15 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in the World

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From hieroglyphs indecipherable even today to stories of hikers found dead in unexplainable positions, we count 15 mysteries that have yet to been solved or even understood
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Warning, text spoilers below!
Voynich Manuscript,
Green Children,
Dyatlov Pass,
The Immortal Count,
Beale Ciphers,
Phaistos Disc,
Pollock Twins,
Alcatraz Prisoners,
Lost City of Atlantis,
Shugborough Inscription,
Wow! Signal,
Cicada 3301,
Georgia Guidestones,
Jack the Ripper

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Danger Dolan says:

Click here for the written version of this video:

Danger Dolan says:


Ben G says:

Why is everyone talking about god?

Xetrix says:

Fuck these comments. I thought the comments would have had something to do
with the video… I guess not.

Sally Acorn says:

Why do people keep talking about god? Its getting annoying that people keep
saying “god doesn’t exist”. That is why different religions exist. We dont
know what happened in the time when we didn’t exist. We don’t know who or
what created us humans so we shouldn’t say whatever thing/person that we
think made us say *__* doesn’t exist. If you are one of those people that
say god doesn’t exist than your probably from a different religion. I
respect your opinion. But let Christian people beileve in god and not get
them angry.cause that’s being disrespectful to the Christians. You just
beileve in whatever you want to.

TheBanannaPanda says:

Wait…. beale cipher….
Bill Cipher…


JwhGaming says:

2:50 “A man who kept showing up in history” Doctor Who instantly came into
mind. Anyone else?:

Donnovan Cannon says:

the fuck is that goat-man thing on the thumbnail?

Mangekyo Uchiha says:

For the ones which dont believe in god: He just creates the people he
doesnt say which way they have to go. And u think he isnt real, he is real
for the people who believe in him, he might let people die but is this a
reason to stop at believing him? U have your reasons for not believing at
him but why u go like aaah god doesnt excist! Just stop. Much people are
happy to have someone to believe in! Dont destroy this… I dont see god as
something almighty i see him as a friend who will always listen to all i
say. I am not really Religious but i think u all should accept that he is
just real for the ones who believe in him.

Chris Dinkha says:

All you Atheists who are trying to say that God isn’t real. Fine that’s
your opinion. I don’t go around on videos saying things that are rude to
Atheists. Don’t try to shove your opinions down our throats. We don’t care
if you don’t believe in God, but I can’t understand why you would care that
I do! Can’t we just be accepting of another person’s beliefs?!

EDIT: I’m Christian, just in case you didn’t realize that by that comment!

John Parsons says:

number 8 is very creepy..

pugglebubble says:

Jack the Ripper? From Black Butler you mean?

That’s nice..

I already knew he killed prostitutes for a living.

But did you know he was a reaper?
(Sorry for the bad joke…)
(Oh and Black Butler is an anime show…fyi)

R Decena says:

I’m not scared. The only problem is that its dark as fuck outside and I’m
home alone, in a old building, and everyone’s asleep… and I’m hungry but I
don’t wanna leave my room…

Billa Cipher says:

this is cool…

DerickTherving says:

So many militant atheists in comments.

Dallas Ball says:


Gabo Álvarez says:

This channel in it self is really wired, the kind of edition and music
makes me felt wired. 

MrMorganfarts says:

“Ronger ronger”

Ben Logan says:

God is real. And someday you will wish you believed when you all burn in
hell for your sins

01BestSeller says:

Why do some atheists think that they’re cool when they say God doesn’t
exist? I’m sure that some atheists are chill people, but some of them are
just real douchbags.

lobotomystitches says:

Deism; a belief
Atheism; a belief

So atheism mocks people for having belief . . . because they have their own

And that is why I mock atheists. A true scientist and a true rational mind
understands that the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

Everyone has beliefs and your beliefs are no greater than a child’s for
santa claus, a christian’s for god, or belief to one day win the lottery.

Jared hamilton says:

You are all going to hell. Have fun. What has this world come to? I
personally don’t wanna go to hell, so I’m gonna keep believing in God, who
created this earth :) and the entire universe! Science may be able to
explain the Big Bang Theory, but it was God who made it happen. Without
God, humans wouldn’t exist, and neither would science. Think about that.

jnandreas says:

Spot the 4 Disney World Castles at 6:01 .

nick ardizzoni says:

Dyatlov Pass is by far the most intense, the strangest, and most
unfathomable mystery in human history. I have no idea what it could be and
neither does anyone else. It is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY bizarre.

Jose Braden says:

number 5 is a longitude and latitude decifer btw i relised if u take away
the D and M on the left and right it would be 8 numbers 

Sanda says:

Yes god does exist!! In each one of us..god is pure love. God is everywhere
you look. God is jesus, buddha, you, your mother…. each one of us! The
bible has been missunderstood for years get over it. Its a spiritual guide
that many of you have missunderstood. Out if this missunderstanding humans
have began war about money, religion and all this bullshit. Start to share
love, be present and you’ll experience god in yourself <3

Ibrahim sheikh says:

The comments on this vid are really stupid. How it generally stats
1. A Christian comments about his/her believe
2. An atheist replies bashing religion with “science” and “logic”
3.Christian replies again saying how “spiritual” things work
4. More argument like this
5. Atheist bashes a random other religion. Generally Islam.
6. They all stop.

This is really stupid. Can’t people just respect other people’s pov and try
to understand them. I am religious and I understand some of the points that
the atheists make. I have many friends who are of other faiths and I try to
learn from them instead of hating all over them. People are stupid ignorant

KawaiiPanduhhh says:

Jack the Ripper’s identity has bee revealed! 

Roach says:

I personally don’t have a religion. I’m not Christian or Catholic or
anything. I’m not even Athiest. When I tell people that Im not Christian or
anything they say I’m a Athiest. Athiest means You don’t believe in a god.
I never said that. I don’t know what to believe cause I wasn’t THERE. I
can’t say this is real or this happened. No one can’t. And Im not gonna let
a book tell what to believe. Maybe there is some kinda God out there that
made us or something. I’m just not gonna let it bother me. It will always
remain a mystery whether you like it or not.

Joost Schenk says:

the case of jack the ripper has long been solved. this video is way
outdated. shame

Riley Macknight says:

God dosent really exist, well he dose, but not really. Let me explain.
There are other religions besides Christianity. There’s Islam, Hinduism,
Buddhism, Judaism , and many more. SO you cant go yelling at everyone
saying you’re either going to Heaven or Hell either way, some people dont
believe that way and you guys dont seem to respect that. I dont believe im
going to heaven nor hell, I believe in reincarnation. It sounds silly, but
just as silly as a God who you all say believes in equality but has a thing
such as heaven or hell.

Lily Jane says:


Melatina77 says:

Maybe some computer geek could take that immortal count and digitally dress
him in modern clothes and hairstyle so we can see who he looks like.

Shen Shy says:

You are ridiculous.Humans suck and will never find anything,especially
something as immortality.,God,everything we claim to have created even was
there already.Fuck humanity.

Starbuck Johansen says:

I play roblox..

Destiny Waiters says:

15 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in the World: http://youtu.be/4wN-Vk4wdIQ

MCVivi says:

I find this Story about the Hikers so interesting
I wished I knew what happened

Comet The fox says:

Thanks for ruining camping for me.

Elizabeth Wilbanks says:

PPPPFFFT. Seriously they dont know that half of these were already proven
faker than Kim Kardashian’s curves. As for the book there are PLENTY of
civilizations we have not yet discovered and theres one or two without a
known language, as well as some forms of old langauges could be like this,
OR it could be someone who was practicing their letters! OR like Leonardo
Da Vinci, they either created their own language or wrote in another
backwards. As for the pictures, they were either lucid dreams, a bored
person with creativity, or a type of plant that existed but went extinct,
like the Ginko tree from before the Cretacieous period. OR (my favorite
theory) the person just wrote the book just to fuck with future
generations. My cousins and I love burying random things in hopes of
confusing the future for days to come.

madbomer72 says:

And athiests are assholes 

8bitkeroro says:

Believing in god is = to believing a crazy ghost made the universe and
knows everyone. U might as well belive the world is flat and carry on the
tradition of when people had no idea what they were doing. Somehow religion
managed to slip into the modern world and take over. If god was real he’d
end war. The whole idea is retarded

Luna Myanth says:

Wait wait wait, Bill Cifer? or something of the sort? Isnt that the bad
triangle guy from gravity falls???? or am I hearing his words wrong?

Shane Dwyer says:

Is this guy Aussie
Cos I am and he does sound Aussie and he also sounds English at some stages
wats with that

Preston Fhurman says:

Show me proof god isn’t real……………….wait there isn’t no proof

attack125 says:

ok did some googling about this.
apparantly the linguists all make the same mistake.
they all assume it’s an acronym..
but what about an annogram? (from right to left so starting with m. since
the painting image is in mirror image)
or any numberfiles that looked at it? coördinates?
most seem to think it’s an honor to his dead wife…

NzMagg0t says:

OK for all you god people out there, If your faith is so strong stop using
made made medication and pray to god to take your cancer away. :L we will
see how strong your faith is then when your on your death bed about to die

Marfor (Son Of Lucifer) says:

Time to piss some people off. There is a religious war going on in the
comments anyway 😛

You guys know God…

…does not exist?

alyssa martin says:

Im just watching this because yammy xox did

Javier_Castillo says:

Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

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