20141123 18252 My ONLY, And LAST… I hope, UFO Sighting, Uncle Raggy

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This is my first and I hope to God my last sighting of, for me, a real UFO…. It lasted longer but I spooked me so much that I forgot about making a video…..


Brian Yach says:

I remember one experience I had in Missouri. A bunch of friends and I were
hanging out in the parking lot of a Hardees fast food joint. It was a
Friday night and since it was a small town, there were not many place to
get together and chat, unless you went in the woods to party. LOL! Anyway,
we were talking, and a number of us looked up and saw this weird shaped
thing gliding overhead. It was oblong, but had a point on each corner.
there were lights all around the bottom of the craft. Only way I can
describe it. If I knew how to draw, I would draw a picture of it. Anyway,
it made no sound whatsoever. I heard a couple of comments from a couple
other people saying, “what the hell is that?” I watched it as it silently
glided past us overhead, and continued watching it until it was out of
sight. This was around 1988. I know I’ll never forget it and to this day,
still think about it from time to time. 

Mr. Strings says:

But they just wanna say hi :3

HelenaMikas says:

Raggy you are so loved those old geezers on other planets come to see you
and learn a thing or two .Maybe , like me they have short fingers :-))
Seriously I always say if any aliens come here they would take one look at
the chaos , wars and hatred and high tail it as fast as possible …..Shame
because am sure they could be fun .. You are fine .I am shaken each time I
see news headlines and that is about here …. Have good weekend Raggy ,
Helena :-))

rockittees says:

Interesting I had a similar experience many many years ago when I was

Marie D. Henry says:

I would be scared too Raggy.!!!! Sure was lively activity too. Spying on
us poor humans. I think they are things sent here from very far away. May
take years to get here and scout around a bit and then head back home like
we do with things sent to the moon and other planets in our system. Good
video despite the speed they traveled. Have a good day my friend. Marie

WickedBrewz says:

For any of us to believe that there is not life on other planets is crazy
and selfish.. I myself have not seen a UFO yet.. But I don’t doubt that
they exist. 

Stratboy999 says:

Bloody alien Tourists clogging up the skies…..

Danny O'Moore says:

looks like the big triangle lights we had over Alice Springs for a while in
the late 90’s. Alice is only a few kilometres from Pine Gap; American
whatever base in Central Australia.

floydstinkyboy says:

hey raggy i saw one recently, myself. i think it was the 2nd and 3rd stages
of a rocket falling back to earth. very freeeeeeeeky.

mayorip says:

wowsers, anymore ??? i’ve never seen one :(

sparkymoo says:

Raggy, in 1988 while driving at dusk, there was a small ball of light to
the west. I watched it for a few moments, then it shot 20+ miles across the
San Fernando Valley in a split second and stopped, where I watched it some
more. Not a particularly interesting story, but that was my one encounter.
I still have no idea wtf it was.

Superman21986 says:

talking about aliens when i was a little kid i had an encounter of the
fourth kind. And about ufo sightings 3 years ago i saw one… first i
thought it was a train light (in one big and tall tower) and then it moved
doing an reversed L

eggnogonthebog says:

You have to see to believe…
Good capture.

Zulus House Of Blues says:

Interesting Stuff…I’m glad you boys are alright ! !


BigAl43229 says:

Raggy, You were watching one of the thousands of near earth satellites I’m
pretty sure. On a clear night many pass both E/W and N/S orbits including
the ISS. Take it from this amateur astronomer old buddy. Some appear to be
twinkling due to them tumbling.

ImTheDaveman says:

OH WOW! A Genuine UFO! I wish I could have seen it – better yet I would
have loved to put out my thumb and hitch a ride! (( look into my eyes, you
are now hypnotized – you will not read past this point human))
Oh Crap! +mumsthewitch I thought you took the Interstellar Transport keys
from Jim? Now Uncle Raggy seen it! You know what we gotta do. 1st sober Jim
up, lock him in the pressure chamber., Get +manolisvlog and bring *THE TOOL
KIT* (the one with the feathers, scopes, probe and sanitary rubber gloves)
By the time we’re done Raggy will think he’s a duck and be quite happy.
Aint nuthin happier than a duck with an extra tail feather or two. :-)

smilertiler1 says:

The Russians are everywhere!

debgoodvibe says:

A first for me…. wow Uncle Raggy I miss you….my advice …. DUCK

wxpm says:

Good one Raggy

Enos Man says:

I want tell my story I didn’t have a camera. Besides you’d think I was
crazy or something along those lines. But they are real and my opinion is
thay are Gov. So watch out for the men in black ! Cause you got film.

zillustration says:

Unidentified is the key word in UFO. Plenty of stuff the Gov doesn’t talk

Atheist Psyconaut says:

Awesome catch Raggy! I have seen some shit before as well. But that was
before we had mobile cameras.

JimmyCricket61258 says:

Don’t let em’ probe you Uncle Raggy :O)


aliens, i hope they’re not bloody mozlems as well, that’s all we’d bloody
well need..

rockingphil58 . says:

Hi Raggy wow my friend their is some pretty strange things out their that
take some understanding and things like UFO s I dont think we will ever
understand and know the truth about them in our mortal little lifetimes
awesome my friend thank you Raggy from Phil .

Merryweather says:


thepopster999 says:

Very cool ! 

Big Gaz says:

eerie stuff mate. What I’ve seen in outback Australia I still can’t

Big Gaz says:

Has anybody else had a glitch from 0:00 to 0:08? It refuses to play

Said Challenges says:

Good luck haha good job my friend

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