If You Dont Believe Watch This- Recent Mass UFO Sightings 2011

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Demand the truth!


dementedp says:

Anyone has seen something similar and was not able to record it?

Archie M Ticehurst says:

Well with the Norwegian lights I heard it was just a different version of
the northern lights with the magnetic field acting funny or something.
(Don’t quote me on it though) 

Jacob tone says:

It is all bullshit, They did it by their own it is HAARP. NOTHING ELSE

jairtzinio says:

the spiral in the sky thing was done by projection, it was debunked a while
back when someone gave an example of how it works

anthony moore says:

the first ufo in china was probably just a mystery box

ParanormalEvidence01 says:

Don’t wish on meeting them ,, They are here and always have been.. I kinda
hope to know when they are out before I die. I just want to say ” I told
You So” Most of the sightings are bullshit and the ones from the Pilots I
like, because they are more creditable than anyone. Although I believe what
you have seen…

Way to many people have seen and described then even from 36 AD to present.
The meaning of “the writings are on the wall” which are similar engrave
into stone from Chile to Uzbekistan way to much for a coincidence.

It has allot of validity. the earth is practically a new born compared
to the billion year old planets which have been around . like more
experience. I suspect that we will find a Planet similar to ares and lets
see the type of species they ours. It will re-write history and religion..
Instead of a Tattoo of Jesus it will be a Tatt of a Alien Snatch on my arm 

Albion Man says:

7:04. “Disclosure is very close”. Still waiting, guys, still waiting…

Montano Hanamishi says:

Wait, i was there, But I didn’t saw that happening…

Ricco Fonz says:

I am an alien. Hello. I live among humans and I also poop

Massimo Osti says:

The first one in Cina was the back of the Millenium Falcon just about to go
into light space, you know what I’m saying is true :).

bluebeard2011 says:

id be more worried about the Godzilla under it the first one has a Godzilla
under it

PeacefullWarrior194 says:

UFO in China is not UFO it is a rocket launch you idiots lol!!!

Nathan Manabat says:

The Area 51 caller called the show to tell them that what he said earlier
was a fake. But the part with the transmission being lost was NOT A FAKE.

sevven1 says:

I call Bullshit.

Dan Tone says:

I go with manmade hoax…..

rroobboo999 says:

Relax guys, it was my Grand Pa, visiting me 

Rastislav Palugyay says:

Hey Google, this youtube and google+ comments linking needs some more
tweaking. It’s a mess. :D

tyjghjghhh says:

seeing that human beings like to hate, enslave and kill each other out of
pure willful ignorance and lack of love and compassion to each other
because everyone looks different, acts different, have difference of

i would blow this fucking world up except for few hundred people
and teach them to love each other and teach their children the same,

restart new human evolution of THE MIND, the spirit.
IF i was the UFO and a nice one that doesn’t want to conquer the earth,
but want to end the misery for humans Faster than what they will do

darrenburnfan says:

If the frantic; hysterical and fearing for his life supposed ex-Area 51
worker at 8.15 was genuine, it seems that what he described was going to
happen very soon. But the recording was made in 1997, 17 years ago and
nothing’s happened yet.

Jahsim Williams says:

Believe able

Luise Billones says:

The spiral light thing real could have been worm hole or a star dieing

robert teran says:

that dude on the phone was really fuckin annoying

Decebal825 says:

yep sure i believe an uneducated Christian host on Fox News that a rocket
is definitely a ufo.go back to re-reading your 500 year old book

Guillermo Calderon says:

Idc if believe me or not.
April 19, of this year. Round 11 close midnight, i was head to my place
after leaving family gathering when i saw a very strange bright rainbowish
lights sky brighter than moon. It was fly low and slow but i wasnt near. It
was just.. Just gliding for bit then stops at mountains of san fernando (
those who live in Southern California) and it just stopped and started to
dance around lil on sky and then stops again. Starts going down like
landing on mountains, and it did. I recorded it for quiet while but lost it
after went behind mountains. If only i had better camera and had
opportunity. I would have followed it all way and publish it for you all to
see close hand what it is and whom they are. But i will next time. Strange
things are happening more and more beyond our atmosphere. For those who
dont believe in outsiders of this planet. Then you must have your reasons.
But be clear. If there are galaxies, there are planets, if there are
planets, then some have water, if that so then that could mean there is
life. Why we havent met them first hand could be do to shadow government,
or something else. If only there was hint 

miguel blanca says:

6:20 it’s like a group of people sky diving

Iker DeLaRosa says:

Disclosure is very close…….HAHAHAHHAHA

Fabian Patrick says:

why does Art say “discharge” before transmission was lost? #makesOneWonder

Doc Arty says:

Gives me goosebumps

silverhairedoldlady says:

Fake or not it’s fun to watch!

semirobl says:

Fuck Alien fuck evil God is the greatest I ain’t scared shit God is Bigger
stronger smarter he will protect uss.

Lajan Luke says:

That is so stupid i am not dumb you may have lot of views and likes but
what about the dislikes cant ignore that cause this is a piece of messed up

Raido Nato says:

that spiral stuffs really stun me…!

Joshuah Grate says:

I do believe in UFOs but the music here is really unnecessary and in fact
very annoying.

Actheman1978 says:

Has there been an explanation on the Jerusalem light? That is one of the
most convincing shots I’ve ever seen in regard to this subject.

Rob St G says:

Its more than likely there will be mass global event that will drastically
reduce our species population. Whether it is an external or internal
trigger is largely irrelevant as the need for depopulation to save the
planet and its eco system is unarguable and therefore an almost necesscity
for the continution of life on this little old space rock

Mohamed Anas says:

What is the song in this video called that goes dada Dada da 

109Fox says:

6:15 Its an AT Field!

Bailey lateu says:


micheal ufo says:

nice vid…check out my sightings of 2014 on my channel got some amazing

maxmanmanus says:

Well they were U.F.Os because it means Unidentyfied Flying Objects, and
they were…

junior perez says:

they come in peace

james hoey says:

The spiral was just a military missile test the rocket failed and it
created a spiraling affect and the black hole was a shockwave when the
missile exploded and it almost hit a mans it is on YouTube look it up

Young Steve says:

Where is your god now ?…

rufio stow says:

How I wish these ufos were intelligent aliens but most likely not.

Kaleb Rhodes says:

I don’t think it could just be us humans in this one galaxy or really any
galaxy I do not think we are alone

Claudia Gonzalez says:

its the government that makes these things to confuse the world so they
wont believe in Jesus return. theirs no such thing as aliens. their are
demons that can make these things happen and Satan whom is a liar and a
deceiver .

GamingJax says:

California 2011 looks like transformers lol

rawgasmiclove says:

Maybe these creatures will have an apetite for human… then finally all
these heartless meat eaters will know what it feels like to be food…

Karl Hart says:

I hope that call is a hoax for all our sakes

K S RAM says:

Strange things before the second comin warn us to get prepared.

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