Are We Ready For Aliens?

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David Hopkins says:

V I love your videos, I find your subjects fascinating even if I’m not
entirely at one with your conclusions. (I feel like your a tad pessimistic
some times) but I can’t listen to your videos more than once a day. The
pregnant pauses you use in your speech have a tendency to drive me up the
wall. Your a smart guy and I want to hear what you have to say but I often
feel like you pause in your speech to give me time to catch up and it makes
me feel like your talking down to me as if I can’t possibly be at your
level. I know it’s not on purpose or that your intent is to be irritating,
but I felt like I should make you aware. Your a great guy and I’ll keep
watching regardless of how you speak. I will power through!

luke metcalf says:

Alien: Hey humans! We’re gonna show where you were from, what the meanings
of the universe are and share technology!


Bradley Graves says:

Alien: Hey theres a planet down there let’s scout it out.
Alien 2: Yeah ok.

1 hour later

Alien: What a bunch of fucking idiots, worshiping a ‘magical’ bearded man
in the sky
Alien 2: I know right! Bunch of fuck wits!

BuIletForMyVaIentine says:

Am I the only person who think aliens won’t give a shit about us??

If they’re advanced enough to be travelling the cosmos and all we’ve done
is touched our only natural satellite a time or two and sent out a few
telescopes they’ll have no need for us whatsoever. The Earth will be to
them what an anthill is to us, devoid of any purpose to serve to them. They
might not even notice.

I think it’s very likely we’ve already been observed by an alien race just
for them to come to the conclusion that there is no intelligent life on
earth. They’ll probably view our religions, governments, currencies, etc.
as a sign that we are far less intelligent than they are. In fact we’d
probably be able to understand their societies and technologies as well as
a cat understands ours. 

Paul Sveg says:

Let’s say there is life out there but, and there’s a big but. What are the
odds that they are smart? Who said that they can nake a spaceship to come
here? Believe me the odds are low, the fact that they exist are low so what
are the odds that they are smart? I would say very low. As we are really
lucky to have intelligence there is no way there is something like us.

Nibar Nzar says:

Aliens might not exist because none of them did an experience and blown up
the universe :p , just sayn 

Robeon Mew says:

If I were an alien, and saw this planet, I would keep going. NEXT!

Sassybanana says:

what if aliens are not humanoid or not made of cells, what if they do not
communicate with words or any other signs we would recognize?

jon Doe says:

How come the face of Mars looked completely different? It looked nothing
like that in the first picture

Miguel Guzman says:

LOL, religious retards are raging hard about this. Why do you stuck up
cunts watch this shit in the first place? Dumbasses…

Moses Evangelistis says:

If we were to come into contact with extraterrestrial life (Intelligent).
Some crazy religious nut would attack them believing that they’re unholy,
then these aliens would completely annihilate us. Not that all religious
people are insane or anything, just need to make that clear.

CoolBeanz 47 says:

Is it just me… or Is it just me too like to know what Vsauces IQ is??? 😛
I’m taking a guess probably around the 150 to 160 range 😀 

VenomPrestige says:

Why in every alien movie ever the aliens are more technologically advanced
then us.

Fletcher DeMaine says:

I want to eat an alien. What would one taste like?

AltiSpinax5225 says:

I don’t know why aliens would want to hurt us, especially if they’re
theoretically more intelligent than us and are able to consider
consequences better.Think about it.

Alien 1 – Guys! Guys! I think I found a planet with life on it!
Alien 2 – This is a major discovery! We must tell everyone of it!
Alien 1 – That’s dumb. Ready the anti-matter destruction beams.

captaincookie25 says:

Well if it is true that we are alone who ever thinks that is dumb (sorry)
because its impossible that earth is the only thing in universe (or out
side if there is something out side), but what I think is that if there are
aliens they probably cant communicate with us, we are probably the most
modern things ever and the aliens are like in there stone age or ice age or
14 hundreds or under I bet only me and 3 other people have thought of that
and everyone else has just thought that we are the least modern thing ever.

Shiba Inus says:

No we are not ready for Aliens, we are not even able to see intelligent
live on our own earth and live with it. E.g Whales or not that long ago
people didnt saw the Native Americans as “Intelligent Live”

Adam Leverette says:

There are aliens out there, probably very far away, but, they probably
discovered computing and are trolling forums right now just like we do.

oscar martinez says:

what if there are intelligent aliens and dumb ones

FatAndAsian says:

What if the entire Alien population came to Earth, then they realized they
can’t breathe oxygen,
then just die and we take all of their weapons and their space twinkies?

xXLegit_FiruzXx says:

there might be aliens making a video like this, LOL!

kurasa otaku says:

Did anyone think of the possibility that aliens might be LESS developed?
Maybe they’re still just 1 celled organisms.

Stefan Caliaro says:


Daniel Thomas says:

My believe is that aliens even 100 years more advanced would be made out of
claytronic material that i dub bioclaytronics – basically programmable
matter that can change at will. They would be post biological. Perhaps they
would live in a virtual world much more interesting than exploring outer
space thus living in a vast inner space near the planet they evolved from.
Btw, if there made out of bioclaytronics they could live in any environment
and be the spaceship 

Barney Collington says:

I’m almost certain aliens would be indifferent to us, what do we offer?
Culture? We still have outdated traditions carried over from millennia.
Technology? If they got to earth they have already surpassed us. Resources?
They can just mine asteroids or uninhabited worlds or use nanotechnology to
make alternatives rather than waste energy on invasion and working against
gravity. A colony? Earth could house hundreds of billions of people if
managed intelligently and im willing to bet any species as advanced as them
could just do that with their home-world.

grindor dor says:

I think aliens are afraid to contact us, they maybe been watching us and
understand that we are a to aggresive species and are trying to avoid us
because they are scared. No intelligent lifeform would be aggresive because
it doenst make anything better just worse and earth cant unite because we
are simply to barbarian and always need to be jealuos on others. So maybe
earth should realize we cant do shit if we dont work together at all. Try
to think what would have happen if we were peaceful and never go in war but
work together and make one big country earth. Then we dont need money at
all because everyone would help eachother out in need instead of asking for
stupid coins and our spaceships would be 100 times better we would have
made so much mire and we would have no weapons, no money, no religion all
would be fine and then aliens would realize that humans are worth the time
because we take everything easy and domt solve anything with violents

MyDeath0 says:

we are the only Living Thing In The Universe There IS no Alien Thing Like
it or not

Will Matychuk says:

Why do people always assume that aliens are more advanced than us? Suppose
we discover alien life in 200 years, and they’re where we were 300 years

jordi lizaola says:

no black people will probably think aliens are space leprechauns , black
people torturing poor aliens saying ” where the gold at? “

KaxakaDarktree says:

Actual contact with aliens will NEVER go right for humans or human-like
creatures, not including the aliens being “talked” to.
An alien species, or their life-like robots, that’s intelligent enough to
reach us or have been given the technology to reach us, which is more
likely the case, will always think only of themselves and never what WE
want or need.
They will act similar to a dictator to a foreign country who operates on a
type of democracy.

In other words out to control or enslave us if not kill us all off for,
really, no reason unless you include the excuse “we don’t like you”.

betalars says:

I don’t think aliens wouldt try to kill us. To even reach us, they must be
incredibly intelligent and curious. So they wouldt try to find out, how our
society and nature works. So the worst thing they couldt do is to have any
influence on us. They probably won’t even contact us, wich is quite
reasonable. I mean: look at all the wars and military conflicts on earth
because of ridiculus differences.
And between aliens and humans wouldt be a HUGE difference. So they wouldt
probably be afraid of contacting us, because it’d cause such a huge amount
of trouble.

Shaibah says:

I don’t even think you guys understand this… there might be “other
creatures” that “reproduce” who we can call foreigns or aliens, but. There
is no chance that they have “lives” like us.

For example, take monkeys, Do they have currencies?No. Even though they are
the “nearest” thing that looks like humans, Aliens might not even know what
a country is, a currency or a government might be, also dude, bye. I think
discussing this might be stupid, but.. you know, I don’t think there is
even aliens out there, maybe devils or some sort of angels, but aliens,
thats too far. 😛 baii 

Annie Mckernan says:

Im DEFINITELY not an alien he he

MattTheKingg says:

Old English Text MT
the most metal font in the roster
(Yes, the first thing I noticed in this video was a font)

bloodring87 says:

Vsauce makes me feel like a fucking genius

Tyranthose Ballz says:

Why do white people get to be ambassadors? 

Alltime Conspiracies says:

Will we ever be ready?

Seal Over says:

what if there is no difference in appearance between aliens and us and
actually they are already here?? :-/

AshXXMayftw says:

Why is it that most assume they would want to harm us?

Prince Bitterbatter says:

Really don’t wanna be ‘That guy’, but what song is playing there around 1:30

AzerGhost16 says:

I think we need to unite the world before we contact aliens. We are a
aggressive and divert race that can not reduce the affects of war or war at
all, we’re constantly batting for religious rights, resources and
territory. If we could trust other nations like our siblings, we could be
unlocking a path to managing our own civilisation as a whole, not

Karis Mix says:

Well, maybe we aren’t ready for meeting aliens yet. But why could aliens
possibly visit us? Well, it depends on how advanced they are. I don’t think
aliens would come to our planet to enslave us or something when they could
build robots and clones. And our resources could be a possible reason, but
the ridiculous resources on earth can also be found elsewhere in the
universe. It’s difficult because we don’t know what a post-spacetravel
culture could use.
I think the most probable reason a species could visit us (in condition
that they have a similar biology) is because the want to visit us and our
culture. We humans have a rich culture to offer and Earth is btw a really
beautiful planet to have a vacation on. It may sound dumb that tourism is
the main reason for an alien visit, but why not? We cannot know what alien
species would come to visit us. Maybe they are like we are and just want to
see something new and advance their experiences. 

wybren isditnodig says:

you should about how they would see us if they would see us as equals they
probably would give us equal rights but there is the chamce that they would
look at us like we look at a cat than they would probably be thinking that
we would fight for teretory and try to kill them and they probably won’t be

Harriet Campbell says:

Why do alien hunters only scout from earth they can ask NASA to land a
maned space ship to a other planet

50 Shades Of Cotton Candy says:

You know what’s funny? Is in the 1940’s and 1950’s alien sightings where
all to frequent, But now days in today’s modern system where every one has
a phone that can record and take pictures are making the whole alien and
Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster etc… Thing die down… No longer do we
hear of “Alien sighting south of no shit lane”) If you watch tv shows about
aliens they NEVER show solid evidence that aliens exists… All they say is
OMG!! Was that a space ship???!!! We will be right back after these
commercials… It’s all B.S.. The only sorta people who believe in aliens
still are crazy people who live in the mountains away from human
interaction and rednecks who have had one to many and kids, Please put your
two cents together and be realistic… Aliens? Oh pahleazzz!

zomfGuy says:

I have a somewhat dumb question, and I apologize for my ignorance but…
Did the term “alien” come from the movies by Ridley Scott or was it already
a thing before it..? I never know which term between “extraterrestrials” or
“aliens” is the most appropriate.

NightMaze says:

Here’s a fact you didn’t know: atheists are always bullied because they act
awkward and are usually lazy.

delt01 says:

Come on, there are no aliens, or life on other planets. Life on Earth is
possible because of an extremely, *extremely* delicate balance of many
different parameters, including earth’s distance from the sun, its mass,
its rotation speed, speed of its orbit, mass and size of the moon, the
moon’s exact, unbelievably precise balance in its own orbit around earth,
etc etc etc etc…… If you modify any of these parameters by even less
than 1%, there would be no life on earth at all. And then we get into the
position of the solar system in the milky way, and the position of the
milky way in the known universe, and so on…….

Even with billions and billions of other planets in the universe, the
chance for any one of them being able to reliably sustain life at long term
is so low that it’s a scientific impossibility. Our planet is a magnificent
ecosystem in which everything recycles to perfection – think about it,
would blind chance create such a wonder out of a “big bang” and huge rock
bodies randomly colliding in space, or was it created by a supremely
intelligent, creative, and powerful Architect?

And, even if there theoretically was some form of (material) sentient life
some millions of light years away, it would just be so unimaginably far,
far away (in terms of physical distance) that it wouldn’t even remotely
concern us, at all.

J.R. Severt says:

It’s my belief that if the “aliens” are intelligent enough to create
vehicles capable of travelling at the speed of light (or whatever the case
may be), that they would surely be intelligent enough to examine us in the
name of science rather than kill us. Maybe they know we exist, but refuse
to show themselves because of some hyper-logical reason that we can’t
comprehend? Or maybe it’s as simple as “look what these things do to
themselves… Imagine what they would do to us”!

Crimsonlee2XX says:

I’m afraid if we ever made contact with aliens either these will happen
(Assuming their NOT hostel).
1. This will send certain religions or groups up in arms.
2. (Assuming if and ever if they cared to integrate into our society) There
will be people that fear and hate them. I mean look how we treat each other.
3. I’m sure they would have a different outlook on life that would clash
with ours. What’s right to them could feel wrong to us or the other way
4. Usually first contact with a new being is often met with hostility.
Sorry I’ve played too much Mass Effect :) 

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