10 BIZARRE Diseases Science Can’t Explain!

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Matthew Santoro says:

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Sanic Hegehog says:

It’s a good thing my wife didn’t see this video. If she did, she would
swear, with 100% certainty, that she has every single one of these

Manuel Martinez says:

Man, all these diseases and genetic disorders. Smh. It makes so much sense
that we are created by a perfect and loving god right? I know people will
bring up satan but in the bible, god is portrayed as making deals with
satan and giving permission to satan to destroy just to prove loyalty.
(book of job) As well as conflicting and murdering entire populations of
innocent people with pestilence and famine. (The entire old testament and
book of revelation) How do people in society in this day still believe
there is a good god and all this is ok?

ShaunJW1 says:

Science can explain it, its just that humans has not sufficiently
researched the science yet….

Denis Belous says:

Surprised no one said “Ebola” yet

Kaylaloohoo Jamaa says:

I know what caused the dancing disease.
Justin Beiber’s songs.
They got so tired of dancing to them that they died.

therealquade says:

omfg kuru is well understood now, it’s a prion disease that is typically
contracted by eating human nervous tissues, primarily that of someone
already infected. Kuru is primarily only in small parts of Papua New
Guinea, where they have a culture of consuming the dead to pass on their
strength. from the way it infects people to the way it damages and
ultimately kills the infected, is very well understood, preventable, but
incurable. I mean shit, I knew this right off the top of my head because I
used to watch the x-files, and then i decided to do a little bit of
research to see if it was real and it was. and that was YEARS ago, and I
still remember this shit. 

Anathelus says:

What about homosexuality?

Vlad Tepes says:

4:00 *#6 – Sleeping Sickness* That’s insane!

Bruce Simmons says:

so if you showed a person with the Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Disorder a
scary movie he’d have a heart attack or if you told that person to go kill
himself, almost without hesitation he’d pick up a fork and kill himself or
rob a bank for you?

Mike Hawk says:

Ummm… Sometimes when I wake up, I can’t move. Like, when I woke up once,
my eyes were opened and I couldn’t even move or breathe, so I got really
scared, but after a few seconds,it’s gone. Can someone explain this?

Marissa Cook says:

Isn’t SPS a bit like that disease that makes your muscle tissue turn into

Jackly Tran says:

I wish i have straight teeth like you! I can’t afford braces

Colton Dean says:

That last disease though. I think i’m immune. I have terrible balance so
that turning my head left and right makes me fall, or almost fall. I can’t
dance :’D

FoxBatinaHat says:

#6 Sleeping sickness sounds like the end-stages of PANDAS syndrom
(Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated With
Streptococcal Infections).
-Basically; after catching a strep-throat infection (so a soar throat), the
immune system mistakenly attacks the brainstem, thinking it the virus and
causes OCD, turrett symptomes and schoziphrenic behavior until those
afflicted fall into a lucid coma or suffers lifethreatening seizures.

How long between the infection and the symptoms, the person would fall into
a coma varies… but I have a sneaking suspicion that Sleeping sickness
might be end-stages of PANDAS.

OhZone OhYeah says:

I have multiple orgasm disease. haha

J Foster says:

if I ever get dance mania I want someone to play the safety dance till I
die xD

Kaeda Sonata says:

You’re very close on Porphyria. If you leave urine exposed to natural
direct sunlight over an extended time, that does turn purple if the person
does have the disease. Some do also crave red meat, and that adds to the
“Vampire Disease” title. Many people with Porphyria can be in direct
sunlight, but they do burn very easily. Very fine, thin hair is also an
affect. Other than that, very informative. =D

AJ Miller says:

That laugh was a spot on Krusty the Clown impression. Just sayin’ 

Mineral Miner says:

Sometimes, it’s random. It happens at random point in my life. I watch TV,
or participate in PE in school, and then suddenly, my ribs hurt, as in like
stabbing, or burning pain, and it pain only affects my rib bones, no organs
whatsoever. The only way I know how to fix it is by breathing deeply, but
for the last years, it went ineffective. IS THIS NORMAL?! Please tell me!!
I don’t wanna die! I’m only 13!

ThePotatoGuy says:

We can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
Well they’re, no friends of mine

jessica zeman says:


AJ Matson says:

I want poutine. Like now… I WANT THAT POUTINE!

24Hollyleaf says:

Kuru was caused by cannibalism. The Fore tribe in Papua New Guinea was the
only group of people to ever get it. The women and children were the only
ones to get it because they were the only ones to eat the dead. When
someone died, the Fore believed in order to get to the afterlife, one’s
remains had to pass through someone else. So the women would cook the dead
people and eat them, also feeding the dead person to the children. Yes, the
prions were found in the brain, so eating the brain was how they got it.
This disease reached it’s highest point in the 1960s, but when the
Australians came they outlawed cannibalism. Since then only a few people
have Kuru, and the disease now is basically nonexistent.

Allow Assisted Suicide says:

@ 4:20 “Those who are lucky enough to survive this disease”… I sure hope
he was being sarcastic, because after he rattled off the symptoms, I
wouldn’t consider it “lucky” to survive that.


How do you spell pootine???? don’t know if i spelled it right, please

Rockyrock says:

I have the 3rd disease

seth Jim says:

i’m going to die….

Joshua Dematas says:

I don’t think you researched Kuru at all, it’s caused by endocannibalism
(consuming dead relatives). Most of the world is immune to this disease
which suggests our ancestors also practiced endocannibalism. Don’t put it
in your list of diseases which science can’t explain as its already been
explained, it’s caused by a little known organism known as prions. I
suggest you should do more research as its clear you didn’t do much to
explain Kuru.

xaniiu says:

Encephalitis lethargica is treatable now though.. 

Franc Leshaj says:

The 10th disease can be easily prevented by asking one of your friends to
punch you in the face and fall unconsious.

Nick Birnie says:

We know how kuru works. It’s a prion disease; a pathogenic misfolded
protein, it’s often associated with cannabilism (eating the brains of
someone in particular is likely to cause it.); the deterioration of certain
areas in the brain produce the symptoms, with the same areas being affected
by the prion.

SpiritMystery777 says:

Hmm….The musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer had something
similar to the Dancing Plague. People danced until they spontaneously

Esther Leena Klammer says:

the laughing Disease whats so bad about it…………everyone has a a
different kind of laugh – weird sexy attractive creepy pedophile squeaky
girly manly.

PlatinumSpoons says:

So…. the lady with what I’ll call hydrophobia for short can only drink
diet coke?

Diet coke is actually the opposite of water.

Zodiac says:

Every 7 months I just spaz out uncontrollably and every bone in my body
hurts when they move. What’da think this is guys? I just want to stop this
from happening… owo

Thekridxgames says:

The Netherlands isnt in collorado and collorado isnt in The Netherlands
The Netherlands = Land
Collorade = state

InvaderSkooge says:

I’m allergic to green beans. I throw up when I eat them. My mom used to be
allergic to guacamole. 

Nexus Gamer117 says:

this may sound stupid but this is terrifeing the living shit out of me….

xXCreeperclan CharXx says:

Sleeping Sickness has another variant, Sleep Paralisis. You’re awake but
can’t move. Wait and it gets worse! Then you sometimes hallucinate

Nobody says:

This was on meh burthdai

Jayfeather says:

#7 Stiff Person Syndrome
Sounds like an extreme case of Arthritis

smilodonhannah says:

Title is very poorly worded. You made a handful of these diseases out to be
a good deal more mysterious than they are, and I can assure you, science
can explain them all. 

Turte Nille says:

Dancing disease explains the harlem shake

Carlos Hernandez says:

I think I have sleeping sickness bcuz everyytime I sleep late I get a light
sore throat but I always sleep after it

Brad Gomez says:

Lol I think I hAve number 2. XD laughter all the time and i shake a lot 

kane00777 says:

do you know how to change address on youtube

Jure Kure says:

or #10 is just when a song is really catchy and you can’t stop dancing… *instant
breakdancing* O.O

neurocytohemotoxic says:

lmfao @ the baldness joke

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