Key & Peele – Alien Imposters

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The survivors of an alien invasion come up with a way to tell whether someone is really a fellow human. Watch more Key & Peele:


TheRumpletiltskin says:

remember kids, racism’s only funny when black people do it.

Wulfgang Stern says:

I know there’s still more white ppl in America for now.. but everywhere I
go I feel more and more like the only white guy lol

nyke420 says:

the really funny thing is that aliens do live among us. don’t call them
aliens tho. they’re demons aka reptiles.

Namelessandpure says:

OMG that last part.

The banana says:

Funny until the last part cuz it’s, well, murder. xD

Seth OZ says:

PLease make these episodes longer!!! I enjoyed them so much… I wish it
could last maybe 10 to 15mins? please!

william Aggrey-Orleans says:

These guys are hands down the best comic duo in television history…

alice cooper says:

I’m a redneck dating a black chick so this video is invalid

thebullybuffalo says:

Not appreciating their usage of negative stereotypes in their videos.
Because someone was racist to a relative of yours 100 years ago does not
mean you can now be prejudiced against their relative 100 years later.
Getting tired of your s**** people who do this (blacks and whites).

Chabrielle Jackson says:

I feel like a lot of people cry racism without really knowing it’s

Kuma El Negro says:

Thug looking black guy likes the “band” police…..come on son aliens not
even trying!

joe c says:

I thought they killed the last guy because he was gay. The truth isn’t as

NinjazNation says:

-“Would you let me go out with your daughter?”
*”Yes of course!”
-“Shoots him”

Evol Sama says:

Why isn’t Keegan holding the gun sideways? He’s not black, HE’S AN ALIEN

C North says:

While I love the works of key and peele, and this video is funny, I’m
feeling like they base too many of their sketches around race. Don’t get
me wrong, I’m not offended in the slightest. It just seems to often be
centered around that one factor, and there’s already way too many black
comedians that do race centric stuff (most in fact), so it gets kind of old
hearing every single black comedian make comedy about race.

Most non black comedians get by successfully without making race centric
stuff, so it just begins to feel like a cheap crutch in comparison. 

Steven Till says:

*Happy Friday my Horde!*

Here’s a Friday funny for you. :)

Treyworld says:

That Police joke had me on the floor! XD

TheAgentAssassin says:

So you gotta get the car or what?

Fricken lazy asses

Arinze Ihezue says:

I haven’t even read the comments but I’m sure some white folks feel

TexasBassFishing says:

Lol that last guy was just a dumbass trusting them. 

Charm Asenime says:

LOL! Click on the video and watch if you want a good laugh!

#keyandpeele #comedycentral 

Duane Elliott says:

ROMAN nice one!

João Rita says:

Damn aliens and their cunning disguises…

KuroiHato69 says:

I am Black and I found this uncomfortably racist….. I know it is meant
in humor and I love Key and Peele but hmmmmmmmm……

Justin Mohareb says:

I adore me some K&P.

Thibault Fleurance says:

didn’t get the ‘of course it is’ ?

Zaver Boy says:

Just make a damn movie already 

Alex R says:

Haha paused to buffer at 1:24. I can already see where this is going haha

Shift4g says:

Would you let me date your daughter? OF COURSE!!!

Eduardo Salguero says:

Dear god, they keep getting better #keyandpeele 

Asad Naqvi says:


Swazuly Zuly says:

Disappointed that they didn’t start screaming about Liam Neesons at the

deathsblossom says:

This video is so racist. Just because they’re black doesn’t mean they’ll
murder the man who invites them into his safe commune, kill a man who
invites them to date his daughter, kidnap at gunpoint the first girl they
come across, kill a brotha in a gang dispute, leave an old helpless man to
fend for himself, and commit murder just to steal some dude’s car. Why
couldn’t it justa been about two men trying to survive the alien invasion,
regardless of race?! Disgusting. 

Sol Ancan says:

some people might think this is really funny… mostly privileged white
people who don’t know what its like to live in a poverty ridden dirtshack
ghetto. Yet in reality, we (white people) need to stop our racism against
black people. We can laugh about it, sure, but what will you say when the
next police officer shoots a black kid for no reason other than his color?
Affirmative action is a start, but we need to do more. 50%
black attendance at universities. 50% of Congress needs to be black. 50%
of billionaires need to be black. Until we achieve this, all white people
are racists. 

Mahmod Mokhtar says:

black people are not creative in there material they always depend on how
the white people make them slaves 100 years ago even race comedy that black
people use are from white people works…. im not white im not even
American i just love good comedy 

HonestlyHonesty says:

I am gay and i find this offensive.

Wasan Suttikasem says:

I don’t understand the “Emily’ part.

Kirari Ruby says:

OK this makes me smirk but not enough to makes laugh…

IAmTheMetalOne says:


Anonymously Anonymous says:

“Would you let me take your daughter?”
“Of couse!!!!!!!”
>BANG!< Lol!!!! P/S: The last dude was Gay that's why he was shot lmao. "alien". #madTV #KeyandPeele #ComedyCentral #lol 

Dave blair says:

Wow, this CGI is surprisingly remarkable. Props to you guys.

Shonen Hikada says:

If the white girl had a name like Laquisha would they have killed her ?

Afistnu says:

Key and Peele Z (DayZ) :)

eueu says:

“What’s your name?”
– “Emily”
“Of course it is.”


Brandon Clark says:

OMG is that the guy from wkuk

Alexander Addams says:


Nenchi says:

lol thats a shame

Everest Boii says:

I said….. (*Looks around*).

Thumbs up if you remember that skit

Chad Beaudin says:

“Would you let me date your daughter?”

Key & Peele – Alien Imposters

Altair Ibn-La Ahad says:

Whats your name?
Of course it is


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