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A spooky compilation of supposedly “real” Aliens, Demons, Hybrids and more.. I cannot say for certain this is actual proof, but some of these clips sure gave…


Katie Adams says:

looks like i’m not going to sleep tonight thanks a lot

Theresa VanHoose says:

I seen this on youtube, it is kinda hard to figure out if its real or not.
What do you think about it?

Blaine Brubaker says:

Dude, I hate these, they’re going to give me nightmares now……..

Joel Rudey says:

While I believe that there’s plenty of life, intelligent and not, I don’t
believe we’ve ever been visited by any. Even the most advanced life out
there would find travelling the unimaginable distances it would require to
visit even their nearest neighbor. The nearest star to earth for example
is almost 5 light years away….or 30,000,000,000,000 miles away. That
means that even if we found a way to travel at over a million miles per
hour….which is fast enough to circle the earth 40 times, at a million
miles per hour, it would still take you over 3,000 years to get there. and
that’s just to our nearest star! The distance to the closest planet even
possible of sustaining life (not that it does, but the nearest one to meet
minimum requirements) is twice that far, about 60,000,000,000,000 miles,
with the closest planet to even remotely have earth like characteristics is
twice as far yet again, putting us 1,000,000,000,000,000 miles away, AND
STILL, there is every likelihood that that planet doesn’t have life worth
visiting. So do you see the problem here?

Lets assume the impossible, and say aliens have found a way to make matter
travel at the speed of light. Best estimates in science put our nearest
intelligent neighbor over 150 light years away. So even if the could defy
every law of physics and get a ship to go that fast, it would be a 300 year
round trip.

To me, there’s only 2 possibilities we’ve been visited. Either aliens have
learned to bend space using worm holes, in which case, this entire
universe, the potentially infinite number of other universes, not to
mention the infinite number of dimensions available to each of the infinite
number of universes, would be at their fingertips, and could be accessed at
will in seconds…..why come here? Or second, they’ve developed
teleportation,but that’s kind odf out because there’d be no need for space

My point is, even intelligent life has figured out a way to come visit us
in under a million years round trip (almost impossible in itself), the
challenges and resources alone would beg the question, “with the ability to
travel to the entirety of infinite universes and dimensions at will, why
visit us….and not just once as many claim, but thousands of times over

If just doesn’t make sense. 

short stack says:

I was forced to watch this by my friend ahhh

Tmaster says:

That alien in the tunnel was not fake!

Quickscope_me says:

one of the reasons why I live in the city

Sal G says:

They are not “aliens” they are demons…And when people realize what this
gov really has in store…You’ll wish you had your eyes open. This isn’t a
joke, so please don’t bash me. I am just trying to help tell the truth.
Love to all and God Bless xox

TheSheepDogPatriot1776 says:

And this is why I carry y gun with me at all times, Hey Mr. Alien dodge my

breanna ward says:

4:07 I SAW THIS THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

breezebro says:

How can you believe in intelligent life on other planets when we have so
little of it here on Earth?

solman own says:

gee thank for xylophone really helps scare the shit out of me

May Blackwire says:

Oh, god I didn’t need sleep anyway…hehe.. Clings to best friend

itisthefear says:

Most interesting thing is that those things are all similar in all theese
videos, seems pretty real; The one in the window and the one in the
firecamp were the ones i wasnt so sure of

Olsenatorrr says:

3:25 was the scariest one 

Ofir Alimi says:

These are not aliens, these are creatures that has lived on this planet way
before humans, and we still didn’t discover them and gave them names..
But I do bet that Nasa are keeping secrets from us about those special kind
of living creatures.

Don’t worry “aliens fans” there is more than 100% that aliens do exist, but
we will only get to meet them in a few hundreds of years.

Roxy Deavers says:

Hehe… I don’t need sleep anyways! 

Emily Wehrman says:

The tall one peaking from the corner gives me chills……….


the trick is to remember that most things feel pain when you kick it in the
face lol

jermaine lecomte says:

think of kitten’s think of kitten’s think of kitten’s.

RockRebel says:

I just done believe in aliens I think these are demons I am a very devout
Christian so that’s my opinion but they look very creepy lol :)

krstydklwn says:

why do i always have the need to watch videos like this at 3am

Mustang Rider says:

The 3rd one looks damn real

Josh Rodriguez says:


sinco demio says:

He looks really nice, I’m not sure about anyone else. But I want to pet him
really bad.

X_ZyaaH says:

OPEN YOUR EYES! we can’t go in red planet,and a planet hidden in space can
reach our planet? nobody live this too long

Kieren Layton says:

2:45 – Reptilian 

Saiyan Han says:

they are real ?

Rhandy Ramirez says:

What happened to the guy recording did he survive or move or something

jammer 9617418 says:

2:41 omg

BarneyUltra says:

3:06 will give me nightmares.

commandkicker8 gaming says:


but no really I’m commenting on the first one and I’m scared shitless lol

Kylie Henkel says:

O_O now im not gonna sleep 3:12 is SO creepy, reminds me of slendy

Spumador says:

Perfect, now i can’t sleep 

Ali Ruhi Öztürk says:

They look like the infected in “I’m a legend”.

tonythetiger1004 says:

“Zoom in 200%”- You ass hole don’t do it! *Unable to look away

Heres to three sleepless nights going into my weekend to work, fuck you

Jayden Hill says:

Mutes Music Puts on Ice Cube

V12BigBlock says:

Gay aliens caught on tape (very scary!!)

Melvin Mushero says:

Out of all the monsterous being on planet earth i think the greys exist but
seriously were do all these monsters come from like yetis demons ghosts
Loch Ness sea monsters and el chupicabra lol

Emir Rehman says:

Man I watched so many scary videos but this video is the scariest and won’t
be able to sleep until I forgot these strange and scary creatures. 

yurii derev says:

cool sound effects at the end…seems legit

Benjamin Lord says:

Aliens are real if we are here there must be more out their

Lukas YT says:

I’m reading the comments right now and I think I’m not going to watch that
video. :D

нᴀᴌᴇуᴙᴇᴀᴌᴍᴤ says:

Damn o.o

Pieter Odendaal says:

3rd one is a lizard. I have good eyes.

Otto Luschinsky says:

one thing is certain … your life is strange

Hebrew Honey says:

These things are demons buddy..

Garrett Deleon says:

That thing must have traveled cuz people on this video commented they saw
it in Virginia and I don’t even live close to Virginia I like in San Diego
California and I saw that thing I’m my backyard at night when I was like 10
and I’m 15 now 

Elijah M. says:

thats real isint it

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