15 Creepiest True Stories Ever Told

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From intruders in the home living there for months without your knowledge, to aliens that rock back and forth on your front porch, we count 15 frightening true stories from the folks over at Reddit, a link to the full set of stories is here: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/1f9i14/what_is_the_scariestcreepiest_thing_you_have/?limit=500
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Warning, text spoilers below!
Babysitter (bondmaxbondrock),
Shadow Girl (Decendent),
Hunter (LumosTheNox),
Antenna (bigsol81),
Photo (spectre_alabama),
Backseat Passenger (cranklowza),
Taiwan Netcafe (smpx),
Ogre Man (Walden_swirl)
Basement Child (PsuedoNom),
Midnight Intruder (kamajo8991),
Black Shadow (pajamathief),
Hidden Door (LadySmylee),
Condoms (gibsonton),
Alien (Krayken),
Little Girl

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Danger Dolan says:

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Kitten says:

Don’t forget the story of the hash ringing… uh… the trash singing…
the mash dinging… the crash ringing… ehhhh…

BionicDirector117 says:

Shortest horror story ever written:

The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.

Emily The It says:

With your story: this is just an idea of mine, but what if that little girl
was the ghost of a child your mother had miscarried? That would explain her
being similar in looks to your sister.
I’ve always been paranoid about stuff like this happening to me. My house
being old and creaky is not helpful. There’s one really creepy thing that
has happened to me multiple times though. I’ve had dreams where something
random was happened like me kicking a small blue ball. A few years later,
these things actually happen. As in exactly from my dream. People think I’m
crazy when I tell them, but it’s a true story.

R Decena says:

I think I’ll just stay with my mom a little longer……(●__●)

Harald Kanin says:

I live in a 300~500 year old house. Three of the lates previous owners died
while owning it, one ‘naturally’ though. One fell down while cleaning the
downpipes from leaves, and broke his neck. The one before him died from
“pneumonia” inside the house. And, the one before him, was simply found
dead. On a scale from “Meh” to “You’re fucked”, how haunted is my house?

I don’t believe in ghosts, I hope I won’t ever be proven wrong.. xD

Baby Kenny says:

Who needs sleep anyways…. 

Bob Bobman says:

Good job I don’t get scared easily… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Oh
never mind it was just my shadow.

OoOo9LivesoOoO says:

My grandfather passed away from a heart attack when I was 18 months old. I
didn’t really get to know him much because I was pretty little and I don’t
remember much about him.

So about a week after he died my mom was doing the dishes while I was in my
room taking my usual nap. My mom said all of a sudden she heard me giggling
which was strange because I hadn’t been asleep that long.

So my mom went into my room to see me sitting up and completely engaging in
activity by myself. She said I was laughing very hard and I would reach out
in front of me like I was reaching for somebody. My mom goes “Who are you
talking to?” And I simply replied “Papa!”

Some people will go ahead and say that kids have over active imaginations
and whatever but I truly think that my grandfather had visited me in my
crib to say goodbye one last time. So that’s my story :)

takeitmarie says:

OMG so just to add to the scary stories, one time when I was about 13 i was
at my best friends birthday party. we were about 6 girls so we slept in a
room in their house on ground level which used to be a store and therefore
had a lot of windows.
everything went well; we watched a horror movie, went out at 3 am to just
walk around, … but when we came back we stayed awake for a while and
thats when the weird shit started happening…
the first thing was an old van driving past the house (its a small street
so there arent any cars normally). We didnt really mind that but then a
second one drove past the house, just a few minutes after. At that point we
were kind of freaked out because, well, because it was 4 am and 2 vans
drove past. But then 3 more vans drove past the house and we all freaked
So thats all pretty lame but then the real shit happened. While we were
recovering from the van incident and trying to sleep, the huge flatscreen
tv suddenly turned on and played a series of noises. Since that wasnt scary
enough it started displaying some kind of red picture, for no reason. Not
even the normal “no signal” picture, but some kind of scary red picture. We
all screamed and cried and hid and what not and till this day I’m still
afraid and no one knows why it happened. The tv remote was not near us.

Breanna Hopkins says:

A short horror story:

The food was gone.

LexiLusterGames says:

Here’s my story:

I’m 14 years old and a couple of weeks ago I used to live far away from my
school and had to take the a three buses. One day while riding the third
bus, I noticed this guy, who looked super high and was wearing baggy
clothes, staring at me. Eventually he asked me if I was from this part of
town and I responded no. Then he went on talking to some other guy in the
seat behind him. At one point he got up and went to the back of the bus and
I heard the door open and thought he was leaving. I turned around to find
him still there, staring at me again. I tried to ignore him the best I
could until one point where he was in the seat behind me (I didn’t notice
him move) He leaned in and started talking to me, his breathe was on my
neck. He whispered, “Don’t jump I just want to talk to you. Riding the bus
is bullshit. If you don’t feel safe, I’ll pay for you to get on a train
with me.” I thought about hopping off the bus and running to the nearest
police station, but feared he would hurt me so I calmly (my voice was
shaking a little) replied with a fake smile, “That’s not necessary, I feel
safe on this bus. But thanks for your concern.” I think I pissed him off,
but after that he left the bus. I never saw that guy again.

Alyssa Ryan says:

Here’s a short scary story….

No wifi 

How To Computer says:

These stories are clearly fake…nobody likes Pepsi.

CookieCrafter666 says:

When I was a child of four or five, I guess I had an overactive imagination
like most children did at that age. Anyhow, I had most of the normal fears.
I had to have my closet closed at night so that I wouldn’t see the dark
shapes of my clothing in the darkness, and I always jumped into bed so that
nothing could grab me from underneath while the lights were out. However, I
had one fear that wasn’t quite as standard for a child. I had a very
distinct fear of a man that would stand outside my door at night and wait
for me to go to sleep. When I closed my eyes, I could see him. A dark
silhouette of man just standing, still and waiting. It terrified me because
I didn’t know what he wanted to do. Because of my fears I started to lose a
lot of sleep. I would be up half the night afraid of the man outside my
door. I would sleep in very late, be exhausted during the day, and always
beg my parents to let me stay up later because I was afraid of going to
bed. Eventually it got to the point where I knew that I needed to do
something about it. My other fears were easily enough solved. I was already
closing the closet door and turning out the light next to my bed last so I
didn’t have to worry, but the man was different. The monsters under my bed
and in the closet were the typical kind of imaginary nighttime monsters
that wanted to jump out and grab you, so merely avoiding them through my
regular methods was enough to put me at ease. The man was different though.
He didn’t want me to see him. He wanted me to go to sleep without noticing
him, and that’s what made him so terrifying to me.

I told my parents about the man, and they told me that he wasn’t real and
that I should stop worrying about him, but I couldn’t. I kept losing sleep
and I kept seeing the man when I closed my eyes. One night though, I came
up with a solution. I left the door open before getting into bed. That may
seem strange, but I thought it out for a long time before doing it. If I
left the door open, then I would be able to see out into the hallway to
make sure that the man wasn’t there long enough to get to sleep. It would
leave me vulnerable once I was asleep, but my parents had told me I was
just imagining him, so it wouldn’t do me any harm once I was asleep. On top
of that, even if he was real, a closed door with no lock wasn’t going to do
much to stop him from getting to me. With all this in mind, I left the door
open at night and it worked. I didn’t see the man outside my door when I
closed my eyes anymore, and I stared into the darkness until I fell to
sleep. A couple of times I thought I saw some movement or shifting in the
shadows, but as soon as I blinked it was gone, and I chalked it up to the
same imagination that had dreamed up the man in the first place.

Over time, I forgot all of my fears, but my nighttime routine for dealing
with them remained the same out of habit. I would always leave my door open
at night, and I told my parents not to close it because it bothered me. A
couple of years later, my sister said she saw the back of a dark figure
looming through hallway when she got up to go to the bathroom. Looking back
on it, I realize that the bathroom is between my room and hers, but at the
time I paid her childish ramblings no heed with the man that stood outside
my door almost entirely forgotten. A year or two after that, my dad said he
saw a tall dark figure dart into the toy room in the basement. He followed
it and flicked on the lights to find that nobody was there. The toy room
has no windows, and only the one door, so there was nowhere for it to go,
but whoever it was had seemingly vanished into thin air. The story
interested me, since my dad was never one to tell even the smallest of
lies, but again I made no connection between it and the man who stood
outside my door so many years ago.

One day, I was heading off to school when I saw a pale white face watching
me from the door of my house out of the corner of my eye. I looked back at
it to see nothing. Dismissing it immediately, I went off to school without
incident. When I came back home, I started to see the face watching me
again. Every once in a while I would spy it, but it would disappear
immediately. I thought that it was just my brain playing tricks on me,
since the image was already in my head. I payed so little mind to the
hallucinations that I didn’t even tell a single person about them. The only
real oddity was that I would only see the faces in my house… That was
until I had one of my friends over. We were sitting in the basement in what
used to be the toy room. I was looking something up on the computer that
was now positioned in the room, opposite to the closet. The closet was open
just a foot or two, and my friend was spinning around on a chair next to
me, waving his feet absently. This meant that he had a quick glimpse into
the closet every couple of seconds. After a short while, he jumped off of
the chair with a screech, and whirled to face the closet. I asked him what
was wrong and he pointed to the closet, swearing to me that he saw a pale
white face smiling at him from the closet. At fist I was ready to laugh it
off as him either playing a prank on me or getting wrapped up in my
hallucinations, but then I remembered that I hadn’t told him about them
yet, nor anyone else for that matter. It was illogical. There was no way he
could have hallucinated the same thing as me without at least hearing a
description of the hallucination first. For the first time in years, I was
terrified. He went home and I went to bed that night, still trying to make
sense of the ordeal. Before going to bed, I made a decision that seemed
minor at the time. I decided, for the first time since I was a toddler, to
sleep with my door closed. I don’t know what it was, but I thought that
maybe it would offer me a little bit of protection if there really was
something in my house. After a while, I started to doze off. It was then
that I heard a loud thump on my door, followed moments later by some
scratching noises. I flicked on the light next to my bed, thoroughly
spooked, when I remembered that my family had a dog that would scratch on
doors when she wanted to be let in to a room. I sighed in relief and was
deciding whether or not to bother getting up and letting her in when I
heard another noise. There was a soft click of a door handle being grasped
firmly, followed by a loud violent rattling. The door handle turned back
and forth sporadically, jerking and twisting violently for several seconds
before suddenly stopping and leaving me in deadly silence. I sleep with my
door closed now.

Julian Fontaine says:

Something happened to me that MADE me 100% believe demons are real.
I was laying in my bed, at the point of sleep where your body is rested,
eyes are shut, practically about to sleep but you are still aware of what’s
going on around you. I heard rustling to my right. My friend was sleeping
on the air mattress beside me so I thought none of it. Then I heard things
on my dresser moving (Which was to the right of my friend). I open my eyes
to see my friend asleep on the mattress, and a black figure fiddling with
things on my dresser. I just stared at it, not scared at all, and started
asking it questions.

Questions about demons and angels, heaven and hell. To which HE (which I
found out) was answering all of them, calmly, while still fiddling with
things on my dresser. Then I asked one question that got his attention.
“How do people sell their souls to the devil?” It stopped. Dropped what it
had and just stood there without saying anything for about 10 seconds. Then
it turned around, calmly still, stepped over my friend, and was now
standing right beside my bed, right by my shoulders. He said some things i
don’t quite remember, but then he said “Like this!” He pushed down right
across my abdomen, by my belly button, and just kept pushing!

He pushed so hard that I could FEEL my skin & organs wrap around my spine.
At the same time, I was hearing an unbearable sound, like the whistling in
your ear mixed with a train speeding past you. I tried to push his hand off
but couldn’t. I “woke” up and he wasn’t there. I was in a cold sweat,
stomach in pain and I couldn’t really do anything. I just stayed awake for
a bit calming myself down then went back to sleep. The next morning, when I
went to shower, I looked in the mirror and saw a clearly visible red line
RIGHT where the thing had pushed. All across my stomach.. My friend heard
nothing and to this day, I believe these beings exists. 

ComedyKIDZ says:

like if your
Watching this at night

Kitten Dinosaur Glomp says:

Here’s a story. When I was 9 my family went to six flags and me and my
brother who was 16 at the time went off on our own while my parents had my
little sister.

Anyways while we were going from ride to ride and stuff, this old guy
around 60 years old started following us around and such. Like everywhere
we went he would follow and he did so for around an hour.

Eventually me and my brother went to one of the restaurant things for
lunch, I sat down down at one of the outside tables while my brother went
to get us our food. While my brother was away, the old guy came and sat
down next to me, asking me where my family was and such and then he told me
if I came with him he’d buy me toys and whatnot.

And then out of nowhere I hear “What the fuck” and then I saw my brother
tackle the guy and started basically beating the shit out of him, security
came and took all 3 of us to the security office with police and such. My
brother told them what the guy said to me and then after they did a
background check they found out that the old guy was a convicted pedophile
and kidnapper O.o

Industrial Savior says:

You have never encountered true fear until you experience “Sleep
Paralysis”. This is an experience where your brain wakes up from sleep,
while your body does not. That’s not even the bad part. During this, you
often have illusions. Monsters, demons, dark shadowy figures, you name it!
You see these often terrifying things that seem SO REAL while only having
the ability to lie there and watch. Sometimes it is brief, sometimes it
goes on for minutes. I’ve had this a few times myself. Once, I awoke to see
a dark shadowy woman sitting on my bedside watching me. Another time, I saw
scattered dots through the air like a hornets nest was in my room! Usually
though, I just saw random terrifying faces for just a second or so. It made
me afraid to sleep! I don’t get it so much now though, fortunately. ;-;

Gamelover254 says:

When i was like 10, i called my mom on my cell phone. When she answered, i
didn’t hear her voice. I said,
“Oh, you want your mommy?”
It sounded almost demonic, so i thought it was my sister playing a prank.
“Where’s mom?”
“Oh you want mom? You want your mommy?”
That’s when i hung up and saw that the number i entered wasn’t there. It
said 666-6666. I was SO scared. The creepy part is, when i told my dad, he
said “oh that’s weird.” He didn’t even have a big reaction, but i was soo
scared. This incident stopped me from buying a new phone till i was 16. God
that will haunt me. Don’t believe me fine, but please tell me if this has
happened to anyone else.

ella mcdermaid says:

Remember when you woke up in the middle of the night without a reason?
Well, there’s an 80% chance someone or something is watching you, that’s
because our brain reacts when we feel a presence near. If we’re awake and
we feel a presence, we suddenly feel scared, and if we’re asleep, the brain
reacts by waking us up, alerting us of the possible danger.

Well, goodnight :) 

its a potato says:

Short horror story: tomorrow is monday.

Mike says:

Short horror story:

You’re mom catches you wanking

Tonya Watkins says:

The Scariest Story Ever (You might cry or piss yourself)

School Forever

Emperess Sanaki says:

Moral of the story,

Don’t move into a house that are over 50 years old

broefkip says:

By the way, There is this thing, I don’t know what it’s called in English.
But basicly it means your half asleep and half awake at the same time. So
you’re still dreaming but you are also awake and able to see for example
you bedroom. This combined with nightmares can cause some heavy panic and
anxiety attacks. I have suffered from this aswell (“not” the attacks) I was
just lying in my bed and saw a sort of clown faced poltergeist bending over
me grabbing my arm tight and bendig further down. Me being able to realise
it is a dream and trying to convince myself I am stronger then him. Unable
to move, hearing my own heavy breathing and shaking of fear I try to make
myself wake up. After a minute or so of intense mental battling I manage to
win and see the clownfaced thing dissappear vaguely, the grip on my arm is
released and I can move to sit-up straight in my bed. I hope it is indeed
just a dream, because if I’m really being haunted, believing in ghosts
would weaken my position in this fight since it happens occassionally. Just
wanted to share this and hear others opinions on it. (sorry if my English
isn’t 100% correct lol)

Golden Freddy says:

wasn’t plan to sleep anyways

★LuigiTheYoshi11ジ★ says:

Here’s a scary story:


James Ryan says:

This is a TRUE story that my dad told me which amazes the living Shit out a
me. My dad use to tell me stories about this one guy who was a good friend
of my dad’s dad (lil confusing there). This guy was a Vietnam war vet and
not some guy you’d wanna Fuck with…but that’s a different story. Anyways,
this guy bought a house with his wife and when they went to the upstairs
closer they found an old wedding dress hanging there. Feel days after Shit
started to get weird. Things where in different places, voices where heard,
and most of all foot steps where heard at night upstairs where the dress
was found. So the vet started getting sick of this because it was only
annoying him but it was upsetting his wife. Finally the straw on the
camel’s back broke. He was watching tv when all of a sudden he heard a
crash and his wife scream. He ran to see what happens and she told him the
good China just started falling. He grabbed a lighter and ran upstairs to
where the wedding dress was and said, “listen you son of a bitch, I will
not hesitate to burn this piece of Shit if you do not stop. I’m not
somebody you wanna fuck with!” After that whatever it was causing such a
fuss stopped.

LokiTattoo says:

I’m also really glad I decided to watch this while it’s still light out O.O

GoneButNotForgottenn says:

My mom said when we lived on a street called Van Norman, that was normally
well known for having haunted houses, my Auntie went into the basement to
do laundry and the cat all of a sudden its fur flew up, it hissed and
bolted up the stairs. My Auntie dropped her laundry basket and ran up the
stairs right behind it.

Another story is when I was a new born my Mother and I just moved into this
new house and in the basement there was this old shower that was closed
off, my Mom said she got curious and opened the door to it, all the hairs
on her body stood up at once and she never opened that door again.

One more, My Auntie and my Mother said me and my cousin (both of us under 2
years old) would stare up into the corner of the living room I think it was
and smile up at the corner. They didn’t see anything there but we sure did.
Years later my Father saw new people moving into that same house and he
asked the lady who was moving in “Do your kids stare up into a corner?” She
said “Shut up, if my Husband hears this we’ll have to move again.”

dan Montminy says:

Anyone else feel like they’re being watched? 

larry bravo says:

Okay so here is a quick story about me , you guys tell me if something is
wrong with me or not,
okay so when I was around 9 years old I used to live in new jersey and I
would sleep in the attic with my bigger brother (in separate beds of course
) and I could never fall asleep and I always felt paranoid for some reason
, I would wait for school to come so I can sleep, but anyways, whenever I
did fall asleep I would hear a rough masculine voice that was saying ” no
don’t do that ! ” or ” what are you doing ! ” or ” I know what to saaay ”
and tons of phrases that I couldn’t understand at times, and my second hand
clock would tick every second and it would sound like a bouncing ball
getting faster and faster , I don’t know why but I started to behave really
bad in school and I would get bad grades and disrespect my parents and I
once made my mom cry

I now live with my grandparents in florida and I’m 14 going onto 15 on
august , and I’m starting to here the same voice inside my head and the
same bouncing ball noice getting faster and faster, I’m having trouble
falling asleep and if I do fall asleep I’ll have the same exact dream every
time , the dream is me as a 10 year old sleeping in the new jersey house
attic but this time I can see myself getting looked at by a dark shadow,
I’m sorry if I don’t know how to explain or if you don’t understand me but
I think something is wrong with me, what should I do , and has this
happened to anyone ? =/ 

The Last Madman says:

“Keep you up at night so you can finish your homework” fuel

DireXcon says:

No joke story:

Some years while I was listening to music on my pc at the desk I hear loud
crying at the door, I look back and I see what seems to be my mother crying
and spying on me, then she runs out and I hear the front door opening and
closing, I go after her asking why is she crying but when I exit the house
there’s no trace of her and I go back to my desk, the whole time my mom was
at work and when I asked her and told her about that she told me that she
didn’t do nothing, she was at work.

I will never forget that day. 

Joshua Mattson says:

That 1st girl eas smart SREW BASMENTS CALL THE PO PO

aijman hajji says:

now how am i supposed to sleep tonight -,-

Michael Forman says:

Lol the Fallout Radio @ 2:14

Chile O'Chukwu says:

Shortest horror ever : JB (Justin Beiber) 

Yandere Girl says:

I have a short scary story

No more nutella

Jimmy casket says:


Alex Doge says:

i need help and i also have a story to tell, is scary for me.

forgive english, i am Russia and i need help.
And i want two tell your guys my story, as i have encounter some problems

i come to be soldier american army this what happened at basic training. i
am here little time and i am very hard stress. i am gay also and this very
difficult for me, i am very religion person. i never act to be gay with
other men before. but after i am in america 9 weeks i am my friend together
he is gay also. He was show me American video game WoW and then we are kiss
in barrack.

We sex together. I never before now am tell my mother about gay because i
am very shame. As i fuck this American boy it is very good to me but also i
am feel so guilty. I feel extreme guilty as I begin orgasm. I feel so
guilty that I pick up my telephone and call Mother in Russia. I awaken her.
It too late for stopping so I am cumming sex. I am very upset and guilty
and crying, so I yell her, “I AM CUM FROM SEX” (in Russia). She say what? I
say “I AM CUM FROM SEX” and she say you boy, do not marry American girl,
mother very angry me. She not get scared though.

I hang up phone and am very embarrass. My friend also he is very embarrass.
I am guilt and feel very stupid. I wonder, why do I gay with man? But I
continue because when it spurt it feel very good in American ass.
How do i get my mother to forgive me?

Filip Burazer says:

Fuck your pictures man I have to watch My Little Pony while listening to

Douglas Moreland says:

6:35 I saw a figure like that when i was about 15 and it looked like a
girl. I was in the middle of using my skin flute so instead of being scared
I felt more aroused now that someone was watching. Male hormones are some
pretty powerful things when it comes to changing a males ability to
logically react or think, cause thinking about it now I can’t see how I
didn’t shit my pants and curl up under the blankets.

I guess by the time the image went from my eyes to my brain my hormones had
converted it to this
<-------google image for "sexy girls on knees"

Brandy Rediker says:

ill wake up see a body floating in front of me when i was 4 it lasted till
i was 9 then ill see out the window lights that will fade then knocking on
the window when ill check on it there would be a faceless man standing at 3
feet tall or 4 then it would vanish that lasted till i was 12

Mr Bajan Jerome /EndoskeletonFnaf1&2 says:

*And a smell of cat piss* That makes me feel so much better dolan

Foxy The Pirate says:

Sure. Forget us.

Jinxx Boothe says:

+Discodeath Thought this is kind of your thing. Good luck sleeping. :D

GamerKid says:

I don’t know how these ghost things work or if you’re supposed to tell
anyone about them but I believe there is a ghost in my house, it could be
my sister just pulling another prank on me because she loves to do that
from time to time. But it was Easter and my sister got a “Magic 8 Ball” in
her basket, she started to ask random ass questions right there when she
got it, she got random answers. Then later on she was with my younger
sister and they were talking about her ex-boyfriend and the 8 ball gave
random answers – so then she joked about it being haunted. So then she
started asking questions and it replied with a reasonable answer, the
really creepy thing which got them to be scared was the fact that they
asked “Can you send us a sign that you’re here?” and then they heard
tapping on the wall then here are some things we asked it

Are you going to hurt us? – No

Are you a nice ghost? – Yes

Do you hate boys? – No

How did you die? – [BLANK] (Meaning the pyramid answer thing landed on a

Were you murdered? – Yes

Did a boy kill you? – No

Did a family member kill you? – Yes

Are you here in this room with us? – No

Are you in the house? – Yes

Are you in a room in the house? – Yes

Are you in a boys room? – Yes

Are you in the downstairs boys room? – No

Are you in the upstairs boys room? – Yes (Which happens to be mine ;-;)

Were you killed recently? – No

Were you killed a long time ago? – Yes

Are you old? – No

Are you young? – Yes

Are you a boy? – No

Are you a girl? – Yes

Then she started asking it questions and it gave responses like “Ask me
later” and “I can’t answer right now” and then after she kept asking
questions the 8 ball didn’t answer. I don’t no if it’s coincidence but it’s
scary AF.

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