, lens blur,
flare, ice, space debris, etc… however be honest, not all of this
material is from a government source. A lot of it was claimed to have been
intercepted signals with people recording their own stuff, usually done
analogue and with lots of distortion. Some of the so called Houston
transmissions are just amateur radio operators who say all sorts of stuff
for other listeners to pick up on the airwaves. 

hunterandthebeauty says:

watch?v=SUcycI8hioE to see a possible UFO Pilot ! thx for uploading !

usarmycaptainamerica says:

At 7 minutes into this video you can see clip highlighting one of these
pulsating “cells”. When these cells and other UFOs started swarming this
tether it was about 200 miles away from the shuttle and the tether acted as
a 12 mile long ruler.

usarmycaptainamerica says:

There do appear to be organic craft or creatures. The first astronauts in
space believed there to be organic creatures. John Glenn and his “fire
flies” Look for the broken tether incident on youtube. The shuttle did an
experiment with a tether that broke off and stretched out its full length
of 12 miles. As it drifted out huge pulsating craft/creatures resembling a
red blood cell started circling the tether. (When I say huge I mean miles

Bolan Forrest says:


Bolan Forrest says:

What was filming voyger…they r real but Nasa is the puppet money maker 4
them and the D… STRANGE WORLD NOT A G A M E

Mark Malinowski Jr says:

There’s no way we’re alone in the universe. And even if these UFO’s were
life trying to contact us, why would they? We’re all assholes just look at
the comments…

Rade Mihajlovic says:

I have a feeling that when I tell someone that I have seen them and how it
all happened, as I told him that I suffer from a severe infectious disease.

Rade Mihajlovic says:

I saw your video, and of course you got that UFO. But my friend, you and I
and others who are aware of their existence and do not hide it, we have a
problem called, revelation, knowledge, which in this case is not the
advantage, but the rejection and non-acceptance.

Hermit Hermitus says:

Ok, so you have seen my ship now, so what, big deal. . .

Kenny Stein says:


born25601 says:

“The Aspid (-ASP)-venomous snake like Cobras. We have for decades fed the
ophidian-ASP (Apollo Project Simulation-simulation Project “Apollo”). This
project was created in 1961. He led the Defense Intelligence Agency, to
help NASA solve technical problems establishing a fully simulated Lunar
expedition. ASP was a top secret project. It served as the base for
security and manipulating people on the basis of the programme, which
operates to this day”

andrednz says:

OVNI / UFO – Rio de Janeiro, 30-08-2009

Rade Mihajlovic says:

What is the name of the video ?

Rade Mihajlovic says:

That I saw them and I am aware of their existence does not mean that I’m
losing faith, on the contrary it is the same God made

Gary Gustafson says:

I read a book once that said that aliens and their space crafts are a hoax,
but it isn’t being preformed by humans. It used to be that people reported
leprechauns and ghosts etc. In fact the same kind of effects that so called
aliens had on people, used to happen with leprechauns and ghosts. In the
new testament, there are devils or demons that are cast out by Jesus and
the apostles. They want people to believe in things other than God.

Gary Gustafson says:

In my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there were
reports of green lights that appeared in the swamps and lead people off
cliffs. We also believe that there are people on other worlds, and yet, I
am not sure any of them have appeared here. I guess it is possible but
don’t rule out other possibilities. I heard that there was this lady who
had a haunted house. Interesting enough she also had alien encounters. Be

Peter May says:


Peter May says:


rjillidge3 says:

what is the music on this video

TheKaisama says:

Strange video. Many of the object shown look like nothing more than
reflected light, gaseous clouds or water droplets. Others look like out
right hoaxs (I’m almost positive I saw what looked like a Klingon Bird of
Prey in there) or easily explainable space junk. Then you have a few
legitimately bizarre ones that show obvious intelligent movement. Don’t
throw all that stuff together and label them all as UFOs. Some are very
identifiable. It hurts your case to do otherwise.

andrednz says:

I have a video I’ve made in Rio about 3 years ago… 2 lights keeping the
same distance and moving at the same speed in a straight line. Suddenly the
first starts to vanish and then the second. Check in my channel! I had a
crappy camera whose optical zoom only works when shooting pictures, but you
can see them… They definitely were not planes…

Observant Owl says:


Amien Topo nitrate says:


Rade Mihajlovic says:

You did not see them, that’s why you do not believe, and you’ll never
believe it!

Rade Mihajlovic says:

Nothing is excluded. June 2013 11h from my balcony! Shining red craft stood
above me 6 or 7 seconds and went incredibly fast!

Steven Charres says:


Rade Mihajlovic says:

Silence of people who will not publicly confirm their existence is further
proof of our primitive behavior, unfortunately. .Fuck you, you who are
silent, I do not need your confirmation, with my own eyes I saw the FO and
I know that it is not, unidentified! June 2013 11h from my balcony! Shining
red craft stood above me 6 or 7 seconds and went incredibly fast!

41RobLow says:

japan and china are actually blasting there trash into space, thats all
this is lol debris

Scott Jensen says:

Notice that all of these UFOs are of different shapes, sizes and coloration
(when visible). Few of them look even remotely similar to each other, and
there seems to be no commonality of construction between them. So what
you’re saying is that we are being watched and visited not by one species
of alien, but by numerous species, all piloting various different craft?
Logical. (P.S. Half of those look like artifacts on the film.)

Juan19705411 says:

So we’re is the evidence ?

UltimateRealist says:

There is some footage which begs to be examined more closely. But most of
this collection suggests a mundane explanation. Many of these objects show
no intelligent flight characteristics, they fly straight across the field
of view just as a satelite or piece of debris might. Which means they may
only be classed as unidentified because tracking every satelites and piece
of debris and then attributing that data to a glint passing by 10 miles
from the CCTV camera is simply not possible.

chrinproductions says:

Some of these look SOOO photoshopped…

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