First Animal to Survive in Space

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Tardigrades or “Water Bears” are the only creatures that can survive the extreme conditions in the vacuum of outer space. Watch the comments response video h…


David J. James says:

Those “tardigrades”are probably spies from space, watching what we are
doing on behalf of the aliens. As if the NSA wasn’t enough invasion of
privacy. So whatcha gotta say about that now, Edward Snowden?

Georgiy Potulov says:

This is not an animal, but an organism.

DaCalicoKid says:

So there are different species of tardigrades. Do they all exhibit the same
traits and abilities? Curious. thanks!

DerpKid says:

killers. u guys sacrificed lives of ANIMALS just for dis experiment or
discovering things! U BRAINS ARE FCKED UP and it aint science its MAGIC

the_kameleon_plays says:

They can’t handle tempratures below -273,4 Celcius, becaus thats the
coldest temprature possible. Becaus you said that the can survive -300

Tim L says:

A male Tardigrade injects sperm into a female human… we would have a baby
that have Tardigrade abilities :D. (the baby might looks a bit (or a lot)

Boo Baa says:

Wow, that Tardigrade is awesome! It evolved to be able to withstand pretty
much anything. Makes me wonder why humans haven’t evolved so far ahead,
obviously we haven’t had as long to evolve as the tardigrade, maybe in a
few million years humans will be super smart, super tall and pretty much
immortal, assuming we’re still around of course :)

Duncan Walpole says:

Can we fuck it?

Charles Cobb says:

Step 1: gather thousands if not millions of these
Step 2: Launch into space
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit

gespilk says:

We get stuck on things and ideas.That is what drives us. That is what makes
the civilisation we have.
If we let go and live in the moment we will be animals.

LastCynicStanding says:

Bacteria are all considered animals and most of them can survive in space.
Are there any editors at VICE or are you all just dumb drunk hippies with a
blank check do just make shit up?

Gabriel Arama says:

I’m not sure if this can be called an animal, but this organism can survive
very low and very high temperatures, radiation and other harsh conditions
that allows it to also survive in the vacuum of outer space. And because is
so different than anything else on Earth it might be from outer space.

mad max says:

I was in space once..

Youtube Comments Suck says:

If someone says ‘that comment sucked’ they’re gay

Jarred Leverton says:

I love that we go from sound science and take a sharp 90 degree turn into
“Did Tardigrades come from space? Maybe!”

For the record, I’m putting all my money on “No. No they did not.”

Asia Angel says:

You are good human and earth need your kind..

Ashley Clarke says:

We didn`t get to hear what the little critters sounded like

Rudolf de Lang says:

#animals #creature
A very special and brave little creature :)

JackFrost says:

Oh shit, we’re so fucked if these things evolve.
Imagine a 10 feet Tardigrade running around a city, destroying everything
in its path.

ProductionBandit says:

are all animals subjected to these 120 degree; vast amounts of atmospheric
pressure reactions etc reactions? and whats the relevance of the acceptance
speech at the end? 

certified30 says:


jdogsful says:

I have a theory, based off other theories. Tardigrades dont originate on
earth. They are already prevalent throughout the universe. The are a
species older than earth. Tardigrades are responsible for seeding complex
life in the universe through panspermia, and evolution based on the
conditions of each specific environment on different planets they collide
with. If it finds a planet that is already forming complex bacterias and
other microbes, a type of symbiotic evolution occurs where the tardigrade
and bacteria perpetuate each others existence by providing each other
sustenance through death and birth, until a diversity starts to form, and
the template vertebrate begins to meta-morph into entirely new species,
along with bacteria, eventually creating the genetic diversity we see on

Truthseeker1961 says:

And remember kiddies, if you’re TARDY in School, you get bad GRADES.

Riemann Hypothesis says:

0:10 “… and perfect vacuum is in space”. Uhm.. no theres no such thing as
perfect vacuum.

PaneMaxPain says:

We call the Travelling in the speed of light, as the “Warp Drive”. It’s
like Teleporting from a place to another, but the direction is always
forward and backward.

its2in0the1numbers1 says:

Seriously, it can stand -459 Fahrenheit. That’s 0 kelvin. I seriously doubt
that it can survive if all the atoms in its body stop moving.

Daniel The Incorrigible Singleton says:

The best evidence of extraterrestrial life can be found at your local park.
Meet the water bear. 

Bryant Langmuir says:

If they go into space, shouldn’t we call them “TARDIS-grades”.

Pixelrelated says:

Biggest problem with tardigrades coming from space: tardigrades CAN’T live
in space, they can become tuns in space. Big difference. If a tardigrade
doesn’t become a tun, it WILL DIE in space. The only reason they don’t die
is because they eject all of the liquids from their body except for about
1%. It’s not like tardigrades could be clinging to a meteor and eat at the
same time. Also, re-entry of a meteor exceeds well over 304 degrees
Fahrenheit, so they would die.

pspppe says:

My question is… how many of them are there on the planet? and what is the
rate of growth for their species?
I don’t want these species replacing humans any time soon…

David J. James says:

If they can survive on Jupiter, then they probably came from Jupiter. I
blame these Jupiterians for controlling the banks and media and everything.
Now I see how they are doing it, and there’s nothing jovial about it.

Casual Alien says:

No I want life to change. I want to see other planets be colonized, I want
to see life on other planets. The sad truth is that these are things that I
will not experience in my life, unless some group of scientists come up
with some way to terraform planets and traveling faster than anything
possible at the moment.

paradoxed says:

So before our form of life on earth there were around 5 different types of
life that started to evolve before they were wiped out and life some how
started again millions of years later. So what if this was a life form that
isn’t related to us or any of our ancestors, and was just 1 life form that
survived as earth changed into how it is today? o.O

Walkman. says:

1. take the DNA of tardigrades.
2.use your preferred DNA customizing tool, and change the x, y and z
3.use special 100x formula for 100x the fun.

Bobby Fletcher says:

what happens if you hydrate them with a little vodka?

Clearoot - Editor and player says:


Jae Prince says:

tardigrades are in your body. That itch you get out of nowhere.

Helder Seba says:

We’re all from space.

Sila Sirivan says:

will it survive “momentum”??? (smash hammer)

paulflute says:

Wow.. He’s identified a fully enlightened Buddha Tardigrade..
Impressive bit of microscopy.. ;9)
Seriously though.. very nice vid.. Well done..
mostly for showing that anybody can step out side in this amazing planet we
share and discover something new and fascinating..

SurrealKeenan says:

desmond the moon bear!

westben2000 says:

I know this is going to sound dumb (and believe me it is) but the thumbnail
pic of a Manatee in a spacesuit

i’ll go sit in the corner for being an idiot

Azad Kaya says:

Strong words at the end of the video! Facinating! 

Kresimir Kolumbic says:

Looking at them makes me wonder if we can move the scale between us and put
it above humans and have some such “bigger” creatures whom we’re not aware
of. Given how the scale is “huge”, no matter what ever we do we will never
be able to know. FOCK

DerpKid says:

they live on moist preferebly moss. try to get moss and put some water
leave it over night

Johnny Luken says:

Is the tardigrade santa claus?

Ross stewart says:

“Maybe they came from space if they can withstand it,” – LOGIC

Piggsy Lamb says:

Time to start terraforming just send them to the caverns in Mars and other
known worlds/moons the only risk is they may decimate alien life forms or
help them flourish what about their oxygen requirements?? can the be
genetically modified?

Woodlouse in design and movement

ralucagymnast says:

These and cockroaches and small rodents which burrow deep underground would
be the only likely survivors of a nuclear war.

quentin gongora says:

Dr. nozman

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