20 Mysterious Photos That Should Not Exist

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From ocean fireballs, to mythical apes and ghosts that only show up on film, these are 20 photos so mysterious, so impossible that it’s often said they shoul…


Pokerface says:

Okay, let’s do this.

20. Obviously a school of fish.
19. It’s been confirmed that style of sunglasses have been around since the
turn of the century, and his “modern” teeshirt is actually a hockey team
sweater. Also, I don’t know what “modern camera” you see, I can hardly make
out what he’s holding.
18. Flammable phosphine gas.
17. I’ve seen the CCTV clip in full, you can clearly see it’s just a person
opening and shutting the doors. Unless you think ghosts need to open doors.
Also, a lack of witnesses does not a witness make. Just because no one saw
someone go in or out doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
16. Proven already to be the photographer’s wife, whose blue dress appears
white due to overexposure.
15. I don’t get this one. It’s just some woman who either was or was not
taking photos. She’s just some tourist out to see the president. Who gives
a fuck?
14. Just because it’s unidentified, that doesn’t make it aliens.
13. Yeah, I bet you think the face on Mars is real, too. It’s called
apophenia, look it up.
12. Doctored photos have been around since long before Photoshop.
11. You said it for me, could be real or fake. I’m inclined to believe
fake, since no one is reacting to the body hanging right next to them.
10. Could be anything, from a plate to a toy. It’s not hard to fake
something like this.
9. Take your pick. Double exposure, grease smeared on the lens, a trick of
the light…there’s so many different ways to fake a ghost pic.
8. The scientific explanations are too numerous and complicated for me to
explain here. Just do yourself a favor and look up the Wiki entry for this.
7. Real photo of an ape? Maybe. Real photo of a “skunk ape” taken in
Florida? Fuck if I know. Probably not.
6. Experts say it’s not double exposure? Then take your pick from the
exhaustive list of other possible tricks. As I’ve said, it’s real easy to
fake a ghost pic.
5. Anyone who knows anything about Byzantine art can tell you these
supposed UFOs are typically angels (like in this painting) or
representations of the sun and moon (as in others).
4. Hmmm…lights that appear one at a time, hover for a while, and then
disappear? Sounds like flares to me. People don’t buy it? Big surprise.
3. Proven to be fake, but you said that. Really, the idea that people still
believe a dinosaur is alive and well today, much less that it’s lived alone
for almost a hundred years, in a loch where people should be seeing it
constantly as it surfaces for air is ridiculous.
2. Also proven to be a fake. And really, as with Loch Ness, it’s nigh
impossible that an ape of such size could go undiscovered in North American
forests for so many years.
1. Thermal blanket lost during EVA.

C’mon, guys. Photos are the least reliable source of evidence, especially
in our modern day of Photoshop and other means of fabrication. I’m
completely open to the possible existence of some of these things, but you
gotta do better than this.

엑소키수미 says:

okay 11 scared me the most :'(

mikku999999 says:

Kinda explanations for the pictures:
#20: I think that was like a massive black toy dumped in the waters.
#19: The guy couldn’t have been time traveling in anyway: 1. All those
clothes existed at the time, & 2: Time travels are impossible to do.
#18: Hoaxed.
#17: Don’t know.
#16: Pretty easy, the lighting is just off in the photo, and the one in the
background is the mom. But the lighting was off, it was lighter than it
should’ve been, and if you make it a bit darker, you see that it wasn’t a
spaceman, the girl looks more normal but the camera wasn’t focused on the
person behind.
#15: Don’t know.
#14: The lights made that thing in the middle look like a UFO, totally
obvious, since the lights are on from those directions which makes it look
like a UFO is there.
#13: Don’t know.
#12: Hoaxed or the guy just looks a lot like the guy you were talking
about/At the time he wasn’t dead yet.
#11: Either hoaxed, or that’s just the shadow of the one taking the picture.
#10 (Wow I’ve already written 9 reasons? I have no life…): Could be a
black frisbee, or just mainly hoaxed.
#9 (I defenately have no life): hoaxed.
#8: Don’t know.
#7: Don’t know.
#6: One of those kinds of illusions.
#5: It’s painted in. The painter researched a lot.
#4: Probably some kind of grass.
#3: There are some videos that prove that the thing in the sea is just a
#2: Hoaxed.
#1: Ugh… I. Don’t. Know.

Matt says:

i’m from the future and i must say that iphone 39 is going to suck. it only
has 300 tb memory and 1080 hd camera. that’s so 21st century. even my great
grandmother doesn’t use that shit

Golden Freddy™ says:

i watched this at 2:30 pm, looking behind me every 2 minutes

Dale Roberts says:

i was telling my friend about 911 and he told me he doesn’t believe in
911… should i be worried 

Bob says:

My list of things that should never exist for the world to be a better
place (from really important to not much)

1. The president Obama
3.Justin Beiber
4. MLP
5. 1D

So yeah these should never exist 

Gregg Macey says:

Wow, people are gullible fucking idiots. There is a scientific explanation
for EVERYTHING you morons. There is no such things as ghosts and
goblins….I can’t believe I even have to say this to “Adults”….lololol

elcap22 says:

I’m gonna try to provide a short and simple explanation for these top 20
supposedly unexplainable photos.

Here we go:

20. A large unknown cosmopolitan eel.

19. An elaborate hoax. The hipster has been digitally inserted into the

18. Flammable phosphine gas.

17. A person dressed in a period costume for a tour event.

16. It is the mother of the girl. The Whiteness is due to overexposure.

15. She never came forward, maybe because she feared for her life.

14. A lost weather balloon, exacerbated by stray flares and shell bursts.

13. An astral projection, due to quantum physics.

12. An inter-dimensional astral projection.

11. An astral projection.

10. A top secret experimental military aircraft.

9. An astral projection of the brown lady caught on camera.

8. An activity of cosmic rays.

7. The Bigfoot of Florida, closely related to the Orangutan.

6. An unusual camera after-image.

5. A crude drawing of a solar eclipse.

4. Secret military aircraft operation.

3. An unknown sea creature, possibly an oarfish, or related to.

2. Bigfoot is an unknown primate that came to America, via the Bering

1. An early spy drone sent into orbit by the C.I.A

Brandon Taylor says:

The sasquatch photo is 100% real I saw him in Ferguson looting and rioting

WolfArmy says:


Nick Wilson says:

Advice: stop trying to debunk and be a party pooper and let people enjoy
the conspiracy theories and mysteries of the world! It’s fun to see and
learn about!

Jasper Ironfinger says:

19 have u ever heard of editing retards

Sparky The Lost Dog says:

So let me get my list started on what places not to go
1) space
2) wilderness
3)anywhere outside of civilization. ..
4)old places
5)Phoenix Texas..

Oscar Herrick says:

*Sees a UFO* “Shit gotta go get my shitty camera and take a shitty pic”

Nathaniel Hemphill says:

4:47 that apparently is the green lady of woodrow high house its in england
ive been there

Emilia Jones says:

4:12 im more concerned about the ladies hands on the right….

EvilBot says:

you guys know that almost all of these are confirmed photoshopped.. :|

Ronan Devine says:

no.11 so badly freaks me out of this world

Kαуℓєє Kαуℓєє says:

Oh, and i just had TO watch this at night.

jakstrieder says:

number 6 looks like a plague doctor, probably the ghost of one.

Asokan Ponnusamy says:

I am a Christian but not in the way a Christian is perceived. There are
zillions of galaxies and each of them have zillions of stars with each star
having maybe 5 or 10 planets. In Isaiah 55:8 God says, “For my thoughts are
not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways”. Bible does not say
anything about life elsewhere but we cannot very well take it to mean that
there cannot be any life elsewhere. You cannot possibly comprehend God’s
ways but it is safe to assume that God has zillions of planets teeming with
life. Or, what are they there for?

Shootman999 says:

One word: Photoshop

Julia H says:

Whoa.. creepiness 0-0

khaled khunaifer says:

“Ben Dover: religious people will never accept that aliens are more then
likely real ..”

I’m religious and I believe in Aliens .. Your argument is *fuckin* invalid

CultureShockNetwork says:

It’s called Photoshop people do a google search and see the magic it can

Patricia Paiz says:

I saw those lits 

Blake Huff says:

Im religious and i believe that there could be more life forms out there.
this universe is too vast to say there is no other life.. or a creator out
there somewhere. Im not the only one with that opinion either. There’s a
guy that goes by the name Stephen Hawking that has similar views… maybe
you’ve heard of him. 

Terrence Gold says:

This guys accent and manor of speaking is annoying as fuck

Red Dust says:

it maybe batman , i hope its batman

ChriBry1 says:

hello my friends. You do now that time traveling is actually possible :)

Finn Zigich says:

Think of it, if aliens are so smart why would they uses huge ass metal

Harry Brooks says:

+domonique gisinger Aye, Domonique; Your observation is keen. I do indeed
know how to spell “dog” and can do so in several languages, some of them
ancient. I’m not sure what to call this device. Perhaps it was one
analogous to the one in which “nekkid” appears for “naked” and “boyz” and
“rulez” are used to indicate their respective proper spellings. Perhaps I
was just having a “wild hair” moment. The mandolenist David Grissman (sp?)
calls his style of playing “dawg”; why I don’t know. Some of you more
erudite readers can better inform me concerning the precise name of this
device. Middle school, eh? That brings back fond (and yet queasy)
memories. I notice you used “spelt”. Although it is considered a bit
archaic, it is not incorrect. The version favored by journalist is the
regular form “spelled”. I’ll let you slide on that one, Bubba. You ought
to be glad you don’t read the texts I send to my friend in Cali. It is just
chock-full of deliberate misspellings, sub-standard grammar and
non-standard apocopes. He is trilingual, an educator and my best friend
and we have fun. Get a chance to read the personal correspondence of Ansel
Adams; it’s full of things like “dawg” and “gawd”. Also check out some
novels by William Faulkner. Be grateful that the Thought Police aren’t
still around to keep school libraries from stocking books such as
Huckleberry Finn! Now can you ferret out the deliberately misspelled word
in this response? It’s not ensconced with apostrophes or any other
indicators. Good luck in school. (Any other misspellings are my own
bloody fault.)
Later, Dawg 

I cant pick a name says:

number 11 was very terrifying and gut wrenching

himynameistheguywithasuperlongusernamewhomadethisuprightnow says:

There’s different galaxies, so there is a huge chance that there is
something watching us..

Logan Duncan says:

So whay shouldnt these exist?

Lena Stone says:

That last one is creepy as Fuck :/

Hoot-Ass Detector says:


Presley Davidson says:

the locness monster exists I saw it

Burakkuada says:

number 11 scared the shit out of me

Glynreaper08 says:

jeesh the loch ness monster photo is just an elephant taking a bath as at
the time the photo was taken a travelling circus was nearby

Gaming Chief says:

I don’t know why but When someone says ghost im okay but when someone says
Phantom i Get scared all of a sudden?

Pety Peter says:

20 Mysterious Photos That Should Not Exist

#mystery #mysteriousphotos #photography #photo 

Kay Nine says:

That’s okay, I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyways…

RJ Sturdavant says:

Photoshop is a powerful tool.

Sophia Bear says:

Number 11 made me so scared I flipped tables..

JuiceBoxesRAwesome says:

how does this video have 14 million views if there are only 7 million
people on earth?

Mike Taylor says:

Let’s put this straight a lot the pictures are photo shop

mahala wood says:

Explanation time! (fandom version (i.e. doctor who, otaku, bronys, etc))

20. It was obviously the sea serpent from mlp s. 1 ep. 2
19. Its just the doctor, the real question is, which ones his companion…
18. All it is is Natsu getting angry at Gray, again.
17. Apparently the people from Galuna island wanted to pay yall a visit! 😉
16. Count the shadows… (Vashta Nerada)
15. So looks like it finally happened, huh? The doctor regenerated into a
girl!!! 😀
14. I see Natsu, Erza, and Gray are going at it… again.
13. The Gatiss have returned!

mwwideawake says:

WW2 started in 1939, not 1942. 

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