10 Mysterious UFO Sightings

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10 Mysterious UFO Sightings With a universe this large it stands to reason that we are not alone, the real reason is why would anyone want to visit Earth? Find out about 10 mysterious UFO…


Btw001MC says:

The real scary part is that we may actually be alone. You may ask how
that’s scary, but think about it. In this huge, giant universe, it’s just
us. Just us. We’re the only ones. Earth is the only planet that could
contain life. I think that the human race might need help from others
though. We’re screwing up Earth, and we don’t have another planet to go to
after we’ve completely screwed up this planet. No one can help us then.
We’re doomed. No one can save us. There is no hope. The human race and all
other life forms will then die. And then there will be no life. All the
universe will contain is a bunch of planets and stars. No life. We NEED
alien life to come and save us to the human race to continue. For the
universe to have a true purpose.

Kalos Region Guy says:

It’s god

Utrecht834 says:

What about the most famous mass UFO sighting ever? The Phoenix Lights?

br c says:

This makes me really pairenoid

BetteraveTueuse says:

Just a little correction: Belgian jets were 2 F-16, not F-18 :°)

But good video

aaaa aaaa says:

no real pictures of those sightings??? this sucks!!! Alltime10s must be
made by an amateur

aDeltaTV says:

Rafael Niebles says:

UFO Stands For Unidentified Flying Object.

VulcanofWar says:

Bah, this is all nonsense. It has been confirmed that all of these
sightings were related to undetermined actions by flying cows.

MrHeyfuckoff says:

Number 2 was missing a bit. A family driving along a coastal road pulled
over to look at what they said was an unknown craft on a collision course
with a plane that matched the description of Valentich’s, both craft went
behind a mountain so the family don’t know what happened. Also a
photographer on a nearby beach had all these perfect photos, but one had an
odd shaped object in it. Also the plane has never been found.

Claudia Botha says:

Not true

Neon Lights says:

I believe in U.F.Os.

Mikołaj Z says:

Battle Los Angeles in 1942 or the Foo Fighters in II WW ????

8joeb says:

People keep mentioning phoenix lights and I remember watching a documentary
about it and they were just flares.

better012 says:

Japan Airlines Flight 1628?

Keaton Jones says:

triangle ufo? ummmm stealth bomber…..

Zephie Davis says:

Everytime when I watch Alltime10s I feel 10% smarter…

ehran yan says:

This is true ufo i ver seen

German Siberian says:

Seems likely 

Wesley Felicio says:

Number 10 sounds exactly what my grandfather had seen decades ago, exactly
the same description.

However, the beam that was fired at the ground before the UFO accelerated
away split a huge rock into 2 pieces that was nearby. The lights he had
seen were ever so changing in color; the altitude it was flying was not too
far away from the ground, to the point that if he jumped, he would be able
to touch it. The curious fact about this is that he saw this during the
night, when he came back to his house it was already morning.

Everybody confirms that he disappeared for a whole night, but my
grandfather swears he has no idea what happened, all he did was to bring
the trash bin outside (he lived in a farm with his family back then), and
when he returned people were worried sick about him. He was very confused
about all that and couldn’t understand what really happened.

Anyway, he had heart problems a few decades AFTER that, however, doctors
were shocked after they analyzed him. He was supposed to be dead decades
ago because his veins were seriously stuck. However, by miracle, there were
some odd veins (which is not anatomically natural) that were being pulled
around his heart and that is what kept him alive for all this time. His
exams were sent to the US due to its abnormality (we live in Brazil).

All this lead my family to think that what he saw was in fact real, and
that perhaps, the “disappearing for a whole night” event was him being
abducted by that strange UFO. I’m a little skeptical, but my grandfather
wasn’t the type of man who would tell a lie like that, so I chose to
believe him.

starlightshimmers says:

People in denial about UFOs. I’m a sceptic myself, but you’ve got to
consider that anything is possible in this universe. Our knowledge of the
universe is less than 1%, for humans to dismiss the possibility of
extraterrestrial advanced civilisations is arrogant.

Sean Gallon says:

These motherfuc- MASS DELUSION??!! REALLY???!!!

Chemical Leedle says:

+chiefster11 First of all, don’t bring religion into this, that just makes
you look childish if you’re going to randomly throw religion into a
government debate. Second of all, that last part is kind of obvious, but
you’re exhaggerating it. Yes, they want control, everyone wants control.
However, if they just decided one day that they wanted a totalitarian
government, they would roll tanks and armed forces down our street and
force us into it.

abruni22 says:

The 1951 was just a manhole cover kicked by chuck norris

Charles John says:


Chong Min Han says:

What about the battle of Los Angeles?

batmanh20 says:

This video is on aol.com

kerrmcnicol97 says:

whos says they havnt already invaded? maybe we are the aliens :)

Master Parodies says:

First of all, the universe is huge so there is an extermely high chance of
aliens being out there. But it would take them hundreds of years or even
longer to get to us, there is no way an species “smarter” than us would
waste that much resorces. Now there is no reason for them to come to earth.
Some idiots think aliens might come for resorces but that’s stupid. The
main reason we have a space program is to catch astoriods and bring them to

Javien Dawson says:

We are not alone

Yoshi Cookie says:

These are fake, it has been said that the UFO is made man made and someone
tried to event a shape of a UFO but it ended up being a failure which
explains why these flying saucer keeps crashing 

Wolfgang A. Grafe says:
John R Clark says:

guys this might be why Rohanoke colony failed england and spain wars also
could have been it

iHasNyanCat says:


Matúš Lok says:


Kevin James says:

No Phoenix Lights?

Call pripyat says:

this will be good….!!

Valerio Fanasno says:

one time here in italy around a village off ca:5000 people saw a
cigar-formed UFO howering and spinning slowly before flying away from the
military jets it happened somewhere 1953 in clearest light 

Life Toto says:

i like nasa … 

CZEXOR says:

“…It’s the aliens, man…”

Mandeep Sandhu says:

Aliens don’t exist !!!!!!

Taure Dawn says:

10 Mysterious UFO Sightings

yezi tan says:

You have to show the UFO plane not the jet

FlyingPigsInc says:

What about the Phoenix lights in the late 90’s. over 10,000 locals reported
them, and the Air force still denies them today 

Alpha Axe Cop says:

Hopefully the pilots have enough balls to shoot one of these UFOs down, you
know for definitive proof they exist.

Daniel Quentin says:

One does not simply see a ufo

Snaekmon Apush says:

I once saw an VERY bright orange light right over my house ( i live in a
historical park), it move really fast, right, left, then it just went right
really fast and hadn’t seen it since. No bullshit, telling the truth here.

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