Martyn Ellis on UFOAM: Today’s Top UFO News

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Martyn Ellis from, Founding Director of the Centre for Research & Policy on Extraterrestrial Relations (CeRPER), is the guest on UFOAM for November 7, 2012. Speaking live from Dorset,…


Dansk ETIKontakt og Disclosure Gruppe. says:

What a great interview, Martyn is very dedicated and experienced.

Becky Novak says:

Thank you Jon. I’m sharing this interview on Facebook and by email, and
will continue to connect with

whotookmymojo says:

two things he mentioned that was experienced here…the electrical static
on skin and the emotion he speaks on that was known without words..

Jon Kelly says:

That’s awesome, Becca. Thank you!


Good morning Jon; from W. Oregon. Great show as always. Thank you. Peace &

whotookmymojo says:

Thanks Jon..

Carlos Cruz says:

Excellent guest! Thanks Jon!

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