5 Crazy Facts about Coca-Cola

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5 Crazy Facts about Coca-Cola 5. In Business with the Nazi’s Coca-Cola had a controversial relationship with Nazi Germany. During World War II, a division of…


Autumn Galvin says:

I’ve been drinking coke for a few years now. At least I didn’t get
cancer… I only got a little thing called a cavity. I know it sounds like
bad but now im drinking tea and eating healthy And brushing my teeth and
its going to stay like that.

Freddy Holmgrens says:

So Will i get cancer? :'( i live in EU and i drink Coca-Cola, I’m only 14
years old, i dont want cancer

Adrian Rainbow says:

I have also used it to free a frozen piston in a 1960’s Italian 50cc Cafe
racer. The piston had been stuck for years.
The Mother of the guy who’s bike it was a ‘metal detetctor’ and said she
used it to ‘clean’ coins that had been in the ground for hundreds of years.
We had tried making a wooden drift and hitting it after soaking the mother
in WD40 for a week and nowt!
I poured a can of Coke into the top of the cylinder, left it for a week,
and it turned over the first time I kick started it!
I have never drunk it since!

BJAY Chan says:

Seriously why is coca cola still legal. 

Judith Hitt says:

Water and wine for me here on.

Laura Santoro says:

Mexican coke is different though, isn’t it?

THEBOSS Gaming says:

lol i’m dricking coca-cola while watching this

Treasureofficial3 NYC PEACE & BLESSINGS SYMONE says:

… Peace & Blessings Symone

World 5 List says:

Will you still drink Coca-Cola after watching this?

AusDenBergen says:

The first one’s retarded. So they id business with Germany, and? Are you
not aware that Germany and the U.S. had a relatively good relationship even
into the war? America had a women’s fascist party in the U.S. as did the
“Nazis,” even having summer camps for children which even flew Swastika
flags. Up until the end of the war companies used to have coins printed
with Swastikas on them until the symbol was demonized after the conflict.
I understand wanting your videos to be dramatic and what not, but don’t try
to be soo sensationalistic.

VIE Plane-Spotting says:

My dad works at Coca Cola :)

Adam JimmyRustler says:

Nice try, Pepsi.

Diane Greene says:

Coke also used to be used as a not very effective contraceptive in the form
of a post-coital douche. You can probably figure out how it was

Doot02 says:

just drink water how hard is it?

Ricky Cue says:

That last one was bit racist…not because they targeted Mexicans but
because they stated it was used for cleaning. 

Ifoundthisoffensive says:

Pepsi master race.

ppk300887 says:

i hear so much crap about coca-cola every day that its starting to get
boring. i drink coke every time i want to and i dont feel nothing bad. to
me all this crap is just bad advertasing made by people who want coke off
the market so they can sale their own crap. i dont here this shit about
pepsi..and its basicaly the same thing. coca cola is the best bevarege ever
if you dont make abuse of it(drink it instead of water)

richard courchene says:

have a coke and a smile.

AngryKitty says:

Been drinking coke my whole life, no health problems, I feel fine, no
dental problems. Nothing like that. Fuck this video.

Cameron Page says:

This is all Bull Shit

ZoroarkGaming says:

I was drinking Coke and this came up.
I spit it out when I heard the Cancer part.

Lucian Andries says:

NOO! You ruined good Cola! What is wrong with you, throwing it into the
toilet?? :(

Backtoast says:

For those, who wonder, what at 0:09 stands:
One Nation, one kingdom, one drink, it is coke.

mertje says:

Im so happy that I don’t like Coca-Cola ;-)

AxleTrade says:

Meh Id still drink that. My grandmother was sickly and drank a lot of coke
but she reached the age of 93…

Cecilia Interiano. says:

Mexicans have known of their cleaning purposes? The fuck is that supposed
to mean? Wow I really don’t wanna be the classic insulted latina here but
wtf man 

AceKonnorFan says:

Will I get cancer if I drink Coca-Cola once a week or something?

Lalamoetot lovelife says:


The513Warning says:

Soda also robs the bones of calcium. Glad I don’t drink that shit.

Thecooljazzykid says:

I’m mexican and it is true Mexicans love coke

Dawn Conrad says:


Racist Fridge0267 says:

You forgot coke once contained crack cocain 

Jane Austin says:

I have maybe 1-4 cokes a year…seriously…that’s all. It rot’s your
teeth, interfers with the body’s absorption of calcium, draws ants and
roaches, causes hiccups, causes rapid rise in blood sugar, causes swelling
to lower legs and it is addictive.

xXThunderTacoxX 123 says:


♥ California Chrome ♥ says:

Love the drink, but don’t drink to much.

kiltedjohn1000 says:

nuclear weapons are actually filled with coca cola

Andrew Lin says:

Music creeps me out

MuffinzGoneWild says:

the music didn’t fit very well :/

Alter Ego says:

One thing so everyone doesn’t hate coca cola.
The reason they continued to sell money for Germany? Money!
The reason they made Fanta? They don’t have supplies for Coca Cola, but
they still need money!


anitabm2000 says:

Still drinking coca cola.

jack graham says:

I just went to the coca cola van almost a week ago

LittleSkrillexKid says:

this video just made me want a coke

peter benner says:

Pretty sure along time ago the name coca came from cocanie

shany goody says:

it’s true u can heal your headache by drinking coca cola..but taking it
every day can lead to many health problems in a long term. the problem came
from the amount of sugar they have in it. one of my dad’s friend’s son get
diabetes from taking 2 cans of coca cola for almost 12 years, so he gets
insulin injection every day, he’s married for 6years but has no children
because of the insulin.. soo, be careful people!

yahya alolofy says:
King Cobra says:

ya sure. a snake bait will do a bettor job Lol,

Natan Bedru says:

That is a fake shit

Christian Piechorowski says:

So basically Coca Cola can also clean your teeth

Cameron Puckett says:

anyways I dont like coke

XTOXICToxenx says:

I thought that #1 would be that Coca Cola used to contain cocain… So
thats why they were so addicted to it…

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