Earth’s 10 Most Mysterious Events

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The weirdest things that happened throughout the history… (12/2012) Click below to unlock the power of YouTube and become a member of Hybrid’s community at…


Radcrafter3952 says:

Number 8 the hum answer. That hum sounded like the government sound cannon
HAARP which is known to alternate weather patterns and quite possibly loud
enough to make a vibration that could cause “the end of the world”. This
cannon is also known to kill humans.

Roxy Lalonde says:

I have been watching these videos for 7 hours

Mike* says:

strange as it seems I Once was Attacked by a Real U.F.O. one night I was
sleeping and woke up from a Loud Humming Noise I Looked Out my Window and
seen a Round Disc that Looked very High tech” spinning around very fast and
it didn,t Seem to even move an inch” when all of a Sudden it shined a Green
Light onto my Forehead…Well..? the Next thing I knew I was in a Straight
Jacket being Taken away to a Nice Quiet Room with Lots of
Medications!~O:”= Help…?

Bossatronio Boss says:

this is REALLY WEIRD!!! about 3 years ago i was just surfing the internet
and then i heard a VERY VERRY loud noise amd my computer screen started
shaking an my mouse shocked my hand! it was going on for about 3 seconds
then i got a head ache for about 15 mins or so… this is so weird im
scared of it happening again!!! ;(

dubeights says:

add flight 370 to the list

Cal Halladay says:

Great stuff

Mc Playa says:

the malaysia airline plane 2…..

DocHollowDay says:

A few others are New Mexico, USA around 1983 a body was found in the
desert. A man in his 40’s still had his wallet, clothes and even keys to
his truck which was parked on his drive way… in Utah. How he got there
isn’t what’s weird its how he died. Dried blood around his mouth and nose,
also (when you die you got the bathroom) there blood in both samples of
“evacuation” but no wounds other than a very small hole around the size of
a Philips head screw driver in his stomach. The autopsy revealed his
internal organs were a mess. Like some thing scrambled his insides. Heart,
kidney, lungs, liver, colon and stomach were all torn to shreds and massed
in ball. How that happened from an entry wound no bigger than the size of a
pencil? No one knows. But they also noticed his back bone had been broken,
as if he fell from a tall place but with no cliffs or ledges around his
body nor any footprints this was left up to a murder mystery although UFO
believers claim it be proof towards there theories saying he was picked up,
killed, examined and then thrown out. But that’s up for debate.

A more well documented one was the radio call regarding someone who used to
work at Area 51. He says he was let go on medical discharge which sounds
like he could have been a soldier or personal guard who are known to have
information about what they see as they are on gag orders. Why have gag
orders stating the release of any information will result in punishment of
prison or even charged with treason and punishable by death. He comes on
frantic and crying, saying how the military learned there is other life out
there and they are watching us. Trying everything in their power to not
reveal their recon drones to our presence, scouting us so they can attack
us some day as he says “very soon” and harvest our planet’s resources. That
is why they haven’t made contact. As he is saying this the radio goes off
air, the entire broadcast go out. Like the satellite went down. So it
wasn’t just their radio station but every radio station on that broadcast.
After some time a man comes on and says he was the one who called and said
it was a joke although he can’t explain why the radio signal went out but
it sounds nothing like the original caller and Art Bell’s radio show
started having something like caller ID, they are switch boards and the
person who called claiming it was him and it was a prank call had NONLIST
show up which doesn’t normally happen on switch boards with tracers its a
direct line that shows the area, unlike when you block a regular call it
only blocks caller ID you can’t block an actual signal or phone line. The
show aired all over the US, Mexico and Canada so they had the switch board
to tell who was calling and if someone had called from a same place. The
person who first called had an area (Art Bell couldn’t reveal what the
address but the location was New Mexico) Now Art Bell explains, had the
original caller been a nonlisted ID and the guy claiming to be him saying
its a prank had a regular area it wouldn’t make any sense if it was true
he’s just a soldier who probably moved after he wasn’t stationed there
anymore, for the person claiming to be the prank caller to be nonlisted is
really scary cause if someone had the power to shut down the radio
broadcast, they could easily block a signal and they would want you to
believe its a prank. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.


Luis Fernando Lopez says:

At 6:18 is Megalodon ?

Kio Genesis says:

1:43 he looks demented

Jesus Munoz says:

I hear the hum, I think it is just electricity when it is absolutely quite,
no TV, voices, no anything, then the hum

lalagirl211 says:

The missing plane in malaysia is mystery too

Varuni Khanna says:

For the blue whale thingy thang one (sorry i forgot the name) it could be
mermaids having a screaming competition..or nah, but i was watching this
documentary a while back and it said that when the meteor that killed
dinosaurs hit the earth, monkeys existed at that time and some of them were
thrown into the water. Like we evolved on land and got body parts like a
thumb, the ones that were thrown in water could have somehow survived, and
developed body parts like a fish tail…idk it was pretty stupid…I’m
being stupid too, but it’s 2:30 in the morning, so idc

ShredderCraft says:

My opinion on the events in this video, 10, The woman could have had some
unknown disease, which could cause violent reactions. 9, It could be
aliens, but since there was there wasnt any cameras up there, and only the
crew and the controllers saw what happened on the radar, we cant jump to
conclusions. 8, Could be just surrounding sounds all mixed into one loud
sound, like cars or airplanes, or it could be the ground moving rapidly,
like an earthquake. 7, They could have been attacked by some animal, maybe
someone found them and attacked, or an avalanche. 6, could be some nuclear
weapon, possibly some submarines in the ocean or some unknown sea creature.
5, He may have been dreaming, or being sucked through a wormhole, or some
unknown force carried him halfway across the world in a matter of second.
4, absolutely amazing, it probably is a satellite like object far outside
our solar system, which could pick up radio frequencies, 3, is most likely
a meteor or comet that exploded upon entering our atmosphere, and was large
enough to cause the shockwave. 2, most likely a unknown sea creature large
enough to produce the sound. 1, it could be an unrecognized supernova, or a
large gas cloud that engulfed the earth. Also i just realized what day this
video was posted on, 12/21/12

jhhwild says:

I have a new mysterious even that literally just happened, I had a
toothpick in my mouth and I dropped it on the ground but I cannot find it
no matter how hard I look as if it disappeared from the face of the
planet! What the heck? It must have been dropped into a mini black hole
or something, it is a complete mystery!

Mkxiong says:

#7 Obviously its called “AVALANCHE” Aint no Unknown Force =____=

D.R.A.P.E.R. says:

Disappointed…thought the birth of Chuck Norris would be #1 XD

PrismSkateboarding says:

not to sound like a crazy guy but some of these could well be aliens
because the universe is so huge that there must be other planets that can
support life (possibly a different type of life that lives off stuff that
we don’t) and whose to say that they wouldn’t be more intelligent then us
and they could easily have spacecraft that is capable of traveling at
speeds great enough to visit earth and then leave again. or maybe even
teleportation (I wish). I hope you like my rant. thanks for reading

oh and also about the whale sound loud thing, like 90% or something of the
ocean is undiscovered so a super loud big fish whale thing that breaths
through gills and likes to scream could well exist.

SomeRandomShyguy says:

one of my biggest mysstery is the missing waffle in my bedroom :P

TheFenway21 says:

The Hum sounds… familiar. Like a certain… box?

ganstergamer115 says:

yeah i just finished watching this and i now realize i have to go to bed in
10 minutes…i love bad really -_-

MichaeLBeckTV says:

You would understand all of this events if you would read a bibel. #Realtalk
i knowvwhat i am talking about peace.

Amber Schelling says:

I should really stop watching videos like these, they scare me that the
world will end because of them, but I watch them anyway.

Vic Epic says:

Answer to the last question [IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN WHAT I AM ABOUT TO
SAY, PLEASE DO NOT READ.]: The answer comes right away when you hear about
The Cross in the skies of Britain. It was God sending a message about The
Savior that would come. If you disagree with some of this, please let me

PukekoKiwi says:

The toxic lady isn’t really toxic, it is the nocebo effect. Where your mind
and body affects others.

Alana Laverty says:

The Hum, pretty sure we experienced that. For at least 2 days there was
buzz or hum, almost like a car idling, but neither my husband or I could
find a source for the noise and it caused a bit of frustration because the
sound kept us awake at night for a few days. after a while it just stopped.

Alexander Gomez says:

#7: I believe that’s called an avalanche? Maybe 

Angel Storm says:

the tunguska event was said to be tesla’s invention

The Best Youtube Gamer says:

New mystery Malaysian plane crash not found

John Mcneil says:

i keep getting these high-pitched sounds in my ears, like the ones in CoD
or irl in the war when a huge explosion happens…

Diogo Pinto says:

10 already has a few plausible causes, just search the Wikipedia page.
Apparently when they defibrillated her it turned her “home remedy” dimethyl
sulfoxide in her blood into a deadly toxic gas, dimethyl sulfate.

Sami Niemi says:

number 8 was so freaky!

j callaghan says:

The guy that appeared in mexico, obviously fell through a wormhole of some

Phillip Saffold says:

scientists dont know this scientists dont know that scientists dont know
anything! and what thay do know thay dont want to admit… that GOD is

lovelykitty54 says:

The explanation of all this is ALIENS! Every body STOP researching!!
US!!!! AHHHH!!!!!

John Ralph says:

Well im from Philippines (Manila) and i dont even know Gil Perez !

Iris Supple-Still says:

things like this scare me…

Seraph Blitz says:

Lol because of Number 2, I am now afraid to go on a cruise

TroublingMink59 says:

The Tunguska event was caused by tesla coils…duh…discovery channel

hanan gellany says:

major cross…..? I don’t want to sound dump but…..does anyone fell like
its connected to Jesus/Christianity?

Jonathan Joseph says:

case u guys havent noticed there are stranger things hapening on earth and
i can name one
so one day im just watching some family guy and eating a burger then the
coputer just cuts out in my face then theres a big shake that LITERALY took
me downstairs and flapped the doors open and when i look in the sky there a
fucking white line going straight across and inside the line is BLACK and
this way happening at sometime near 3:00 pm it was so frightening then the
shaking is still going on im like wtf???? then i could feel the earth
LITERALY going upside down like i could acualy fel the world spining the i
get hit in the face with a rock then i wake up the next morning asking my
girlfriend wat happened and she wont reply i asked my friends and they
pretended like nothing happened and im still like scared outta my fucking
brains when i talk about it

Daniel P. says:

Santa is an alien

Quarty says:

#3 is not a mystery at all.
It WAS an asteroid that hit a forest in Siberia in 1908, it flattened trees
for thousands of miles, but luckily nobody got hurt.

fastimes420 says:

your brain in a powerful thing…. if you want to hear “the hum” you will
its all in your head

Ohio Gamer says:

In Delaware, Ohio….

Brandon Schulz says:

+Vic Epic
I believe you. That’s actually really smart! It sucks though that I can
tell people are gonna comment stuff like: “God’s not real!” Or stuff like

Aries Core says:

No# 8 i’ve hear that sound when i was playing football with my friends
outside… that soundslike a thrombone/trumphet or something like a ship
sirens but came on the sky and it’s so loud like it’s near on you.. it’s
impossible a ship because our house is nearby the mountains and no sea or
lakes there only forests and it’s not a car or bus because like what i’ve
said we’re living nearby forests so our place is rural and not even a
factory because there are no near plant or factory i our place….

grex120000 says:

Nothing about the Mothman…

Almantas Vainauskas says:

Continuous money disappearances from government budgets, will soon be
labelled as mysterious events too.

Isaiah Davis says:

#2 what is the name of that big sea monster under that ship?

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