Best UFO Sightings Of June 2012, AFO

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Comments palm says:

I have videos of presidents, air force officers, generals & astronauts all
admitting aliens & their space crafts are here.I know how to literally
bring the aliens right to me & I‘m going to do it as soon as I get the
funds.See the truth about the aliens explained better than ever before at
my free website alienspaceshipidentified Google search engine. I swear if
you read the entire website & watch all of the video evidence you will
understand the truth about the aliens.

DaGingerHeadMan says:

Funny that nobody can seem to focus a camera correctly on these objects.
If they could focus correctly, we could all see the hoax better.
Nice images of Chinese lanterns in the beginning.
The last object didn’t move right in respect to the background. It was
added to the footage. An obvious hoax.
Why I came to the weirdo part of YouTube is my own fault.

Félix Lecompte says:

Most popular reasons for these ”UFO” = Drones, Weather Balloons,
Satelites reflecting sun light. And of course, my good old friend, Adobe

DocHollowDay says:

You want to know the truth about aliens? You must understand they have the
ability to travel far distances across space. They go explore, looking at
other planets and observing them. In the same way you would go on a road
trip or vacation but more closely similar to explorers. Imagine the
universe as seen from their point of view. You go out exploring or go on a
trip. You hear about an area largely populated by violent, disgusting
creatures who have no common goal but instead only care for themselves.
They live together in the same place but they all worship colored pieces of
paper that they slave over in order to obtain things. This over attachment
to this form of currency causes them to kill, attack and steal from one
another. Despite this currency holds no real value, they have stacks of the
same exact thing spread all over their world, almost like it’s trash. They
often fight over petty things like beliefs, the color of their bodies and
land. Some of these creatures have been known to do horrible things such as
eat or rape their own kind. They slaughter other creatures that are
inferior to them. They rather waste resources on items they don’t need or
weapons, which they use to kill each other. This attention to creating
useless items and weapons means they lack the technology to leave their
world. Should you get close, they’ll attempt to destroy your vessel and cut
you open to explore your insides. They will use your vessel or learn the
secret to travel, in which their evil will no longer be contained.

Now… would you land and say hello? NO! Face it, Earth is the ghetto of
the universe. Roll up the windows and keep moving. The day Earth has peace
will be the day the humans are wiped out.

Damiaan Moors says:

yes there is complex Alien life (multi-cellular organisms) in space alot we
have seen several planets capable of containing life as i said above
multi-cellular, but no, i don’t think they have reached our planet, 1 we
have hundreds of satelites swarmnig the earth and stations on earth
watching the skies, they would surely get alarmed and take measures and
they would NEVER let them fly through our air. and why would aliens even
make such a show of themselves, we would probably shoot them outta the air,
and why just 1/2/3 ships when going to a totally new planet with unknown
INTELLIGENT lfieforms capable of attackign them and maybe even destroying
them while on our planet. Think people, think, just use your brain, and
when you are capable of using your brain you will realize that it’s just
total nonsense. and it would take many millions or billions or more LIGHT
years to reach us, they would probably not fly with the speed of light :p
so by the time they’d reach us they would have had many millions of
generations. what about feeding, hydrating. you can’t keep so many life
forms alive in such a journey. just THIIINK. I’m sorry to break your
illusion but at the same time I’m totally not sorry.
And I could give many, many, many more reasons why it couldn’t be and
wouldn’t make sense. And i can tell you what you DID see.

randomshittutorials says:

You must be realy stupid to believe this crap XD

Alex kastrup says:

6:11 SERIOUSLY?! That’s a fucking Helicopter!

OpenGL4ever says:

@2:54 This is not a UFO. This is a satellite or the ISS.

You can clearly see that, satellites and the ISS are flying in a straight
line over the horizon. And it is the sun that light them up. This of course
can only work in the evening or morning, when the ground is already in the
earths shadow.

Juna Stevens says:

Aliens = Fallen Angels! Awake! The bible is true!!! This are not kind
little grey monsters who will rescue the planet! Dont belive this crap!!!
Research!!!!! Aliens = Fallen Angels!!!!!

FIRSTconcentrate says:

Extraterrestrials know that “life was given for joyfulness” and that real
joy comes from the soul. We therefore need to protect the soul. But how? By
doing the inner work and by dodging the most powerful weapons of darkness,
two of which are drugs and orgasms. Here’s the proof: ;)

pgice says:

60 years with blurred photos of that they cant learn to adjust
the fucking focus yet ;)

Lana Larue says:

Be Wise. Watch your Skies. ;-)

Luca Etruscan says:

Fuck these UFO?
Spaceships made ​​in the form of jellyfish, or poop hare, and other crap
like that!

MAMMAMIA ! But who the hell have as an artist?

I offer myself as cosulente Italian style design 

David Entrikin says:

I need your comments; this trips me out.

Nick lind says:

some of them are real

Valdakyr says:

Aliens want to be on youtube toooo

awesomejohnnet says:

Cars driving down a mountain road

ClumsyRoot says:

Are you kidding me?

FullCircleStories says:


-JoWo- MovieZ says:

….and the last one was flown by Darth Vader :D

skyler mutziger says:

lol the term ufo is such an ignorant term we need to think of a better term
and identify each flying object by their origin the former canadian
minister of defense admits theres over 16 different races that have been
visiting us and 4 have been visiting us for thousands of years so what the
hell why the ignorance just admit were not alone big fucking deal itll
destroy creationists hold with their christian views and we wont have the
ignorance of people calling them works of the devil and this and that not
like we know which are malevolent and which are benevolent but whatever
cant tell that with humans wither but the fact remains we arnt alone and
calling them ufos is just stupid 

MrGImBIS says:

4:59… WOWOWO ! This is a reflect of a lamp in a window !
6:28… are you kidding me ? It’s writted, on the original video,
“PALANTINE / FRANCE”. And on this text, there is writted “Palatine,
Illinois, USA”. Are you dumbass ? 

david entrikin says:

Really the best.

Kai Fox says:

#Made In China!

Knowledge Power says:

drones fools

Bernhard Nahrgang says:

*my favorites are at 3:48 and 6:28 – what are yours?*

Daryl Kuzyk says:
Bruce Chang says:

We are not along。

Mirage Abeysekara says:
Matty James says:

I have seen such similar lights over an airbase near Oxford england , when
all the british and american bombers took off to bomb libya BACK IN THE
BOMBINGS……………..had nothing to do with me……………..ALL I

brahim ahrouan says:

why is this shit only happens in USA???????????????????????

Karen Grainger-Allen says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube: UFO This time last year 2012 June
brilliant catchment 

Paul Hammer says:

I think you find they blimps with lights inside the same thing happened to
me off the coast of Australia fooled me as well till i got up close.

AgShaidun Hacker says:

6:42 The UFO just dissappear

Jassmin Salvador says:

Best UFO Sightings Of June 2012, AFO

Graham Boreham says:

June seems to be a busy month for objects seen in the sky, perhaps due to
favourable weather. These are some of the most clear and genuine-looking
videos ive seen;researched to prove their validity. Quite astonishing the
mixed variety of vehicles. The way some morph looks very familiar and with
no technological frame of reference on earth, leaves you wondering that if
they are faked, why keep selecting a morphing type that make no sense?!


Up in the sky, oh my its a your relatives lol. Get out the good china.

Watson Fitts says:

Background music stuck in my head. Bummed that I’m never going to know what
it is. If anyone knows what that buttery beat is called, lemme know

Henry Pufahl says:

2:57 Airplane I see its wings

5ugarful says:

UFO =/= Aliens ; These are just human things, but we can always dream ;-)

Sempethy Studios says:

Do you guys think there’s been a general decrease in UFO sightings over the
last decade? I feel like with ihphones and all that, there should be a lot

yz450223 says:

great footage of balloons floating with some of military flares,, you
know,show up one at a time,float there without moving, then vanish one at a
time in the order they showed up,ive seen many,,,,flares anyways

David Kokua says:


Mike Hevalow says:

What is the name of this song

Gourab Biswas says:

seems aliens have more interest in usa

David Alderete says:

So you people think that we are alone in this universe???? I seen a 2 ufos
playing in the sky like 6years ago but couldn’t tape it ..I just watch it
.. I didn’t tell no one because no one will belive me … 

AlertCow3 says:

Even if these are fake do you not think that there is one single piece of
life out there in a different galaxy?

Marbas Zg says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Ufo Leaks says:

Ufo Sightings June 2012. Ufo sightings #compilation. (7min) /// /// #Ufoleaks #Ufohunters #skywatchers #Ufo #Orbs
#Sightings #AnonymousFO #Afo

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