Ancient Aliens Debunked – (full movie) HD

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GrammerNazi7481 says:

I still believe the Ancient Alien theory, fuck this video. This guy doesn’t
know shit

The Evolution says:

As this video was so long I thought I’d sample a small part of it and low
and behold I found myself at one of my areas of expertise – the Inca – at
around 18 minutes. First of all there is no such word as “Incan” as the
narrator keeps saying. Secondly, he says, “If you understand a little about
the Incan imperial system and religion…” Well, I understand a lot about
it, and this person is talking utter rubbish about how the Inca system
functioned. Anyone who makes a basic error by using the word “Incan”
instead of “Inca” must be talking crap. If you cannot get the name of a
culture correct then certainly don’t pretend you know anything about them.
So, on that note, I can only assume the rest of this video is full of the
same basic errors. And no, I haven’t seen a single episode of “Ancient

Paul T Sjordal says:

I hope creationists watch this video, because the ancient aliens kooks use
the same false dilemma/argument from ignorance fallacies that are very
common in creationism.

Tubemonks says:

Debunked? My arse. Check out what he says and you’ll see he’s often wrong.
He’s making up some of it. Puma Punku was not just sandstone it was also
Diorite which is as hard as granite and cleanly carved. Yes it can be
worked but they only had soft metal tools. That said some parts are
interesting, but only hypothesis. Alien intervention is still possible and
cannot be ruled out. 

TicTacZac says:

I can’t believe people have the audacity to call this video “speculation”.
He presented evidence from credible sources throughout the whole video.
Ancient Aliens lies about “facts” and presents thoroughly debunked
artifacts as evidence. Yes, using a plaster cast rocket model that was
debunked 25 years ago as evidence is about as dishonest as you can get. I
still watch the show for entertainment but I would hope nobody watches it
and takes it seriously.

Belief I Am says:

This all has to do with belief, the guy who made this video is a born again
Christian, do you really think he ihas not seen any evidence that disputes
what he is says? Of course he has, he is like anyone trying to prove a
point including the Ancient Aliens folks, he will only show what proves his
theory which is a guess, he is not going to show you all the things that
debunk his debunk.
On another note, for the Ancient Alien people the guy who wrote
Chariot of the Gods, Erich von Daniken is a known conman, don’t believe me,
research the guy. All I am saying is this, I don’t 100% percent go for
either side; when money, egos, and reputations are on the line.

LeeAnn Coleman says:

This debunks a TV show, not the ancient Sumerian texts, or the Hindu texts.
They are using the new rewritten texts written 2000 AC years ago to debunk
to debunk texts written 5000 BC (before Christian era). So, how can a book
written 7000 years after the original texts be accurate? I will also add
that the Christian bible was written for the purpose of controlling people.
TV shows are made for entertainment. Using the bible to debunk the Ancient
Alien theory itself is like using harry potter book to debunk the existence
of dinosaurs.

Yahuah Yahusha Set Apart Haykal says:

Over and over again we see Racists bigots here try to suggest that blacks
have never invented anything. It is these Neanderthals that also say that
ancient technologies built by black people were actually built by aliens.
The Power Stations (Pyramids) of Matsraym (Egypt) for example. Look how
easily this stupidity is debunked.

Frankie Gamino says:

ok lets make a video!!! CHRISTIANITY DEBUNKED!!!!!!! bet we can do it too
but in our case we wont lie and twist their words

Sneaksalot626 says:

Debunk the Sumerians who said the Annunaki created them, as they were the
first civilization. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Huevonious Maximus says:

I have never believed that extraterrestrials came to earth to build
anything. Is funny how these people who believe these ideas of aliens,
don’t seat back and think, hey! these aliens that were thousands of years
ahead came to earth to teach and help people build stone structures but
they never taught them how that by boiling water you can kill organisms
that can kill you. Nope, not even making penicillin from bread. 

Liberal Assasin says:

Believe what you want. It would seem to me that these people on Ancient
Aliens are smart enough to know that people are going to check out their
claims. Why would they fabricate facts? Also, it is a proven fact that the
cuts on those stones would have had to have been made by a laser of some
kind. Don’t think they had lasers 1500 hundred + years ago. 

Giovanni Santostasi says:

So the author of this video starts by being a believer in the Ancient
Aliens bs then he does a good job in debunking it to end believing the
bible babble is actually true. LOL Not much progress in understanding. 

MrSnowman says:

I find it hilarious watching this because you take it seriously while it’s
clearly a joke documentary.

Good stuff.
edit: Actually the more I watch this I’m concerned the “documentary” is an
attempt to discredit science/history/archaeology.
Which would be awful.
Haha oh wow hit the part about the grand chamber. It’s so ingenious it’s
almost harder to believe than the aliens story.

05Rudey says:

I like Ancient Aliens, the tv program, it is grade A “Entertainment” I
don’t believe any of it unfortunately. Everything they show is the work of
man with influence of what ever they believe in their culture without alien
intervention. But come on, if the presenters don’t make you laugh with
their claims, then you simply are not human.

Alarismos says:

+Walter sullivan mejia Este reportaje desmonta uno a uno todos los mitos y
falsos datos desinformadores que difundió el canal historia, no creo que lo
hicieran con una mala intención, si no por entretener y la audiencia (yo
mismo he disfrutado de esos reportajes pero conscientes de su poca
fiabilidad) el problema viene cuando la gente toma esta ficción al pie de
la letra, o reportajes de ficción con videomontajes como los de JJ Benitez,
que son pura ficción y hay gente que los ve y los toma como reales.

Reid Iford says:

Good job. Judging from the comments you definitely struck a nerve with the
fringe element taken in by these scammers. There is no reason to believe
anything magical. Nature and science explains everything. We just need to
be smart enough to figure it out.

Paul Beeler says:

wow thanks sharing this video. I never liked this show or any of the other
paranormal TV shows…

Nonoy Avellanosa says:

So what? Conspiracy theory or not. Ancient Aliens or no Ancient Aliens, who
cares? I have no time analyzing, researching, whether there is an alien or
there isn’t. I have my own domestic affairs to take care of. hahaha!

Ahli Bahasa says:

The following excerpt is a translation of actual text where the Brahmastra
(Brahma’s weapon) and, most importantly, its affects are described in
detail. It’s from the Mausala Parva which is the 16th of the 18 books that
make up the Mahabharata and consists of nine chapters itself.

“it was a single projectile
Charged with all the power of the Universe.
An incandescent column of smoke and flame
As bright as the thousand suns
Rose in all its splendor…

…it was an unknown weapon,
An iron thunderbolt,
A gigantic messenger of death,
Which reduced to ashes
The entire race of the
Vrishnis and the Andhakas.

..The corpses were so burned
As to be unrecognizable.
The hair and nails fell out;
Pottery broke without apparent cause,
And the birds turned white…

…After a few hours
All foodstuffs were infected…
…to escape from this fire
The soldiers threw themselves in streams
To wash themselves and their equipment..”

From this excerpt, it should be clear now that ‘bright as a thousands suns’
is NOT a reference to Vishnu’s or any other deity’s divine magnificence.
The portion regarding ‘hair and nails’ specifically mentions that they
‘fell out’ and there is NO mention of gnawing rats anywhere in this text.
Our video narrator was also reluctant to mention the ‘corpses burned beyond
recognition, birds turning white, foodstuff becoming contaminated, and
survivors needing to wash themselves and their equipment’. Even the weapon
itself was physically described as an ‘iron thunderbolt’. I am all for
calling out fraud and misinformation where ever we find it but it should be
called out with the same integrity one claims to be upholding. On these
grounds I would hope viewers fact check the validity of other claims made
in this video. 

bruce nassar says:

ancient peoples were smart but aliens have been around longer do not know
if they helped but they have been around the solar system since they buildt
the sun because its a MACHINE. thats right a MACHINE check out nasa 5 years
of SDO freeze frame close ups of the sun and see a MACHINE at work wow know
what this means

Bill Wilstein says:

Maybe levitation and machine tools weren’t used to build these ancient
structures, but that doesn’t mean that aliens didn’t build them. 

Science Bitch! says:

Finally found something that’s as gay as twilight…

Fred Jaminson says:

Ancient Aliens is a simple theory, It is about the possibility that humans
or aliens, not of earth or humans with other advanced technology created
the monoliths, such as the great pyramids and 100 ton obelisks, that have
no explanation how large granite stones were quarried, polished and
lifted. This author says he spent years learning about
Ancient Aliens, it takes about 1/2 hour to watch one Ancient alien show, to
know that
the real builders of these monoliths were not done by our technology, so
who did it? Had to be humans with advanced technology, beyond ours or
aliens. That is all there is to know. Yet the author took years to
study Ancient Aliens.

Andre Valentine says:

I’m not a subscriber to the ancient alien theory but I am highly skeptical
of the existing paradigm. I think the lost civilization theory is far more
plausible…. and simpler too. It’s the idea that human civilization goes
back much further than conventional wisdom tells us and that at one point,
civilization may have reached a point of extreme sophistication but was set
back by some sort of calamity and we had to begin again like children.

The really mind blowing part is that there is actually strong evidence to
support this. It’s interesting that the date Plato gives for the
submergence of Atlantis correlates exactly with the end of a period known
as the Younger Dryas which took place 11,600 years ago. At time when there
were major climactic events going taking place.

And don’t even get me started on Gobekli Tepe, which has been confirmed to
be over 12,000 years old.

Christopher Hernandez says:

I wouldn’t say that all the evidence in the ancient aliens show to be true
but in my opinion its true we were visited because their r alot of storys
of gods descending from the sky such as the ancient religions in
mesoAmerica and Europe also in India and Africa saying bout ppl from the
sky and called them gods
Its supisous of how these storys came about and we should all know these
cannot be imaginary because all that human cared bout is surviving so these
storys had to come from humans sights from extra terrestrial beings because
just saying that gods cane frome the skys is quiet illogical
Even storys from the bible r suspicious of what its saying such as when the
jews walked the desert for 40 years and claim that god came down and gave
them “mana”
The word “mana” should strike some suspicion and im not saying god doesn’t
exist but I don’t believe god was the one that made these storys happened
and also their r tribes in africa today claiming that their we’re ppl from
the sky throughout their history and have storys about these ppl
Many storys talk about the meetings of gods and ppl from the sky and some
describe their characteristics

We humans can serve anything that is beyond our basic understanding which
is how we r and because of that fact these storys about gods and ppl from
the sky r the meetings between extra terrestrial beings and humans 

SooGehts says:

is he realy argumenting with wikipedia articles ?

steve lafogg says:

i want to believe…. i think it makes the world alittle more magical if
there is some other beings that came here. makes it seem like we are not
alone even if scientifically known that we are certainly not alone.

Brandon Deel says:

Here is a note to the commentator of this video. When presenting facts to
debunk others ideas please leaver your personal opinions out as they can be
misconstrued as facts that your presenting when in truth all they are is
the personal opinion of one person. 

shazizz says:

Very interesting !

bbb bb says:

White people are really stupid and it’s an offense to call these racist

ave383 says:

They did levitate these stones. They levitated them using
chains,ropes,pulleys etc. lol

charlie burkel says:

They plainly say its a theory on ancient aliens..people believe this
because every thing were told is a fucking lie ..i think some parts are
true…this video is bullshit

Frédéric Jeanbart says:

Good debunking! One little detail, I find it odd that he narrator tries to
demonstrate that the Bible’s version of the flood is more credible that the
Sumerian version… When considering the oldest recall of such event, it’s
evident that then after, all others who will base their own recaps will try
to correct inconsistencies with what experience thought them to be
plausible, as we do today (*”adapting truth to truth”*). The fact that
those who then after “maintained” the Bible through time, used some
mechanism disallowing any digression or modification, does not make the
scripture itself more plausible in regards to historical events that are
depicted, it wouldn’t be a logical argument.

As such, we *cannot* assert that the Bible would be more “plausible”,
knowing that itself must have been based over some Sumerian or such stories
and embellished with its own poetry : we thus must re-do what probably did
those who wrote the Bible in that sense, but without some mystical
background making noise over facts : go to that Sumerian *source*, as well
as other old sources, make some cross-overs in finding similarities etc
(and apologize to the town’s Bishop for engaging into such a “deviantly
rigorous” approach into discovering Human History, but don’t refrain from

RE:Think says:

Check out this absolutely exhaustive debunking of basically every ancient
alien assertion ever. This has got to be one of most thorough refutations
on Youtube.

N Landell says:

Great video, 100% clear. I always thought that Sitchin looked shifty /

vell Doss says:

To me this only proves what i thought when i watched the first episode of
ancient aliens, which is look at this assholes hair like really. From that
point on i could not take him seriously. I kept hoping an ancient alien
would bring his ass a brush like really please aliens help him get that
shit together…. anyway that show is an insult to anyone human to think
that our ancient ancestors was so stupid they could not walk without help
they were to stupid to do so right. This video is great im glad someone
said enough of the shit and point out the obvious which is crop circle.
There were 3 very important ones that should make ppls hair stand up like
that dicks hair on ancient aliens. ….. the 3 crop circles was of a
message sent in binary code and 2 faces the binary code one is creepy
because no one in this generation knew about the one we sent out. n the
message they left was creepy to cause it states what is happening now much
pain but there is still good out there we appose deception who is more
deceptive then the government right i like this video but u did have a ton
of shit wrong but u managed to make them look stupid as well despite what
you believe some things can not be explained 

Jeremy Osell says:

Ancient Aliens is a funny show if you want a good laugh at pseudo science. 

owedeee says:

I dont get it. It’s all so obvious although, I’ll admit i like the “Alien”
episodes for all the pictures (while actually laughing outloud at the
“alien believers”, see, I laughed again). But, being in the construction
business for 35 years makes seeing all the tool marks so easy to
understand. I know there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of
other people around the world, around the same materials as I am and
totally understand what they are seeing, as well. There was no need for
guessing any of the tools needed in the masonry work (and no reason to
doubt the ability of said ancients) or even just a glance at a rock jutting
out of the ground and how easy or how hard its going to probably be to cut.
Limestone, sandstone, and granite, no matter where on earth the quarry is,
are all very distinct materials that can be seen at a distance. Just by the
clarity or the natural roughness of the exposed surface tells sooooo much
and its clear at a distance of 25- 50 feet or even more. They are nowhere
near each other. If you are not around these materials for your living,
trust me, there are a lot of people either laughing at these guys for
wondering “how did they do it?” or just scratching their head going “are
they plum stupid or outright liars?”, as this documentary points out, thank
goodness. I was begining to think i was the dumb one.

uenvy meboobs says:

hold up…here come the alien whackos screaming foul on this video!

schnabeltier says:

Thank you so much ! I really enjoyed this video.
I always wondered why this acient alien bullshit is presented on TV as if
it was a valid scientific theory. It’s on the history channel ! They make
it look like these are proven facts, when most of it clearly isn’t.
As someone with a real scientific background, I don’t know if I want to
laugh about this or start crying because this is so stupid. But what do I
know, I’m just part of the conspiracy thats trying to keep this amazing
knowledge from humanity….
Now, if you excuse me, I have to get back to my secret labratory and
dissect some aliens.

RealityHijacked says:

So, we have the infamous Christian zealot, Chris White, teaming up with a
Biblical Scholar to “debunk” Ancient Aliens, eh?

*Obvious agenda… no need to even bother watching.*

Take note in regards to the amazing production value of this film. Their
financial backers obviously had some pretty deep pockets, wouldn’t you say?
Gee, I wonder who might have wanted to see this *UNIVERSALLY VERIFIABLE*
information “debunked”?…

I know, I know… tough one, right? *: *

BWyatt76 says:

I’ve watched a few episodes of Ancient Aliens. As interesting as they were,
I found them hard to believe. If there’s other life forms out there, I
think we’re to far away from each other to visit. I enjoyed Chris White’s
movie a lot. Chris did a lot of excellent research. I enjoy history, so I
found the theories interesting on how the pyramids were build, how Puma
Punku was carved out, how ancient art was drawn, etc.. Chris made sure
everything he said was backed up.

waffles182 says:

I think the only credible video Ancient Aliens made was about the
insects/bugs being extraterrestrial relatives. I am actually convinced
about that one, it’s a great video.

Hush Whisper says:

I can prove to anyone God is real 100%.
Come see what I found using Google Earth one day.
~it’s astounding!

Craig Ward says:

i saw a quote from wikipedia within six
minutes………………………not interested in any more of what is
said after that point

tribequest9 says:

While ancient aliens is a possibility, I’m more inclined to believe that
mankind had previous civilizations that were older than we realize, and
these places are the remnants of that. Perhaps in our past similar to
planet of the apes a catastrophe happened and the ancient humans left into
space and look more alien but kept some technology…..would explain both
similarities and differences in physical appearance….and would make myths
seem to make more sense. Just a thought.

Ryan Kelley says:

Idc wut this video sais….ALIENS!!!!!!

James Eckhardt says:

Uhm and what reliable sources are you getting your information to make this
video? And it obviously shows granite and diorite slabs. Not just
sandstone. This guy has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s a born again
Christian whom has become narrow minded. Question everything…

NeedMoreCoffee says:

I really liked this guy… and then he told me he is really into Ancient
Aliens. And now he just seems silly…

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